2015: The Year Of The Booty

Well, we have exactly one day to figure out how we are going to get in the best shape of our lives in 2015. I don't know about you but I have done anything but good for my body recently. You see, I bought this automatic candy dispenser for Shawn for Christmas that was supposed to reside on his desk. I also bought a giant bag of Wildberry Skittles to start the candy dispenser out on a strong foot. Long story short, he thought it looked cool in our kitchen so the kitchen is where it sits. Because of this, I now eat a handful of skittles every time I am in the kitchen which is always. So there we have it. I am always eating skittles. I keep telling my brain that as soon as 2015 is here I won't be tempted to eat them because that seems logical and all. I guess I also decided I should start working out or something. Fortunately, my Instagram feed told me who to turn to.

That would be Jess, from Glisten Fit. The brunette bombshell with a rockin' bod that is always jumping all over the place. I promise I like men but I also promise I love her butt.

You see, mine looks nothing like that....and don't get me started on her abs, arms, or anything for that matter. When I asked about her blog / new business here is what she said:

And that's exactly what she does -- between her instagram workout challenge videos [seriously, check these out], free workouts every Friday on her blog, the e-book she is releasing soon that includes both a 7 day meal plan and 30 day workout plan [stay tuned], and her brand new business, HIIT Fusion Online Gym, she has you covered. So what's an online gym all about you ask? First, watch this.

For $13 a month you are able to workout every day with Jess in the comfort of your own home. You receive a weekly workout schedule along with one new video per week. The added bonus? Your man can do it with you -- it was created for husbands/wives and guys/girls to be able to workout together but both be challenged. She has a male with her in the videos that show the guys how to do their part! Interested? Sign up here

Jess is the real deal and I am so glad she has taken her personal training expertise to the internet. Today she is giving away one month of free HIIT membership to a lucky reader. Make sure to enter below. 

Lets kick our butts into gear into 2015 -- peace out Skittles, it's been real. 



  1. The last few weeks has been horrible for trying to eat healthy. I'm right there with you:)

  2. I don't even care if I win, I just want her ass, abs and arms!? SIGN.ME.UP!!!

  3. Seriously, I agree with the butt thing...

  4. Since I work out in my basement for the most part, this would be perfect for me! Thanks!! Susan

  5. She has really done such a great job at growing her business! I would LOVE to win!! :)


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