When Life Is Like A Shattered Computer Screen

You ever have one of those days that somehow turns into one of those weeks? That's my life right now. And I don't say any of this to be like "feel bad for me and send me chocolate" because I would actually rather have a bag of jalapeno chips, but because I would feel disingenuous in talking about anything but. Every morning I keep waking up telling myself it's going to be a better day, that little things won't get me frazzled, and then I go and drop my chrome book and shatter the screen while babysitting a 2 and 4 year old who are screaming at me because they want cookies for dinner instead of soup and OH MY GOSH I just can't. Between tiny little annoyances [how many times can one human spill something in a day, I'll answer that -- a lot] to making stupid errors in my work, to hurting other people's feelings unintentionally, life just feels like a little much right now. And I know, oh I know, it could be so much worse. Perhaps I'm most frustrated because I know that all of my issues right now are self induced and that's just really quite annoying because it's so much easier to blame other people, but here I am, just having to own up to broken computers, spilled wine, and angry humans. This whole owning up thing I've learned however is not always an easy lesson to learn, but a very valuable one. Without sounding too proud, I've gotten really good at saying sorry these days. A skill I'm sure many of you are jealous of ;) 

Well phew, that felt a little better to get off my chest. Here's to hoping this week goes a little better than the previous and if it doesn't, I suppose spilled wine is better than spilled milk. 

Switching gears, I wanted to give you all a heads up that I am going to be showcasing some of my favorite shops and products over the next several weeks as we gear up for the Holidays. Some of which are past shops I have purchased [and repurchased] from that I absolutely love, some are recent discoveries that I am excited to try out, and some are shops that I have the pleasure of reviewing their products for you readers to delight in. Whatever the case is, I promise that I will only place my stamp of approval on those that I truly adore and believe your friends/family will as well. To kick things off I want to introduce you to Swell Caroline. I just recently was given out the opportunity to review some of their jewels and I couldn't be more impressed. My absolute favorite item is the monogram rope bracelet that you can see below. The perfect gift for any lady in your life, I will have a hard time ever taking it off my wrist. They have SO much variety, I trust you will find exactly what you are looking for. 

Go ahead, cross some items off your Christmas list. Stay tuned for my next favorite(s) of choice coming soon. 



  1. Oh girl. The computer screen made me cringe. The tantrum-throwing-kids story made me thankful I am child-free. The word disingenuous made me bust out google for a definition. But know that you are not alone, this stuff happens to us all.

  2. I've totally had those days too. Sorry your computer screen is cracked. That's never fun :(

  3. Oh DANG! I am sorry about your shattered screen! Over the weekend, I was racing and dunked the bottom of my phone in water. What a DUMB mistake of me!

  4. I have those days on the reg, so is that bad? Actually I don't, but last week felt like an eternity for similar struggles. I dripped melty Ben & Jerry's over my open box of nail polish bottles. I don't know which was worse - losing some Half Baked, or having to wipe off sticky goop from no less than 34 bottles of polish. #ifeelyougirl.


  5. Sorry girl - times like those come around every so often and it is bloody hard!! Drink champagne/wine and eat cupcakes -- it solves nothing but sure as hell makes you feel better! Loving the outfits and accessories x

  6. We all have those days- and sometimes you just need to eat the jalapeno chips to get through 'em!

  7. oh girl. BEEN THERE> totally feel you. so sorry that things are so stressful right now! sending hugs your way!

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  9. We all have those times! I hope you got your computer fixed and some jalapeno chips ;)


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