Life Lessons From A Girl In A Tutu

So have I told you all yet how we have nine inches of dust covering every morsel of our home right now? If my husband didn't deem it "embarrassing" to show you the pictures of said dust covering everything, I would. Apparently this is what happens when you sand all of your interior doors while all of your doors are still located in the interior of your home. Note to everybody in the entirety of ever: never sand your doors while they are hung inside your home. You will get sick. You will cry. You will tell your husband you think you need to move. And then you will scour Groupon for cleaning services that are available to clean within 2 minutes. Needless to say I'm just loving our house right now. not at all. This may be the reason why all home before/after posts have come to a complete halt as of now. Have no fear, all doors will be painted soon [including a yellow front door, woop woop] and the before/afters will resume. But until that point, I have all sorts of other awesome things [read: people] to talk about. 

You may remember when I mentioned Amy way back when. She hails from The Farmer's Wife and is responsible for at least three smiles of mine a week. 

I actually only like her because her husband is somewhat of a hunk and appears to be a good kisser.

This is a joke. I did not just hit on her husband nor did I reference his kissing abilities when I should be talking about Amy and why her blog is a must read. The good news is this post just got really awkward so you're welcome for that.

Amy and I started blogging around the same time and I remember her when I was just a newborn in this blogging world. I decided to stick around her blog for two reasons: she is hilarious and because of these baked apples. Make me laugh and feed me and I'm hooked for life. Aside from sharing delicious recipes, funny stories [seriously read this post, a snippet is below], photos of her adorable sons, and her down to earth personality, she ultimately hooked me with her tutu circa way back when.

Lets hear about one thing Amy believed as a child shall we?

If you sneeze while pooping you will get hemorrhoids.

My dad once told me and my brother this.
Apparently there was some baseball player that claimed it happened to him?
My facts may be completely off.
But, regardless, clearly it stuck with me.
You wouldn't believe the things I have done to make sure that I never ever ever sneeze while sitting on the toilet. Hemorrhoids don't sound enjoyable.
As a kid, I even did so much as to stand and sneeze, and then resume sitting down and finishing my business.
Once I was feeling rebellious and DID sneeze while sitting on the pot.
Spoiler. No hemorrhoids.

Thank you for the visual of all of that Amy, you are a gem.

Today Amy is not only giving away $50, she is giving you all the opportunity to advertise on the cheap with her by using the code YELLOW for 30% off all ad spaces. I wouldn't walk, I would run. Right after taking a stroll through giveaway avenue of course ;) 



  1. I love meeting funny new bloggers to make my day on the reg. Thanks for sharing, Erin!


  2. Loved this post - particularly the sneezing while pooping part! LOL!

    Also, your photos are just beautiful. Happy, natural ones are always the best!



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