Holiday Gift Guide #2

It's time for round two [or three, I can't quite remember] of my Holiday gift guide. The time when I get to tell you exactly how you should spend your money and then hope that you actually listen and fall madly in love with what you receive. I hope you are enjoying this series as it's going to be around for a few weeks yet. Today's line-up does not disappoint...lets take a peak. 

1. Kimonos // use code LIY20 for 20% off

Do you know what's better than not having to know somebody's size when purchasing something? Nothing. Which is why a kimono is the perfect gift for any lady in your life, or male if they are into that type of thing. This kimono hails from Lily and Sparrow Boutique which is new shop I just recently discovered and am absolutely in love with. Their lookbook essentials has me all sorts of heart eyes.

2. Scrabble Tiles Turned Necklaces // use code YELLOW15 for 15% off

I found this necklace and thought that my mom would love it -- [mom if you are reading, shut your eyes]. Wired Boutique makes all sorts of necklaces that are up cycled from scrabble and domino pieces which is all sorts of fun. Combine that with their prices of less than $15 [often under $10] and you've got yourself the perfect gift exchange gift / stocking stuffer / etc.

I believe I have mentioned Lifeguard Press before on here as I have a few of their Kate Spade items, but I wanted to bring your attention to this serving tray, tidbit plates, and glasses. I am a firm believer that the party is all in the props. Who cares if the cookies are burnt?! YOU HAVE PLATES THAT SAY CUTE THINGS! Needless to say I can't wait to have a few friends over for cocktails and cheese, because that's all I ever want out of life. 

And there we have today's gift ideas. Thanks for joining in on the fun. 



  1. LOVE that Kate Spade set!! & loving that 'BAR' sign!

  2. I cannot be the only one who saw that Kate Spade plate and thought it said SLUT!!!!! Lol to myself.

  3. Love the serving tray, tidbit plates ...and the BAR sign! :)

  4. Cute ideas - absolutely loving the BAR sign x

  5. your house is amazing. i know that's not the point of this post but i had to say it.

  6. Such cuteness! Love the Kate Spade stuff!

  7. You and that sequined top are nothing short of fabulous! Great gift ideas! Pretty sure I'm already browsing around Lifeguard Press ;)

  8. I love the kimono! I am also a huge Kate Spade fan and as we are closing on our new house soon this would be perfect!

  9. I love the kimono but that tray set is 100% my kinda thang! What a fabulous gift that would be! XO, D


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