Christmas Gifts People Actually Want [Part One]

It's time for the first official installment of "what you should be buying people this year for Christmas". It's a serious subject and one that I don't take lightly. You know those times when you receive a present and you have to confess twelve times over how much you love it just to cover up the eruption of laughter and/or vomit that wants to come out? We are going to save the people in our lives of that. In today's segment I'm sharing items that warm even the coldest of hearts. I don't know about your Winters, but ours in Indiana downright suck. The only things I care about during the next six months of life are those things that are going to keep me as warm as humanly possible. I went on a hunt to find three items that will do just that. The bonus with all of these is that while they do the job of keeping you warm -- they also do the job of making you look hot. 

1. The perfect scarf -- Jacob's Scarves [use code ERIN for 15% off]

I wore this scarf once and saw a total of two people that day. Both of which told me they loved it. Basically this means that this scarf batted a 100% average and will never be coming off my roster. Speaking of percentages, 50% of all proceeds from Jacob's Scarves goes towards helping educate children around the world which is pretty incredible. Also incredible : every single scarf they sell

2. Cardigans To Bundle Up In  // Breckenridge Cardigan -- Oakleigh Rose [use code YELLOW15 for 15% off] 

I'm pretty confident the cardigan was born out of a deep desire to have a warm blanket wrapped around you at all times. That is a birth I can totally get down with. After taking my pictures in this sucker, my husband said "I like that thing". Shocked, I asked why. "It's just kinda weird which makes it kinda cool". This cardigan nailed it with the color scheme and Oakleigh Rose has a variety of other cold weather options that I am digging [like this grey tunic for instance]. 

3. Bottoms Up // Fleece Lined Leggings -- Elizabeth and West [use code LIY15 for 15% off]

It's easy to forget about your legs when trying to stay warm, but believe me -- after you own a pair of these babies, you will never ever forget about your legs again. I would be lying if I said I didn't sleep in these the past three nights. These are not your typical sheer leggings that you have to worry about your hoo-ha showing through, but are thick, soft, and beyond wonderful. Elizabeth and West has a variety of these currently for sale and at one size fits all, you can't go wrong.  

[the monogram wreath you see up above in the pictures hails from Crafty Cute Designs, more on that however in the next gift giving segment: home edition]

And that concludes today's first installment. Don't give your friends and family the cold shoulder this Christmas, warm them up with any and all of the above. 

My puns and I are now exiting the building... 

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  1. these are all so cute!! maybe i've just oblivious, but i never realized you live in indiana! i live here too, and i definitely have been bulking up my scarf supply after last winter!!

  2. The leggings are super cute! I also love the color of your purple front door! lol

  3. love that sweater you're wearing in the leggings picture! where's it from??

  4. OMG I love all of these and know my friends would too! Thanks for the gift ideas :)

  5. I'm loving the gray top you have on with the leggings... where's that from?

  6. Aww, the scarf is already sold out. : (

  7. The back of that cardigan is amazing!

  8. Thanks for sharing "Jacob's Scarves". What a great offering. And thanks for making me laugh. A lot.


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