Black Wednesday [Deals You Don't Want To Miss]

You know it's a big deal [pun intended] when I decide to forego nightly activities here in Florida to bring you two amazing black Friday deals that you are getting first dibs on as of today. Okay, so maybe it's raining outside and laying in bed just sounds really really good, but regardless these deals are ones that you don't want to miss out on. 

First lets talk about Holiday parties. We all have em' and we all have to have something to wear to em'. No worries, I've got you covered -- Deloom is your spot. They have a whole selection of sparkles and sequins [like this gold dress that I'm kinda dying over]. I just got this navy long sleeve dress with pearl detail on the sleeves and now I'm impatiently waiting for somebody to invite me to something that calls for me to wear it. Right now you can take advantage of 30% off purchases of $39 or more with the code LIYHOLIDAY

And if a dress isn't your thing -- you can wear this sweater with lace detail every other day like I am currently doing. I know you think I am exaggerating when I say that, but no.

The second deal I wanted to fill you in on is 40% off all jewelry from Hole In Her Stocking with the code YELLOWWEDNESDAY. You may remember when I wore this bracelet here... 

and today I wanted to bring your attention to many others. 

These bracelets make for the perfect gift for almost anybody in your life, not to mention their size is perfect for stocking stuff-ability. Add in the price after 40% off and I don't think you could find a better option. Stock up now! 

There you have it -- two awesome deals to please both you and the people on your Christmas list without having to get trampled on, mugged, and every other horrible thing that is bound to happen on Friday. Feel free to share this post with others so they can join in on the Black Wednesday fun ;)



  1. Thanks for the great post. Hope you are having a blast in Florida!

  2. I hope you are having a wonderful vacation! I am loving that navy dress!! Great color for you! Susan

  3. I kind of hate you right now. Why are you so GD sexy?! Just saying... sorry, my ovens broken so I drank about 3 glasses of wine trying to make myself feel better... and then I read your blog.


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