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active wear :: boden 

Well it happened. I found an outfit with an elastic waistband that my husband is perfectly okay with me wearing when he gets home from work. Apparently my typical go-to of paint stained grey sweatpants wasn't doing it for him anymore. I think his initial reaction went something like "well that's the nicest set of work out clothes you've ever worn..." Poor guy, I think he actually thought I worked out in them. I mean that's the plan at some point in time, but Winter is coming and that means mashed potatoes need to be eaten so yeah, for now my workout clothes serve more as a really cute way to keep me warm and comfortable. I am hoping you other ladies understand.  

On a serious note, this set is by far the most amazing line of active wear I have ever worn and I mean that 110%. If only you could feel what I am talking about. 

Boden just released this new line and you have to get your hands on it. Not only will you love it, but your man will love it more. Use the code YOGA for 15% off now through November 9th. I'm off to go watch movies on TV in my new workout gear, you know, in case I decide to do a few crunches during the commercials. 



  1. That is your colour, you look great. I think its the perfect lounging outfit, that and a snuggly blanket of course.

  2. Looks super comfy! I like the color

  3. if they make my butt look that good, i'm sold!

  4. I LOVE workout/yoga clothes! and that outfit is super cute :)

  5. Nothing like cute workout clothes! I'm with Mack N. Cheese- anything that makes the butt look great, I'm sold!
    One Stylish mom

  6. Great workout clothes!


  7. Well that is because it is adorable!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes


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