Love, Yellow

And there she is. This month's Love, Yellow items that I am once again absolutely in love with [shocker]. Can we all just give it up for the beauty that is a cardigan and all of it's layering goodness? There was just something about the coloring in this one that I couldn't stop making heart eyes at. Perhaps it reminded me of a good glass of Cabernet with the dreamy fall burgundy color it has going on but whatever it is I am a big fan. Combine it with a layering necklace of sorts and you have yourselves one nice outfit folks. Which is exactly what I chose for the second piece--a silver layering necklace. Fun how that worked out isn't it? 

See what I mean? Fall perfection for day or night. If you agree and need it in your closet [you do] read the below and then place your order stat. I love hearing your feedback on the items I chose so please let me know! Onward fall soldiers. 

A few things you should know---

1. Pricing is easy--it's $42 for both pieces! Meant to be worn together as an outfit, or great separate as well!

2. As far as sizing goes, you can view the size chart here. I am typically a size small and am wearing a size small in this top. 

3. You have now through Friday to place your order. Limited quantities are available so you will want to order soon to ensure you receive your size! 

4. Your order will be shipped within 3 business days of placing your order!

5. Remember that if you receive the items and aren't happy with your order, you can ship all or part of it back! Instructions will be included in your order. 

6. Spread the word about your Love, Yellow items! Tweet, Instagram, put it up on a billboard, whatever you feel is necessary ;) Please use the #LoveYellowLook hashtag so that I can be sure to send a thousand kissy faces your way for doing so! 

7. Order now :) 



  1. Great Fall look! xoxo - www.katestylepetite.com

  2. I adore this sweater. It has all my favorite fall colors and comes with a necklace for only $42! That is crazy good.

  3. Hey! My boyfriend is a HUGE ND fan and we are coming to South Bend for a game in November. Do you have any suggestions of things we must see/do while we are there? This will be his first time going to a game so any game weekend activities, restaurants, local spots or any advice will be extremely helpful!


  4. Oh my goodness, so pretty as usual!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. Is it possible to still order the cardigan even with Love Yellow being sold out? Gotta have it!!

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