The First Light Fixture Has Been Hung [And Other House Updates]

It's official--the first item we have bought for the house is finally in! If blog posts were emoticons this one would be a giant confetti horn right now. Here she is, in all of her [not quite yet completed] glory--

Apparently there is still the bottom piece of the light fixture that needs to go on there as well but details schmetails. I figured I should also update you all on some of the other progress that has been made since the first reveal of pictures, so here we go. 

The ceiling is completely done now [WAHOOOOOO!] and is just waiting very patiently on her crown molding to be installed. Other items to note is that the windows and trim have since been painted white. Now all that's waiting on this area of the house are the walls to be painted and the kitchen to be installed [coming next week, thank goodness]. Light fixtures still of course need to be installed but but other than that, we are getting there.

My office got herself a nice bright aqua ceiling and a bedroom door on it's brand new carpet that is waiting to be painted white. A fancy schmancy light fixture will be coming soon.

The guest bedroom has been painted and while it needs a little touch up around the freshly painted windows, it's almost complete. Spoiler alert: this room is going to look nearly identical to our guest bedroom now which you can see here.

Our bedroom I didn't snap a real good photo of just because it also had several doors laying on it's carpet as well. As you can see the walls have been painted, carpet has been installed, trim is now all white..just waiting on new outlets, a light/fan to be installed, and I think we've got ourselves a bedroom folks.

The half bath also got a little dressed up with some bead board and an unfinished paint job. Have no fear, I'm on it and it should be completed tomorrow. I've got some fun pieces to put in this little bathroom so I am eagerly anticipating its completion. 

So that's where we are currently at. Tomorrow I believe the actual walls will start getting painted [kitchen, dining, living room, hallways, etc] so that should be exciting. We still have quite a long ways to go however our time is dwindling down. Move in equals t minus far too few days.  

If any of you would like any paint color names, those will be coming in the final reveal when it's all said and done so stay tuned [in like 3 months] for that. However, if you must know now you may also ask and I will gladly answer you. Most likely also in three months. 



  1. You've done so much! It looks awesome...you must be tired :)

  2. Looks great so far! And I would love to know the paint info for the color in your bedroom....in three months lol

  3. Oh hey! I have that same light fixture in my kitchen! Good choice :)

  4. It all looks amazing. You guys are doing a fabulous job.

  5. Love those shades of blue! I'm designing an office right now I'm using similar colors. There is just something so calming about them!
    Much Love!
    Sydney at twineinteriors.com


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