Livin' La Vida Loca Baby

Well well well, look at you Friday making your fine appearance. For starters, we are going out to eat tonight and I feel as though I have never been more excited to go out to dinner in my life. The past several nights have been spent in a sports bra, minimal make-up, workout clothes, and dusty flip flops (yes, I wear flip flops to do manual labor..I take this job VERY seriously). Needless to say, the opportunity to not have my hair pulled back and actual eye shadow on my eyelids while gathered around a real table eating hot food and not sitting on the floor trying to throw back a cold ham and cheese sandwich sounds incredible right now. Livin la vida loca baby. 

In house news, we have the master bedroom almost completely painted [I went with watery from Sherwin Williams]--the hardwood floors started being installed yesterday--walls have been knocked down--our wood plank ceiling has been completed in the living room--all baseboard trim has been removed--the kitchen has been completely gutted--the garage has been painted--and I think that covers it? One week in and BAM, it feels like we are starting to make progress on this thing. Only 5 more weeks to go before we have a home and not a demolition site. Praise the Lord on that one party people. I promise that pictures will be coming however I need to take the time to upload them to my computer and put together a few before's and "here is where we are at now" collages. Coming soon. For now, here are some straight from the streets of Insta

Well I think I am hungry and need both popcorn and ice cream [this will always be a mystery to me as to why you can't have one without the other] so I'm going to head outta here and get down with my bad self. 


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And the best for last--My good friends and founders of Awake and Alive, are giving away an all-expense paid 9 day trip to Ethiopia for this October. That's right--you can join them when they travel over there to show love to all of the little children who deserve it and need it. I can't even imagine how life changing of an experience this will be. You can see all the details and how you can enter here



  1. OMG, I thought I was the ONLY person who wears flip-flops during manual labor (or mostly outdoor work). Lol. I am sorry but having my feet free make me work better... right?! Erin, I am LOVING the planked ceiling. You two are amazing at flipping houses. I just love it!! Enjoy yourself at dinner tonight. Wishing you a great weekend! oxox, Amanda

  2. We can't wait to see the finished product... and more in-progress photos too! It sounds like your house is going to be gorg so make sure you keep us posted! Xo, S

  3. wow you have been super busy, great job so far and enjoy a sort of dress up night out for dinner.

  4. yay for house profess!!! I'm obsessively following everything your doing on Instagram and I love all the colors you've chosen! Can't wait to see some "befores" so we can get excited about the "afters"! Happy Friday!

  5. Those sandals! Love them! And yay for more house progress!

  6. I got my Love, Yellow outfit in the mail yesterday and OMG I love it! Thanks for being so stylish and letting us copy you ;) Can't wait to wear my top with leggings and boots in the fall...if fall ever makes it to Florida.

    xo, Jess

  7. Only 5 weeks?! Dang y'all. Livin la vida loca indeed.

  8. Hooray for house projects and hot meals ;)

  9. Sounds like y'all are making a lot of progress so far!! Cannot wait to see more pictures! Hope you enjoyed your cooked meal at a real table!


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