And Then My Life Got Suddenly More Awesome

I'm totally not trying to hammer down the point that we are constantly working at the house [while I am totally hammering it way way way into the ground] but it's true, that's honestly all we do these days. And while that is awesome and full of joy and absolutely no dust, sweat, or tears [thankfully I don't think I have reached that point...yet] it also means we eat absolutely nothing of taste or nutrition. Popcorn and cereal have become our staples which when typed out, doesn't seem all that bad, however it is. All of this to say you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon Chili's At Home frozen line at Kroger the other day. Because guess what. I AM OBSESSED WITH THEIR PEPPER JACK MAC 'N CHEESE AND THEY HAD IT FOR SALE. That's why. 

I think upon this discovery I text my husband three million salsa dancer emoticons and verbiage that went something like "WE CAN EAT LIKE NORMAL ADULT HUMANS AGAIN!" because like always, I like to keep drama at a minimum. I also picked up the chicken fajita rice bowl and the chicken bites with honey chipotle sauce because #omg. 

You can check out all of Chili's At Home products here or you can just walk into your local grocery store and buy twelve hundred items yourself [planning on it tomorrow personally]. BUT, before you do that--make sure to click here to receive a $1 off any Chili's frozen food product. As a little side note they do sell single entree options, multi-serve options, and family size options. I would stick with the family size and then not let your family eat an ounce. Just a thoughtful loving suggestion of course. 

But seriously. Look at good how all of this looks. And remember you don't even have to leave your house to eat it. Miracles do happen children. #neverstopdreaming ;)

This article is sponsored by Chili's At Home however all opinions are 100% my own 



  1. I just bought one these Chili's meals the other day, and your post makes me want to rip into it right now!

  2. I really can not wait to try these!! they look amazing!

  3. Too bad they don't come with a few Chili's shaker margaritas on the side!

  4. Um... these sounds amazing! The perfect item to have in your freezer for when you just don't feel in the mood to cook!

  5. On a scale of 1-10, how nutritious would these be? They look too good to be true, but my college self is all about mac n' cheese life...


  6. Shawn and I had those exact same frozen meals the other day. That mac 'n' cheese - I die!!!

  7. I worked at chili's in college, and I am still in love. Unfortunately, my fiance thinks chili's is disgusting, so I barely ever eat there :(


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