5 Things

1. Not going to lie, this outfit up above makes the arrival of Fall seem a tad bit more exciting. Fires, hot apple cider, boots, candles burning, to you I say bring it. 

2. This picture of my niece playing soccer will be forever marked as my favorite picture of her. Kicking boy's butts like it's her job. Well done my dear, well done. 

 3. I am co-hosting a couple's bridal shower for my friend from Nashville this weekend. She is getting married in November which is all sorts of exciting, however what's not exciting is that the shower is in two days and I haven't done a thing to prepare. I don't know if I should go throw up or just drink a giant glass of wine and call it a day [obvious choice]. Note to self: stop procrastinating. tomorrow.

4. I slept on the couch last night in the above outfit. All of my make-up on. My bra still on. Everything as-is like you see up top. And then I woke up this morning and went running with my sister. Now I am sitting here still in yesterday's make-up. Basically I look ridiculously hot and smell even better. It's amazing I found a man to marry me, I know.

5. College football starts tomorrow. All week I have been daydreaming about shots of Patron at 9 am, cowboy crack in the crockpot <---you must make, wearing my Notre Dame jeans, oh and I guess I am excited for the games as well. The best Saturdays of my life are made on college football days. #GoIrish


It's Friday! Lets Talk About Hair!

It's not all that often that I talk about hair on this blog. Why? Probably because 98% of the time I don't know what I am doing with it. Wake up. Shower. Blow Dry. Straighten. Done. I don't use any of those special gooey products that make it look super awesome besides a few squirts of hairspray every now and again and when it comes to being a creature of habit with my shampoo and conditioner, I am one. 

For as long as I can remember I have only used one product on my hair and for me that is Head & Shoulders. Here's the deal folks. If I don't, I have a dandruff. Simple and sexy as that. I can't help it my scalp is naturally dry and wants to leave its mark wherever it goes, but it just does. Thankfully Head & Shoulders has helped ward off many, what could have been embarrassing black shirt memories, from my life. Not to mention their Fresh Scent Technology which smells just as amazing [if not more] than all of the expensive stuff you find on the shelves. It's legit folks. 

I figured now was a good time to share my hair secrets [gasp] with you because Head & Shoulders is hosting a sweepstakes for a chance to meet Sofia Vergara [who happens to also use and love Head & Shoulders]. All you have to do is follow @HeadShoulders on Twitter and post a photo of your gorgeous, flake-free hair tagging #PartOfOurFamily #sweeps and @HeadShoulders. You have until September 1st so get on it. 

So there we have it. My beloved products of choice to make me flake-free and delicious smelling. 

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.



Flowers In My Hair

I wanted to pop in and share with you a blogger that I have gotten to know better recently and wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know her better as well. These things happen when I get addicted to one's photos, writing, and stories. You may remember mention of Nina when I showed off my awesome mugs that you all seemed to love way back when. Recently Nina has torn down every wall of vulnerability on her blog and has opened up quite a bit touching lives everywhere from her own personal stories. I thought it would be fun to do a little Q&A with this bombshell so that's what we did. You will want to read on...believe me. 

1. Have you ever written about something that you never thought you would? If so, how did it make you feel?

Yes, is the simplest answer. I never thought I would ever write or publicly talk about what happened to me in college. I really do hate to use words like "abuse" or "domestic violence" because they are such buzzwords and I feel as if they take away from the actual stories girls may have. But that is what it was. God, therapy, and time (in that order) have gotten me personally to a point where I could even share but a part of me was still scared. What good could come out of it, really? But I started hearing these hushed stories, of good, church going, kiss your mama on the cheek, no sir, yes m'am men hurting women physically, sexually, emotionally. Some were even prominent in churches and in other stations of respect. And I started to get pissed. 

It's one thing if it happens to me. But all these are other women...What are we doing about this? Are we just going to whisper about it? Seriously?

That guy? He did what? It's hard to believe and yet it is happening every single day. It happened to me, Miss Sass-a-frass, won't take no ish from no one. I will go toe to toe with anyone but I was in love. If it could happen to me, it could happen to anyone. And I was tired of these stories being whispered about. Someone had to be the first to speak and so I did. I was terrified out of my mind, but I did it. 

2. Recently you opened up and shared some dark parts of your life---how has that impacted your blog and connection with your readers?

Well, within 24 hours of sharing my story and then the follow up, over 100 women contacted me either publicly or privately sharing various stories of abuse. That number  flabbergasted me. One in four women will be sexually assaulted (one in six men) and this is the most unreported crime for a lot of obvious reasons and some not so obvious ones. And still, I was completely bowled over that on my little blog, women I knew and women I didn't wrote me and told me what they felt they couldn't tell someone else. It was, as if, by sharing my story, I had proven to be someone safe. Someone who would say: what happened to you was not okay. The fact that this happens at all is not okay. I mean,and that is a whole other thing that pisses me off. That women have to be worried over being believed. What in hell are we doing about the girl on the couch?  

And if you want me to get seriously worked up, let's talk about the culture in which we raise boys. Because no matter how many women we "rehabilitate" and "heal," it seems to be a revolving door with more and more coming with more stories and battle wounds. So what about the men? You think it won't be your son who raises his hand to a woman? Then who are these guys? The guy who hurt me wasn't from a broken home and his daddy didn't hit his mama. So? And what about the "good" ones? What are the stand-up men doing for their sisters?

 But 100 emails in 24 hours? Multiply that by a hundred. Multiply that by a thousand. Multiply that by a million. I kept thinking: this is too many. I wrote each woman back personally, my heart breaking the whole time.

Since then I have promised to be a warrior for them. I never planned on that. I never planned on these football player guys messaging me, teammates of the guy who I dated,  telling me what happened to me was not okay  and that I had to be a warrior for these women, that I already was. But stranger things have happened and it's happening. It's so much bigger than me. 

I can't read everything I did and not do something. Right now I am in the research phase but I am their warrior now. So yes, it has changed my relationship with my readers. 

3. I love hearing people's "why" behind their blog. Why did you begin writing and has that changed since you started?

I'm a writer. I always have been. I always knew I was meant to be one. I had just moved to SF and thought: well, here is an opportunity to chronicle your adventures, are you going to keep writing and closing your laptop or are you ready to be the person you were meant to be?
4.  Your blog title is Flowers In My Hair. How did you decide on that?

When I moved to San Francisco, my best friend, who moved to CA a year before me sent me this video of this old song with the lyrics: "if you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair." It seemed perfect. And then after I started, I found a Mumford and Son's song and a Lumineer's song that included a line about flowers in your hair and then all of a sudden it was the COOLEST thing ever to wear flowers in your hair. Hey guys, I promise I was ahead of the trend. I am NEVER ahead of a trend so I am pretty sure it was meant to be. Even though I moved back to Chicago this summer, I kept the name because it had come to mean more than the original song. It's about trying something new and failing in a beautiful way. It's about adventure. It's about doing you.

Gaaaaaah, I just love it. Perfectly said Nina. Perfectly said. Make sure you pay Nina a visit and stick around for awhile--her blog is definitely a must read. Also, take advantage of 20% off all ad spaces with the code YELLOW while you have a chance. If advertising with a blogger who is blowing up is wrong, I don't want to be right ;)
Thanks Nina for sharing little pieces of you with all of us!



The First Light Fixture Has Been Hung [And Other House Updates]

It's official--the first item we have bought for the house is finally in! If blog posts were emoticons this one would be a giant confetti horn right now. Here she is, in all of her [not quite yet completed] glory--

Apparently there is still the bottom piece of the light fixture that needs to go on there as well but details schmetails. I figured I should also update you all on some of the other progress that has been made since the first reveal of pictures, so here we go. 

The ceiling is completely done now [WAHOOOOOO!] and is just waiting very patiently on her crown molding to be installed. Other items to note is that the windows and trim have since been painted white. Now all that's waiting on this area of the house are the walls to be painted and the kitchen to be installed [coming next week, thank goodness]. Light fixtures still of course need to be installed but but other than that, we are getting there.

My office got herself a nice bright aqua ceiling and a bedroom door on it's brand new carpet that is waiting to be painted white. A fancy schmancy light fixture will be coming soon.

The guest bedroom has been painted and while it needs a little touch up around the freshly painted windows, it's almost complete. Spoiler alert: this room is going to look nearly identical to our guest bedroom now which you can see here.

Our bedroom I didn't snap a real good photo of just because it also had several doors laying on it's carpet as well. As you can see the walls have been painted, carpet has been installed, trim is now all white..just waiting on new outlets, a light/fan to be installed, and I think we've got ourselves a bedroom folks.

The half bath also got a little dressed up with some bead board and an unfinished paint job. Have no fear, I'm on it and it should be completed tomorrow. I've got some fun pieces to put in this little bathroom so I am eagerly anticipating its completion. 

So that's where we are currently at. Tomorrow I believe the actual walls will start getting painted [kitchen, dining, living room, hallways, etc] so that should be exciting. We still have quite a long ways to go however our time is dwindling down. Move in equals t minus far too few days.  

If any of you would like any paint color names, those will be coming in the final reveal when it's all said and done so stay tuned [in like 3 months] for that. However, if you must know now you may also ask and I will gladly answer you. Most likely also in three months. 



And Then My Life Got Suddenly More Awesome

I'm totally not trying to hammer down the point that we are constantly working at the house [while I am totally hammering it way way way into the ground] but it's true, that's honestly all we do these days. And while that is awesome and full of joy and absolutely no dust, sweat, or tears [thankfully I don't think I have reached that point...yet] it also means we eat absolutely nothing of taste or nutrition. Popcorn and cereal have become our staples which when typed out, doesn't seem all that bad, however it is. All of this to say you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon Chili's At Home frozen line at Kroger the other day. Because guess what. I AM OBSESSED WITH THEIR PEPPER JACK MAC 'N CHEESE AND THEY HAD IT FOR SALE. That's why. 

I think upon this discovery I text my husband three million salsa dancer emoticons and verbiage that went something like "WE CAN EAT LIKE NORMAL ADULT HUMANS AGAIN!" because like always, I like to keep drama at a minimum. I also picked up the chicken fajita rice bowl and the chicken bites with honey chipotle sauce because #omg. 

You can check out all of Chili's At Home products here or you can just walk into your local grocery store and buy twelve hundred items yourself [planning on it tomorrow personally]. BUT, before you do that--make sure to click here to receive a $1 off any Chili's frozen food product. As a little side note they do sell single entree options, multi-serve options, and family size options. I would stick with the family size and then not let your family eat an ounce. Just a thoughtful loving suggestion of course. 

But seriously. Look at good how all of this looks. And remember you don't even have to leave your house to eat it. Miracles do happen children. #neverstopdreaming ;)

This article is sponsored by Chili's At Home however all opinions are 100% my own 



Lets Talk About Interior Design For A Minute [Or Ten]

As I've made it very evident by now, we are in full swing house remodel mode. If we aren't physically at the new house working [which is basically any time we aren't at our jobs working] we are mentally consumed by it. Creating to-do lists, laying out our goals for the week, choosing paint colors, kitchen hardware, the style of trim, and of course, my absolute favorite--picking out the new decor. While I know there are several awesome places to shop for all things home, I have recently discovered a new favorite that is rocking my face off so I figured I would share it with you all [blogger due diligence, you know]. I would like to think of it as my own personal interior designer at the convenience of my fingertips. MACK is different in the interior online industry for the fact that they do the dirty work for you. If you are anything like me you want the appearance and feel of a home that has been professionally put together, however you don't always know how to get it to that point. At MACK they take care of that for you. You have the option of viewing [and purchasing] an entire room as-is. So for instance if I looked at this living room and loved everything in it [which hello, I do] I can purchase the entire room and call it a day.

room found here // livinginyellow for 15% off 

Not only that, but you can shop by style, color, and category. My style of choice happens to be beach chic. Before I continue showering you with photos of rooms/items I am obsessed with, here is a short video on how MACK works. 

MACK: How It Works from MACK on Vimeo.

Awesome [also read: life changing] right? Here are the items I am swooning over for the new house: 

1. Steel Orb [at only $79 this baby has to be mine]

Don't forget to use the code livinginyellow for 15% off any and all of your home decor needs. MACK is kind enough to offer you one of the chance to win a $75 gift card today so make sure to enter below. As for me...I've got some shopping to go do ;) Happy decorating! 

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Rompin' It Up [And Other Words That Disturb Me]

romper and bracelet :: sugar love boutique // use code yellow for 20% off 

I'm not sure what it is about the word romper but something about it just sounds dirty. Like "I'm going to romp all over you" could be mistaken as "I want to jump your bones" or "Jake Owen! Take my clothes off!" Just kidding. I would never think say that. Anybody else out there follow and agree here? 

I share similar feelings about the word romper as I do bush, moist, and lip [when being used as a descriptive purpose, which my husband always has to do for some reason or another..."you see that lip on the edge there?"] All are equally cringe worthy and I can't believe I just typed them all out together in one post. Hot dogs when referred to as wieners is also quite horrible. And while I'm on this topic, your stomach is your stomach. Not your belly. Belly rhymes with jelly and should not be used when talking about your midsection. I promise you will lose like 15 pounds just making the verbal switch. At least. Oh one last one [until I remember], saying the word smarts in replace of hurts. I don't and will not ever understand this. If something hurt you, you were probably the idiot who caused harm to yourself [do not fear, I am an idiot hourly in this regard]. There was nothing smart about it unless by the Grace of God you invented the light bulb while being electrocuted. That my friends would have been smart, however the light bulb already exists so sorry, still an idiot. 

I think it's time I end this post because now I am just angry and can only think about people trimming their bushes. WHY. 




+ Smelling: The spicy sloppy joes that are brewing up in the crock pot. I am 100% convinced they are burnt so that should be exciting come dinner time. On the bright side it's the first time I have made dinner since kingdom come. Seriously though, I almost had to google "how to brown meat".

+ Can't Stop Wearing: This bright pink maxi dress from LaPosh Style. I have had to stop posting photos of me doing things on Instagram in fear that somebody would realize I am wearing the same outfit in every photo. Addictions, we all have them..some are just more bright than others.

dress found here // use code for lpscode0814 for 20% off

+ Watching: Absolutely nothing on TV. A typical evening right now consists of my husband walking in the door from work, us shoving some type of horrible fast food down our throats, and then running back out the door to head to the new house where we slave away working until 10 pm. Once we return back home I make my way to the bath in hopes of washing off the paint remnants in my hair and as soon as I get that 28% accomplished I slip into bed and fall asleep within .3 seconds. So yeah, what's TV?

+ Feeling: All jacked up from this coffee I am drinking. Anybody else out there a fan of the Wolfgang Puck Breakfast In Bed? Mama like. 

+ Shocked By: The lack of hair on my head. Turns out I was in the mood for change when I sat down in my hair stylists chair yesterday. It could be because ten minutes prior to sitting down, I was asked if I was an 18 year old girl's mom. Do people not have brains anymore? Pregnancies, ages, mom comments...it's all off limits. Needless to say I chopped it off and went dark. Because that doesn't seem like something a mom would do #saidnobodyever. 

+ Grateful For: A husband who allows me to order "girly" light fixtures despite his hatred towards them. I can't wait to slap this baby up in the new guest bedroom. 

                                                                               west elm

+ Looking Forward To: A day to spend doing absolutely nothing. I'm hoping by 2017 one of those will come my way. 

+ Annoyed At: My dog who won't stop begging for a treat every other three seconds. This is why I can't have kids, because I give in every three seconds. Freaking cute faces do me in every time. 

+ Listening To: Burnin' It Down by Jason Aldean 

I would say what it does to me however this blog is rated PG-13 and mostly because my parents read it. On that note, I'm outta here...



That Time On A Boat

So you may all remember here when I wrote about that fun little thing Malibu Rum is doing to encourage you to have the Best Summer Ever. If you have no idea what I am talking about, see here. After writing that post I assumed that there is no time like the present to make some of those items happen, and so I did. You see, we decided to head to Chicago last weekend with two other couples to watch the air and water show. The original plan was that we were going to join the million [yes, truly a million] people and stand street side to watch the show. And that's when I realized that would be the most boring and horrific way to watch it. Horrific only because I was already PMS'ing and me and a million people less than inches apart from each other isn't probably the best equation, just guessing. Long story short, feeling all sorts of jacked up on the #BestSummerEver challenge, I made the executive [also read: genius] decision to have us and our friends aboard a boat for an all you can eat, all you can drink, DJ and dancing included, cruise to watch the show from. So that's what we did...and it was awesome. Now would be the proper time to insert a million pictures [much better than people] of our time below. 

this was somewhere between round two and round three 

I know I had a great time, only because this was one of the last pictures from the afternoon on my camera. That would be me, which appears to be headbanging or something of that nature, at sometime around 3:00 in the afternoon. Proving that life truly is better on a boat....as if we had any doubt in our minds before this.

Thank you Malibu Rum for encouraging me to have the #BestSummerEver, because of you--I think I just might. Time to go plan the next greatest thing to do in life. Stay tuned. 



Facing The Inevitable

So I get it, it's only August. But only August means almost September which is considered Fall, and while I hate to be the bearer of bad news people, what I'm getting at is it's pretty much Winter. Don't worry, I didn't want to come to terms with it either but we have to stop being naive and just come to terms with the truth. I know it may still "feel" like it's 90 degrees outside but don't kid yourselves, it's probably negative ten. Or at least close. 

This all leads me to my next subject. Winter clothing. Are you prepared? Because I'm not. If the polar vortex came tomorrow [which after this downer of a post I wouldn't be surprised] I would be screwed outta house and home. Or at least out of gloves. Until now anyhow...you see, there is a great little etsy shop who wants to make sure you are prepared. It's name is Coco and Cocoa and winter gear is their specialty. 

LoveCocoandCocoa for 20% off

Then again, so is blogging. Here's a thought for you--people who can both write a blog and make cute stuff are rock stars. I know this only because I am not one and it's safe to say I never will be one. It's cool though, I came to terms with it back when I was eating rabbit turds out of my parents house years ago. Ya win some, ya lose some--Julie the shop owner and blog writer of all of the above won. 

Because she has already won at life, she believes one of you should too. So much so, that she is giving the chance for one of you to win $50 to her shop today. If that's not awesome I don't know what is. Scratch that. The margarita I just drank was pretty on point. 

Now go get prepared for Winter peeps..it's coming...like yesterday.