In The Clouds

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I may be writing this too soon after waking up from a nap, or the cold that I came down with this weekend is affecting my state of mind, or it really is that my head is is up in the clouds further than it has ever been before, but it's true...my mind has officially detached itself from my body and up and left me for good [or so it feels]. It should also be worth noting that I just drank iced tea which had a huge ball of mold or something floating in it that I didn't notice until the last minute so there is a good chance I am dying and my brain is just saying peace out. Regardless, for the last several days my mind has been like a game of Scrabble--pieces here, there, and everywhere. The leading contributing factor of this has to be the whole moving of houses situation--any type of big change always feels weird for a period of time in my head. I don't think I have much anxiety or doubts over the situation as I am trusting what we are doing is the best thing for us at this time, however saying good-bye to what you are used to is always a tad bit bittersweet and confusing. When I can't 100% picture myself in an environment it makes it all feel strange and like it's not really happening [think leaving on vacation]. I also don't believe having one million and ten decisions to make on the new house is making my mind any clearer. Whoever said choosing paint colors, kitchen counters, style of cabinets, etc is easy is lying and should ask for forgiveness immediately. I know once we actually get in there and our thoughts of "we have to do this! and that! and that too!" turn into "that's done now, and so is that, and look it's all done!" will make me feel a lot bit better but until we get to that point, don't be surprised if I answer "bronze please" to your question of "how are you doing?" or "paint sprayer" to "what did you have for dinner last night?" It's all a little messy up in there.

Also, while on the topic of my brain being impaired, it has been confirmed that I will be flying alone three different times this fall/winter. I am not sure if I have made it clear on here or not yet but I ABSOLUTELY HATE FLYING. I have never actually flown alone and the thought of it makes me want to vomit twelve times over and bury myself in a hole for the rest of eternity if we are putting it lightly. So maybe just start praying that I will survive and/or drink so much I won't realize I am on a plane. Thank you in advance.

Point number three in today's post--I wrote two blog posts over the weekend which is absurd and unheard of. You can read about why I don't enjoy my blog anymore here and how dreams do come true here.

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  1. Girl hang in there. I know moving can get you all sorts of outta whack. And, if it makes you feel any better I am flying alone.... on Sept. 11th... my anxiety is already through the roof! Let's just say a little prayer for each other! oxox, Amanda

  2. This dress is stunning on you! As for the flying, you've got this!


  3. So fun! Thanks for this givewaway!! I entered!!! Also, hope your home renovation goes well. I hope you can come drop by my bloggie now too. New post up. I look forward to your visit!


  4. love traveling but the act if traveling is also terrible for me! hang in there. i am having many sleepless nights because i leave for malaysia (yup...where planes keep disappearing and getting blown up) in two weeks with my hubs.

    wine in one and and anti-anxiety pills in the other.

  5. I love that dress! Maxi dresses are the best in LA when it is stinkin hot outside. Happy Monday!
    Allison over at http://allisons-eye.com/

  6. Such a cute dress!! And hang in there with the house. It'll be worth it in the end once you see it all come together!!

  7. You should get a Valium (slash Xanax) prescription for flying. It makes all the difference if you're scared.

  8. Great maxi!

  9. I love flying. I can be your chaperone. You know hold your hand. Give you a puke bag. Provide you with vodka at the appropriate times. Save you from going all Bridesmaids on the flight attendants.

  10. I volunteer to be flying buddy! To the table I bring fabulous snack packs and travel-size goops and goos that you never knew you needed until you had to fly.


  11. I'm the same way with life change! My brain gets all frazzled. I've found that I just need a ton of notebooks hanging out in my immediate vicinity when this happens so I can just write everything down in a jumbled mess and try to organize it later. Picking stuff for the new house isn't easy, but it's gotta be fun, right?? Have fun with it! It's an adventure!


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