Feelin' Swanky

piko tee // necklace // use code YELLOW15 for 15% off

 peplum tank // use code YELLOW15 for 15% off 

If there is one thing I love about Summer it is color. If there is a time to feel like you can express yourself in any way, shape, or shade of the rainbow, it is now. While I realize that black is typically the most flattering, it is all the most funeral attending. Recently I came across the above items from Swank Avenue and knew that I could have some fun in them this Summer. For one, pikos. Have you all jumped on that band wagon yet? Because if you shouldn't, you should. You could be nine months knocked up, ate four plates of mashed potatoes, or be hiding an iguana under your shirt and nobody would know. On the flip side however, the arms are fitted making it look like you actually know what a dumbbell is so that's cool. 

The other colorful ensemble is the peplum look which if we are being honest, took me some time to get warmed up to. I've gotta suck things in enough as if you know what I mean, so that little style can make me extra sucky from time to time. However, I'm diggin' it. Plus, sucking in has to do something good for your ab muscles I'm convinced, so you know what they say...PEPLUM FOR LIFE! 

The fine people at Swank Avenue would like for you to have a colorful Summer as well which is why they are offering you 15% off everything with the code YELLOW15. They are also offering you a chance to win a $50 gift card so that you can get all swanked up as well. 

Just in case you weren't sold yet--benefit number 3,000 on why you should order from them stat is that they send a free koozie with your package. Not only will you be colorful, you will be hydrated. And that my friends, is a winning combination.



  1. Totally love that aqua tank, so bright and happy!

  2. They have a lot of cute clothes!

  3. I had never heard of a piko top before.. I know I must live under a rock. So excited to try this especially because I am self-conscious of my middle. THANKS!

  4. Love, love, love that blue peplum!! Looks great on you with your awesome tan ;)!

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  6. So cute!! These outfits are adorable!
    Allison over at Allison's Eye

  7. I love piko tees!!! Also, adorable jewelry!!

    xo, Taylor

  8. Love the Eat, Pray, Love tank! I pinned at laurakaimevous :) thanks for the giveaway Erin!

  9. Cute stuff! I am always searching for an online boutique that is awesome AND affordable. Pinned and entered, fingers crossed!

  10. I really love those pastel zig zag bracelets! I didn't see them on Swank's website, could you post the link?


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