This Summer I Vow To...

As far as I'm concerned Summer is already here [typed while sitting outside in my swimsuit]. No bother waiting around for this whole June 21st thing to arrive to make it official. I was thinking about how the arrival of Summer is so much more exciting than the arrival of a new year, however we typically just make resolutions and goals for the new year. The stupidity in all of this is that we should be making resolutions during THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR and not the absolute worst which is what January becomes when you live in the Midwest. The best part about Summer resolutions vs New Years resolutions is that you are allowed to give up after 3 months because that's all the longer you have to stick to them. Without further ado, I present to you what I will be working on starting yesterday. 

+ Sell our house and purchase a different one. Working on this as we speak, stay tuned friends. 

+ Drink a Moscow mule waterside. Preferably daily.

+ Paint a ceiling a color other than white, like aqua or yellow or pink or something awesome.

+ Not step on bird eggs while walking. Unfortunately I didn't have this resolution over the Spring months and I saw one too many Robin embryos.  

+ See just as many sunrises as sunsets

+ Buy an outdoor daybed and conduct all business [or fun] from there 

+ Go watch a random kids team play baseball and eat as many walking tacos as possible 

+ Have an impromptu dance party in a parking lot 

+ Eat at RPM Steak and be reunited with my long lost BFF Giuliana

+ Run through the sprinklers with my nieces and/or nephew and/or alone

+ Go to the air and water show in Chicago 

+ Have a higher ratio of days that I didn't wear make-up or a bra than when I did 

+ Host a whiffle ball tournament with friends 

+ Go miniature golfing followed up with lemon and peanut butter ice cream 

+ Find myself at a Bruno Mars concert 

+ Watch a meteor shower 

+ Run a 5k

+ Plan something spectacular for Shawn's 30th birthday 

+ Smoke a cigar 

+ Learn how to not smell after sweating 

+ Pop bottles weekly

+ Buy the world's cutest picnic basket and have a true picnic in a park or field or anywhere that I won't get murdered 

+ See Nelly and Florida Georgia Line in concert. In the books, June 19th baby. EI EI UH OHHHHHH. 

+ Increase my Fedora collection by one

+ Wear my heart on my sleeve, errr neck as often as possible

As you can see, I've got things to do and walking tacos to eat. Let's see what you are vowing to do this Summer..link up below so I can check it out. Cheers to a Summer full of productivity fun. 



  1. I received a necklace with Kamden's initials for my first mother's day, it's from The Vintage Pearl. LOVE. THEM. Good luck this summer, you're going to be very busy!!!!! Hugs, Nicole

  2. I like the idea of wearing no make up and bra all summer long, just to hot for that shit!

  3. Ooo I love the idea of painting a ceiling - it would give the room such a cool look! Happy Friday!


  4. Oh walking tacos. Forever and ever. Thanks for doing the link-up! My list just keeps growing and growing.

  5. Running through a sprinkler! I haven't done that in forever. I didn't have a summer bucket list, but now I might have to start one...

    Jenn | Business, Life & Design

  6. This is fantastic! Pop bottles weekly, heck yes. Summer MUST be celebrated!

  7. What an awesome list - especially the sunsets, I am never up that early but I would really like to start!

  8. You WANT to sell your house while trying to buy another? My husband wants us to do that and it's really my worst nightmare!!!

  9. Pop bottles weekly. Love you! #popitlikeitshot

  10. Haha I love this list! Love the necklace!

  11. The necklace is so cute! Just linked up above!! We should join each other for some sunsets :)
    Happy Friday! xoxo

    Allison over at Allison's Eye

  12. Have the same necklace with my daughters initials. I love it! Truly so, so sweet.

  13. florida georgia line and nelly will be here next week Im trying to make my BF buy tickets!!!!

  14. I love this!!! I want to drink more Moscow miles and see more sunsets. This is a fabulous idea.

  15. Yeah, working on the whole buying and selling of houses thing right now. eek. Good luck with that, sister.

    Lemon and peanut butter ice cream?? Say what now?

  16. LOVE IT!!! I need to make a summer bucket list :)

  17. I'm having summer bucket list envy! So fun.

  18. You so have to see BRUNO MARS! He is amazing in concert and he gives me the chills!

  19. I would LOVE to figure out how to not smell after sweating. I love humidity, but dang I feel like a hot, sweaty, smelly, mess everyday!


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