Hot Mess Express

You know those shirts that say "hot mess express"? The ones that I never know if I love or hate [similar to my cray cray tank] well, I feel like I need one this week. 

For starters I got my blood drawn this morning. The more literal and direct message behind that would be "I almost died this morning". It's just something about needles and arms and how the two really don't mix at all that gets me. It would be one thing if getting your blood drawn meant you had to pet a cute puppy for two minutes straight, but no, they have to be dramatic about it and stick some thing into your arm and then fill up tubes of your own blood which should never happen to anybody ever.

On another note, I have also decided to workout and then not shower afterwards so that's cute and doesn't smell like BO.

Basically I have a lot going for me right now and I am just really proud of the wife and woman I have become.

Because I'm too busy being all sorts of lovely right now, I'm going to introduce you to somebody who doesn't need to rock a hot mess express tank, but rather does a beautiful job of presenting herself at all given times. I asked her a few questions so you could get to know her better and then she maaaaaay have been kind enough to grant you all with the chance to win a $50 Target gift card. I know, I wet my pants a little bit too. Without further ado, the wonderful Lauren.

i mean seriously--check out how great her baby bump is. 

I love hearing people's "why" behind their blog. Why did you begin writing and has that changed since you started?

After planning my wedding I found myself with a lot of free time and no projects. (Yes, I was one of those brides that made all the crafts.) So I started F&F as a creative outlet to chronicle newlywed life. It wasn't long before my general lifestyle blog turned into a fashion blog. I noticed that my personal style posts received way more interaction from readers, and honestly, it was the part of blogging that I found most fun. It's definitely grown from a little hobby into part of my daily life!

Food is my ultimate love. If you could eat three things for the rest of your life what would they be?

Amen, sister. Pizza, (preferably with cheese crust because more cheese is always the answer), my mom's tacos (because nothing even compares), and homemade chocolate chip cookies... that is unless wine counts as a food. And in that case, it'd be a tough battle between wine and cookies.

wine is most definitely a food...never forget it either. 

What is your favorite go-to outfit? 

These days, I'm all about the tshirt dress. They're insanely comfortable and so versatile. They layer great with jackets, vests, scarves, you name it!

I am a total social media junkie. Which form of social media is your favorite and why? 

Instagram hands-down. Like most of the blogging world, I'm pretty photo-obsessed. I love how Instagram provides a quick snapshot into people's lives. If I have an idle moment, you'll almost always catch me scrolling my Instagram feed!

Why should my readers read your blog? No pressure or anything. 

Fashion blogs can get a bad wrap for being unoriginal and too unattainable. While I'm not going to deny that I love me some J.Crew, I most often shop at Target and Marshalls, and I'm always hunting budget-friendly finds. I love sharing multiple ways to wear an item (and even have a link up for wardrobe remixing called Mix it Mondays). And although I'm currently preggo, I always share non-maternity style options. That was all a long-winded way to say I'm a budget-friendly, wardrobe-remixing fool. You'll like it.



  1. I get you about the needles thing! My roommate passed out getting a flu shot hahaha, and our friend had it filmed too! If you search "flu shot fail" --- it now has 20,000+ views. Can't blame her for hating needles that much, and can't hate her for providing me with so much entertainment!

  2. Ugh I never volunteer to give blood, I gave enough when I was pregnant with the boys ew its just not right they need a better way of testing stuff

  3. thank you for the giveaway!

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