Give The Gift Of Summer

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Recently I've been trying to focus on being more of one of "those type of people". You know the kind I mean--the ones who send thank you cards in the mail for hosting a dinner party, the ones who show up with flowers because they know it hasn't been the best day, and the ones surprise you with a special treat just because they were thinking about you. I have never been one of those people. In fact, I think I did well if I actually remembered to write "happy birthday" on somebody's Facebook wall. It's a trait that I hate and one that I have to consciously make an effort to do better at. I'm still not convinced these things come natural to anybody because let's be real, how?! 

Needless to say when I found these Lipton Keurig K-Cups I knew it was time to do something nice for somebody else, my sister especially. She is a huge fan of sweet tea and is also a mother to two of the world's most hyper [but cute] children so I figured it was time she needed a treat of her own. After I gathered up a variety of Lipton K-Cups [they can be found online and in store at retailers nationwide-they have flavors ranging from sweet tea, unsweetened, iced tea lemonade, chai, etc] I headed off to the extravagant store that is Dollar General and found a mason jar for tea over ice, a travel mug for hot tea, magazine, kit kat bars, a candle, a few lemons to sweeten the tea, a card, and then bundled it all up together in a cute little basket. 

I loved how easy [and quite honestly inexpensive] this sweet summer gift was to put together. I can't wait to knock on her door and suddenly become one of those people I've always dreamt about becoming. Changing the world, one cup of sweet tea at a time ;) Be sure to grab some of your own Lipton K-Cups for yourself and somebody else and enjoy every last taste that Summer has to offer. Cheers to happiness friends. 



  1. Erin - that was so sweet of you!

  2. I know I would LOVE a gift like this - or even giving a gift like this! I guess giving really is better :)

  3. SO cute. I love the lemons...really brightens it up and screams summer!

  4. Such a cute idea, I love this! oxox, Amanda


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