An Update On Finding Balance

photos from over the weekend

Recently I've been having a few more of those "priority" type of talks with myself. Typically they go something like "welllll I could say no to lunch and cocktails on a Monday afternoon so that I could make sure to get my Tuesday blog post written orrrr I could say yes to lunch and cocktails and kiss Tuesday's post good-bye". This obviously results in saying yes to lunch and cocktails. 

That may have been the approach I took yesterday which explains why this post is just now getting published instead of last evening like the norm [because oops, I may have said yes to dinner out and shopping with friends last evening too]. But here's the thing--I am realizing more and more that no matter how many times I say no to something, I am still going to have a list a mile long of things I that I once said yes to. And so I base a lot of my decision in the moment on how will it impact my overall day and the value it will bring to the table. Is it going to fill me relationally, physically, financially, spiritually, etc? While writing a blog post may be the most logical thing to do at 2 pm on a Monday afternoon, it may not be what I will gain the most from for my day. And so I fill my day up...I fill it with work, with fun, with sitting in my mom's yard talking face to face, with hands flying in the air while riding in a convertible, with laughter over drinks, with meeting new people, and with a body that will hit the bed at whatever hour that may be knowing it was a day well spent. 

And so that's where I'm at. Finding balance in whatever way that may be on any given day. As I add in more responsibilities and goals for the direction I want to be headed, I have had to make a more conscious effort as to what I can do well and what I can't do well. One example of this personally with my blog is that moving forward I would primarily like to focus on working with shops and businesses which is now reflected in my sponsorship options. Another area has been with consultation services--while I love the one on one consultations, I love the group chats more. And so I have decided to focus on those primarily for now. It's a constant evolution of what works best and what needs to go. 

While on that topic, I will say that while I have decided to scale back in the consultation area, I do think there is great value in consultation services and I would highly encourage you to sit down and speak with somebody on the direction of your blog and things that you could implement to help the overall growth, vision, and goals if you are able to do so. I booked a consultation of my own recently with Lisette from Northern Belle Diaries and I am so glad that I did. I am not a genius when it comes to SEO, strategic traffic plans, pinning, and so much more---but it turns out she is. I wanted to make sure to introduce you to her as I 100% believe in her services and knowledge. Not only does she have the knowledge, she has a proven track record (say for instance the post she wrote that has been pinned almost 300,000 times). We won't ever all have it figured out, however we all have something to offer. If you would like to pursue a consultation with Lisette you can do so here and use the code YELLOW15 for 15% off. While at it, enter to win a free 30 minute consultation of your own. And regardless on whether or not you are interested in a consultation service, make sure to visit her blog and spend some time there. She is consistently publishing beneficial information that I have loved soaking up. 

I'm off to do work, have a drink, and do it all over again. Cheers to balance or whatever the heck it is.



  1. I want to find more balance that includes cocktails on Monday afternoons! :)

  2. I'm still working on finding a balance in life when it comes to work, church, and blogging. Part of me just wishes I can do blogging full time, but I need help with that. I've been thinking about doing a consultation and maybe even a mentor, but too nervous to take that leap. Maybe some day I will gain that courage to do so. Love reading your blog!

    xoxo Allison over at Allison's Eye

  3. Hey, it all sounds good to me! Balance is always a great thing, sister.

  4. Lisette is amazing and I agree, finding balance is hard!

  5. Totally agree with your thoughts! Balance is key and life is too short so LIVE IT UP :)

    Profoundly Ash
    Ginny Blues

  6. I love Lisette! She is such a sweetie pie, and has so much blog juju!! I agree that finding balance is way too hard. If balance was a person, she'd be a bitch!


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