Why Choose One When You Can Have Four?

This post brought to you by BIC 4-Color pen. All opinions are 100% mine.

I've always been a believer that more is actually more. I mean sure there is simplicity in being simple, but there is also a lot of boring in there as well. It's kinda like when a restaurant serves a burger without fries. Or macaroni and cheese without bacon. If you can have both, why not? Okay maybe because of the extra thousand calories but still, you get what I'm saying. Translate that same thought process into your pens and you will quickly realize that if you can have more than just black or more than just blue THAN WHY IN THE WORLD NOT? Sorry, I get all dramatic and capital letters from time to time when I talk about really important things.

Remember the 4 Inseparable Colors in 1 Pen from BIC® 4-Color™ from years ago when we were kids and actually knew how to have fun and not play on our smartphones 24/7? Well, it's making an appearance again in my life. I've decided it's time my planner has a party going on it again [or for the first time ever]. When writing down a task that it is going to ultimately make me feel more confident and better about my life, blue it is. When I schedule my "respond to emails" time it's red [red equals anger. so do emails. not becuase I hate them but they hate me. and partially because I hate them]. Green is obviously being used when writing down income producing activies and black, well black is used for anytime I am writing something down that involves taking over the world. Basically my planner is full of black ink ;) 

You can purchase your own 4 Inseparable Colors in 1 Pen at both Amazon and Staples. It's time to bring back some fun [and slight organization] into our lives again. Be sure to follow BIC® 4-Color™ on both Facebook and Twitter for some fun updates. And last but not least, watch the two videos below on the different personalities of the 4 Inseparable Colors in 1 Pen. I laughed, you will too. 

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