Taking Stock

Because my brain is so full of creativity today, I am copying an idea from one of my favorites, Sydney, for today's content. So thankful for other people who have a mind that allows them to come up with good ideas when those of us can't. Here we go. 

Making: A list of items that I want to know about when they go on sale through Shoptagr. I am not fully convinced it wasn't my husband who created this website, but regardless it certainly had to be a male. A way to get notified via email of when my favorite items go on sale [down to my specific size and color preference]? Genius. Obviously cut off shorts, swimsuits, and wedges made the cut. Sign up here + install the TAG button [instructions on the website] + start going to town. Have fun, it's addicting. 

Cooking: Eventually. I think I forgot I am supposed to do that from time to time. 

Drinking: Water because I am lame and am planning on running soon. As soon as that run is over however, wine. Definitely wine. 

Wanting: To meet Jake Owen tonight. Front row tickets may just get us there. Him not answering my tweets will not. 

Looking: At houses. 

Playing: Cards Against Humanity this weekend with our friends from Nashville who will be joining us in Kentucky. 

Wasting: Time thinking about what to write for this answer. 

Wishing: Bubble baths burned more calories than running on the treadmill. 

Enjoying: Life. Sometimes I don't think it gets any better than this, and then it does. 

Waiting: For my husband to give me the green light to purchase this outdoor daybed

Liking: Decaf coffees in the evening. 

Wondering: If there is any chance I could actually say hello to Luke Bryan this weekend. 

Loving: Pinatas 

Hoping: I have the chance to this world behind my child's eyes someday. 

Marveling: At the rain falling outside my window and the cozy feelings it sparks in my insides. 

Needing: Water to live on. 

Smelling: The peppermint bark candle from Candelles burning in my office. 

Wearing: No underwear. Try it. 

Following: Rules very rarely. 

Noticing: May flowers. They were right, April showers do bring them. 

Knowing: I have a lot more to learn. 

Thinking: About how weird my voice really did sound in American Blogger. I promise I'm not that monotone and emotionless all of the time. 

Feeling: Old. I didn't know what "turn down for what" meant. People kept hashtagging it and I thought they were talking about turn down service at a hotel. 

Bookmarking: Nothing. I don't like bookmarks. 

Opening: Bags of chips. All too often. 

Giggling: At things I shouldn't be giggling at. Sometimes I can't help it. I'd share but then you would think I was an awful person. 

Feeling: Stronger. I guess working out does have it's advantages. 



  1. Stay away from potato chips, not good for the liver and the gall bladder. I love your fuchsia necklace.


  2. I wish I was marveling at the rain... skylights are pretty darn awesome in all cases EXCEPT when it's raining.... so loud! and i'm a sucker for cards against humanity... one of the few times when the more politically incorrect you are, the better :P

  3. Opening is coming into play with me and chocolate a lot this week...and booze. And I am so happy you brought Shoptagr in my life. I wish my comment would be longer, but I have a shopping list to make...K thanks. ;)

  4. wouldnt it be nice if bubble baths burned calories lord knows I do that more than exercise LOL

  5. your comment about "turn down for what" made me burst out laughing. haha thank you for that!


  6. LOL! I had to have my 21 year old brother tell me what "turn down for what meant." I felt like my mom having to ask him. He had a good laugh and then explained it in a way that still made absolutely no sense. Perfect

  7. Oh my goodness, if bubble baths burned calories I would never get out!

  8. This is a Dangerous website, but great idea for women to buy awesome chic stuff at better retail price. I'm creating my account write Now :)

  9. Wishing: Bubble baths burned more calories than running on the treadmill.

    I'm sure you can find a way .. ask your husband for help!

    Bahahaha I crack myself up. Enjoy this wknd, gorgeous.

  10. I just did one of these recently too!!

  11. I've never heard of that site. That's genius!

  12. Wearing: no underwear! It is AWESOME SAUCE! I go this way everyday! Totally worth it! Me and my twin do the same. I just found out about my twin doing this a year ago! How funny! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one(haha) ;)


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