That One Time At...[Flourish Boutique]

Last night turned out to be one of the most fun evenings I have had in a long while. I was thinking just this morning how it feels like I am starting to learn more and more as I get older about what truly energizes me, lights my fire, and leaves me feeling all giddy inside like Luke Bryan just shook his booty for me and me only [which ps I totally love but it's starting to get a little douchey because it's the only thing he does..over, and over, and over]. Two of those life giving things involve a) working with businesses that I believe in and love and b) watching people live out their passion. Last night I was able to do both. Today, I'm going to show off the first part of my evening. 

You may remember here when I mentioned Flourish Boutique and my adoration for them. Last night they celebrated their grand opening at their new location which is 110% more sparkly and pink than their last spot. You know those moments when you realize you are walking on a floor made of glitter? Yeah I didn't know those moments either until last night. It's full of gasps and yelling things like  "OH MY GOSH, I MUST TAKE A PICTURE!" And so then you do and then you tell yourself that you are pouring glitter over every square inch of your house the second you get home. Word of advice: don't tell your husband that you plan on doing this before you do it. Just go for it and then delight in his expression afterwards. Ladies, think about this for a second--if your man "used" to enjoy going to strip clubs, this new glittery house of yours may excite him as he thinks back to the good ole days. I always knew there was a benefit of visiting strip clubs, I just couldn't put my finger on it. #foundit. 

Not only did they have sparkly floors and sparkly balls hanging from their ceiling, but they also had cupcakes available to eat so I mean...basically I rode a unicorn on top of a rainbow last night. 

Of course, they also had clothes available to purchase, which fortunately for me I wanted the entire freaking store. Unfortunately for me however, my time was limited so I was only able to take pictures of everything that I plan on going back to purchase this weekend. If you are my husband and you just read that sentence, please just know that I am decorating our house in glitter and you will soon be a very happy man so don't even worry about it. Money is temporary, clothes are forever. Obviously the smartest thing anybody said ever.  

Here's some shots I snapped of things that everybody with a brain needs to purchase. That would include you [at least I hope or this is really awkward]. 

 these shorts are non-negotiable. I know because I squeaked when I walked past them. 
 and then this top. dead. i love it so. 
shoes shoes and more shoes!!!  the angels rejoiced and sang, especially over these.
if you wear either of these things, you will be hot. it's just how these clothes work. 
I'm pretty confident that my favorite item of the evening was this dress because just look at the back. 

Because Flourish Boutique is celebrating the birth of their new baby, they are giving you all 25% off your first purchase with the code LIY [excludes clearance] annnnnnd the chance for one of you to win a $100 gift card [only two simple entries to enter]. 

ps. local ladies, you can find them at their new address here: 310 W Cleveland, Granger 

Thanks Flourish for such a fun night out and congratulations on your new space. If you find a girl living in your dressing room, please don't make her move out. Just know that she really wanted to live in a place with glittery floors and it didn't really work out for her at home. 



  1. Ummm I maybe just ordered the Field Day maxi because, hello, it looks sort of Kelly Green. aka tailgating dress! Go Irish! :)

  2. Oh my gosh that last dress is amazing! I am kind of obsessed with both maxi dresses and things with pretty and open backs, so that might be a dream dress (too bad I am on a spending freeze for April).

  3. I want a floor with glitter... I also want those cupcakes and just about every single item on their racks.

  4. I love everything about this store! And I love your sense of humor!! :)

  5. I just checked out their website and now I want to kiss you for letting us know about this place. Don't even get me started on what I wanted to do to you when I just discovered they ship to Canada!

  6. I have that maxi in the mail. Eee! Can't wait to style it! The back is S I C K!


  7. I think that store would get me more excited than any man at a strip club!

  8. I want to open a boutique. It would be like working for a paradise every day!


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