My Closet Is Dealing With Bi-Polar Disorder

Indiana has this problem where it doesn't quite know what it wants out of life. Often we refer this to as being a woman and other times we refer to this as "WTF IS HAPPENING HERE?" For instance, two minutes ago I was sitting outside drinking a Corona soaking up the rays and now I am freezing inside my house watching the rain fall. It can't seem to get its act together. This could explain why it feels as though I have been sick two million and twenty-five times this winter. Approximately that is. Needless to say, it all gets a little confusing when trying to prepare your closet for Spring and Summer. Do you buy snowsuits or swimsuits? Boots or flip flops? Sunglasses or full face masks? It's true, people around here have to wear those hideous things where only your eyeballs and mouth can be seen. You think the bad guy from SCREAM is coming at you and then you remember, oh no, it's just negative thirteen hundred below outside. Because of this great weather dilemma, I have decided to settle on two pieces this Spring and two pieces only--sweaters and swimsuit cover-ups. Hypothetically speaking the cover-up would be for day and the sweater for night, but around here anything goes. Fortunately for me, I found a company who delivers both items, Subtle Luxury.

First let's start with the sweater. I don't know about you, but good quality [cute] sweaters are hard to come by. They are either way too bulky or way too thin. They unravel, ball up, make me sweaty, or leave me freezing. Basically sweaters are a necessary evil....until now. There is this word that makes sweaters perfect beyond perfection--cashmere
. It's a fancy word I know, but you know what? Fancy equals fantastic.

And then there is the swimsuit cover-up. So you remember how I have this weird love affair going on with maxi dresses right now right? Like, it's a can't stop won't stop type of deal. Well, I am happy to report that I am now the proud owner of a freaking maxi cover-up [and life officially can't get any better]. Technically I am not sure if it is a swimsuit cover-up, however you can bet every last dollar that this is what I am using it for. Beach days, lake days, jumping in a pond on a rainy day...this is my outfit. It's genuine silk people. SILK. THE STUFF PEOPLE DREAM ABOUT.

I officially have everything I will ever need for this Spring and Summer. With that being said, I can't even begin to tell you how amazing Subtle Luxury and their clothing truly is. High quality items are hard to find these days, but these my friends...this is where it's at. 

Make sure to use the code YELLOW20 for 20% off whatever your heart desires from Subtle Luxury. I would start with the maxi though, it's pretty non-negotiable.

While in the giving spirit, Subtle Luxury would like to give one of you the chance to win a SPUN scarf of your choice. My personal favorites are the sparkle collection...for obvious reasons known as "sparkle".





  1. Chicago has a case of bi-polar weather disorder as well >:( at this point, I just give up haha. I'm with you --please just be warm enough to wear maxi dresses all day err day!

  2. i live in east coast and the weather here is super unpredictable.

  3. We are experiencing the same horrible weather in Ohio. I am so ready to move south!! This sweater is amazing! Can you believe that I have never owned a cashmere piece?! They have some gorgeous sweaters and lovely sparkle scarves that will be perfect for this nutty weather! Thanks! Susan

  4. Could you look any more killer in that sweater? I can't believe there is still snow on the ground there. I just planted flowers this weekend! Sending warm temps your way!

  5. That maxi made my heart weep it is so beautiful!

  6. These outfits are beyond adorable! Stay warm (or cool if the sun is out) my friend!

  7. Erin, that first outfit. OMG. I absolutely love it.The necklace with that top. Perfection to my eyes.

  8. Love the maxi dress! And Cali has been experiencing a heat wave this week. 90 degree weather. Yeah, life's hard here. Hahahahah #sorry #notreally #moveherealready


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