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And just like that another month of Love, Yellow is upon us. I am not sure if I am more excited to reveal this months Love, Yellow items or to reveal how Love, Yellow is changing from this point forward. To get this party started we will dive right into what those of you who participated in Love, Yellow last month received. If your memory is better than mine, you will remember that the theme was Spring Fling. So Spring is what I flung. I found this perfect peach top with an open lace back and knew immediately it was what I wanted. 

I am an absolute sucker for items that are business in the front and parties in the back.

I then found the most perfect pair of earrings in all of earring land to pair with it. Little roses and rhinestones to make this look feel ultra feminine and romantic. 

And that concludes this month's flirty fancy little Spring Flingy Love, Yellow. I hope those of you who ordered love this look as much as I do! Remember to use #LoveYellowLook to show it off! 

And now. A few announcements...drum roll please.....

1. Love, Yellow is going to be changing how it operates slightly. As you know, until this point you would not know what items you would be receiving when you place your order. Moving forward, I will first be revealing that month's items and then you will have one week from then to place your order. I am so excited about this as I will be able to be a little more creative and fun with my choices. 

2. The reveal will be happening the second Wednesday of every month and you will have exactly one week to get your order placed. 

3. You will still be receiving one clothing item + one accessory for the $42. 

4. Because we are switching things up, Love, Yellow is not for sale this month, however on May 14th you will be able to see what I selected and you can place your order then. To make up for the gap in time, we are allowing you to order previous Love, Yellow items this week and this week only (until Friday). Each of the below items are $25 and limited quantities/sizes are available. Keep in mind you will be receiving the clothing item only, not the accessory that I had chosen for that month's theme. 

To order any of the above, click here

I can't wait to show off what is coming next...May 14th, you can't come fast enough. 



  1. love the white jean and coral top combo!

  2. So cute! I'm obsessed with that shirt. Those earrings are adorable!

  3. So....can we order this months items? :)

  4. LOVE that shirt and your bracelet!

  5. I love the back of your shirt - so cute! The umbrella is so pretty too, but I hope we won't be needing it!

    (formerly agirlandhersparkles.blogspot.com)

  6. I love the coral top this month! I will still be ordering the May box, but I will miss the element of surprise. I liked that part(: Susan

  7. I'd love to be able to order that coral shirt! Will it ever be available to buy again?

  8. Oooo I'm excited about this! I've contemplated over and over signing up but I was just so nervous about paying for something that I've never seen before - call me boring :) So I'll definitely have to join in now!

  9. Wait, I love that top on you so much! The coral really accentuates your tan! Or, your tan really accentuates that coral :)

  10. loving the back of that shirt!

    xo SideSmile,
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