It's Never Too Early To Be Prepared [Mother's Day Gifts]

Well, now that Easter is officially over [more on mine soon] we have one thing to think about...

weight loss.

And Mother's Day too if you are concerned about that. 

I know that we are a few weeks away yet (it's May 11th if you were considering googling it to find out, don't worry I had to too) and while last minute gift card purchasing is SO MUCH FUN and SO THOUGHTFUL, I thought I would take a different approach this year. Silly me I know. The problem (which isn't really a problem at all) is that my mom kinda deserves the world, not just a Lowes $25 gift card to be spent on a plant. While this is great, it puts pressure on me to a) find something awesome that I know she will love and b) find something even more awesome than what my sister will buy. Not that any parent should favor kids based on who buys them the best gift, buuuuuut we as humans also shouldn't do a lot of things that we do so there's that. 

Anyhow, long story short I found an awesome place to buy Mother's Day gifts so now I feel like I have to do proper due diligence and share it with you all. Uncommon Goods is the name and amazefest gifts are their game. 

Knowing that my mom loves to travel [and especially loves Hawaii] I thought these earrings were perfect for her. 

Okay these babies, also known as beach earrings, are awesome for the fact that they are made from the sand of your favorite beach. So, say for instance, if my favorite beach was Breakers Beach at Hotel Del Coronado in California (hey that's weird, it is) I could have the sand from that beach used to make these earrings. And because my mom adores Hawaii, I can have sand from her favorite Hawaii beach used. Cool right? I also think this map bracelet would be fun to mark it with my mom's favorite travel destination. For all sorts of other great personalized jewelry options click here.

The second thing my mom loves to do is ride bike so you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon these cute little suckers. Also called drinking glasses.

And last but not least, my mom is an avid maker of pretty things in her yard. Seriously her landscaping skills are off the charts. Unfortunately I wasn't blessed with this same love and adoration for plants. Fake plants yes, real plants no. I saw this succulent wall planter kit and was instantly intrigued. Pretty plants hanging ON your wall? Yeah, that's pretty rad regardless if you have any idea of what you are doing.

And that's that--to purchase your Mother's Day gifts head over here stat. You can try to avoid the day but the day can't avoid you. Go one up somebody, your mom will love you forever for it. 



  1. You look so much like your mom!

  2. Love the hot pink shoes! The wall planter is super cute!

  3. I would love any of those gift ideas! (Probably more appropriate than the one you were thinking of!) Your Mother

  4. These are such cool gift ideas! I really love the earrings!!

    Crumbs & Curls

  5. Love that set of bicycle cups!!
    Great ideas. c:


  6. Forget mother's day. I'm reading all these posts planning for Christmas. My husband's parents are odd to shop for.

  7. just because I'm nosy--what's her favorite beach in Hawaii?!

  8. Those are awesome gift ideas!!! love the ear-rings

  9. Hey Erin! Love that top you are wearing...might you be willing to share where you got it from. Also the heels are totally adorbs!

  10. Hey Erin! Love that top you are wearing...might you be willing to share where you got it from. Also the heels are totally adorbs!


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