I know I have said it two million times before, but blogging has brought some pretty awesome experiences my way. For example, I got to write about tampons and pads the other day! WHO WOULD HAVE EVER THOUGHT?! Even more exciting than photographing feminine hygiene products on my bedroom floor though is that this weekend I am attending the Kentucky Derby as a Cottonelle Correspondent. That's right, instead of talking about tampons, I'm moving to toilet paper. Cottonelle will be having a Clean Room at this years Derby. VIP's at the Derby will be able to stop by, have their hair and make-up touched up, enjoy refreshments, charge their phones, relax, use nice clean facilities, and of course--I'll be there to help wipe.

That's a joke. I won't be wiping anybody unless it is Luke Bryan and in which case, helllllloooooo.

As you may or may not know, the Kentucky Derby is known for fashion, fun, and more fun [induced by gallons of mint juleps and pretty looking celebrities]. I'm pretty confident that horses race around a track at some point in time as well. As a little [or huge] perk, Cottonelle is holding "the great finish sweepstakes" where if the 1st and 2nd positioned horses finish in that order, the first 15,000 people who registered will win free toilet paper and flushable cleaning cloths for a year. I know. I peed a little in excitement too [pun intended]. Be sure to sign up here.

Before I show off my complete look for Saturday, can I just say how ashamed I am of Northern Indiana's hat selection? Apparently people from my town don't have a need for floppy hats because oh my word. WHERE ARE THE FEATHERS AND COLORS AND LACE AND EVERYTHING ELSE THAT I NEED ON MY HAT? Nowhere, that's where. Anyhow, I found my entire outfit at Express but have my fingers crossed I will find something much more exciting as I trek into Kentucky this weekend. Here's to hoping.

hat // dress // belt // shoes

Make sure you are following me along on Twitter and Instagram this weekend to see all of the behind the scenes festivities and action. All of the fun will be happening under the hashtag #LetsTalkBums so check that out as well. I promise that pictures will be flowing in abundance. I'm off to go get my hair did, my nails done, and hopefully find a bigger/better hat. I gotta make those jockey's proud.

ps. If you are going to be at the Derby on Saturday, make sure to say hello. If you are really nice I'll even give you a flushable wipe. Yes I am obsessed with those if you must know. #sofreshandsocleanclean 



It's Either This Or FUPA's

My mind is so totally blank right now even typing this first sentence is nearly killing me. I just adore writer's block. It's so cute and fun. I could write about the beer that I am drinking but then that would sound like every other post I write. Or I could write about how I stepped on a cactus when taking outfit pictures this weekend but I don't really want to relive that memory. I considered writing about how mowing is one of my favorite hobbies but realized it stopped getting interesting before it even got started. So basically I'm screwed. Except I'm not because of that thing I mentioned in the post earlier today, so that's a lie too. I guess that leaves me to either end with three pictures of the FUPA's [don't know what it means..google it] my husband just showed me or pictures of my niece and nephew. Niece and nephew for the win.

Hey it's been real. Til' next time.


A Fashion Post Brought To You By My Period. Yes, You Read That Correctly...

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and U by Kotex but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #UbyKotex http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

It's true, I was. And I know what you are thinking "but white! and tight clothing! and oh my gosh that dress could show your tampon string!" Maybe I'm the only one who thinks about the whole tampon string thing, but still, I get it. Typically when one thinks about outfits that are worn during the first few days of your period you think of something along the lines of dark baggy sweatpants. Except guess what--nobody thinks dark baggy sweatpants are sexy. Not even your cat's aunt.

I guess what I've decided is that as long as I know I've got everything covered "down there" I'm going to go about my business as normal which means tight // white // short // dresses and all. Have no fear, coverage is here. Underneath all of my fancy little risky outfits below, I am adorning a sleek U by Kotex tampon [because I knew you were wondering what made me so brave]. Super if you absolutely must know. And now, allow me to present to you my period induced outfits [just as a ps. my husband is absolutely cringing through this entire post I'm sure]...

First up we have this fabulous maxi dress I found recently at Flourish Boutique. I think I am supposed to stop buying maxi dresses but in the words of Miley, can't stop won't stop. Typically light colored anything that is suctioned to your body is a no-no during aunt flow's arrival but guess what, aunt flow has no say anymore. BAM.

Next up we have this fun bright tribal tank from miss chic along with [gaaaasssssssp] white pants. The myth has now been dispelled--white pants can be worn at any and all times that you want to wear them. No matter the season (weather or hormonal). White pant lovers unite. 

And last but not least, this feisty little Needle and Thread number from Rent Some Fashion. Have you heard of Rent Some Fashion yet? You are able to rent designer dresses, shoes, jewelry, and accessories for a fraction [of a fraction] of the price. This dress--$39. It's the most genius way to dress for any special occasion without spending insane amounts of money. Just thought you should know.

And there we have it, three outfits I would have sworn I could never wear on my period but thanks to U by Kotex I now can. As a heads up, right now at Walmart [I can't quit their low prices] if you purchase either the sleek U by Kotex tampons or the CleanWear U by Kotex pads you will receive a 3 pack of elastic hairbands for free while supplies last. The hairbands are directly on the box as you can see below.

And that concludes the most awkward fashion post ever.

What's your favorite period look?



Why I Don't Wear Lingerie

A quick story on how non-observant my husband is. It all started Friday evening as we were preparing to go out with a group of friends for a birthday party [see photo above..I am a firm believer that nobody should have to enter any building // home // etc on their birthday without some sort of awesome thing smacking them in the face prior] so long story short, I put on the dress that you see above. As I was garnishing our counter top with wine, vodka, rum, and all other necessity's for our guests arrival, Shawn says "your midriff is showing!" Quickly I reply with some sort of loving comment like "no kidding idiot, I wore this to dinner with you in California and you took several photos of me in it for my blog." Another long story short, he still had no idea that the dress ever had any cut-outs in it when I wore it the first time around. And now you know why I never wear lingerie. So much for bringing sexy back. 

Additional photos and details of our weekend to come. I'm off to go dance around our house naked and see if anybody notices. 

Before you go, here is your chance to win some cash money + some gift card awesomeness + ad space + your mom. Okay unfortunately your mom isn't up for grabs, but if she was you better believe this giveaway would get hundreds of thousands of entries. Regardless, you still want to win what's below and you want to get to know a few (or all) of these blogs and shops. Oh and hey--if you want in on next months giveaway, you may sign up here. Happy Monday if there is such a thing. 

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Appearance Matters

In life I am learning more and more that if you can find somebody who does something better than you can, let them. This includes but is not limited to: cleaning your house, cutting your hair, washing your car, making dessert, dressing yourself, and last but not least, designing your blog. I have never claimed to be an expert in HTML or design work nor do I ever plan on claiming such words. Since starting this blog I knew that the appearance was one of the most important aspects [truly I think it is] but knew I didn't have the patience [or talent] to learn how to do it myself. Because of this I went on the hunt for somebody who I could say "make my blog look pretty" to and could trust they would do just that. I am really a no hassle type of person. I sit down in my hair stylists chair and say "do whatever you want, just make it look good" and that is the same approach I have had with my blog designer. Thankfully Melissa Rose Design does just that. I have worked with Melissa for the past couple of years and couldn't say enough times how grateful I am for her creativity, easiness to work with, and crazy talent that she delivers each and every time. I am nearly confident that I have sent hundreds of emails to her saying "OMG YOU ARE THE BEST!" No but really, I have. 

Melissa created my most recent design for me (with very very few instructions and direction on my behalf) and as I know I have said before, I am in love with the look and feel around here. 
At this point I have her on speed dial for any little thing (ex: my picture in the right hand corner which was swapped out yesterday). Your blog's appearance is not something you should skimp on. I know that looks aren't everything, but they are a lot (example Ryan Gosling). If you are on the hunt for the best blog designer, I encourage you to check out Melissa immediately. Lucky for you, she has a few spots open left in May. Also lucky for you, if you mention Living In Yellow when booking your spot, you will get a free social media package which includes a facebook cover photo, twitter profile picture, and a hover pin-it button. 

If you need a little more proof that she is as awesome as I say she is, you can check out her portfolio here. Melissa is also a branding extraordinaire so if you are a business looking for a little oomph in your appearance, she's got ya covered. I am excited to see what beautiful things she can create for you. 

One last thing--Melissa's blog + instagram is one of my favorite places for inspiration so be sure to check those out if you like pretty things. 

Today you have the chance to win $25 towards any design work from Melissa Rose Design. Good luck! 

Image Map


Our Easter In Pictures

I realize that Easter was almost a week ago at this point, but I wanted to be sure to document a few photos from our day here. I know that I often talk about the screaming/dirty/crazy side of kids, but these little girls are my life and I can't imagine not having them in my world. I am so thankful that my sister and brother-in-law know how to breed cute girls who have personalities larger than my craving for McDonalds french fries. I love watching the world unfold in front of their eyes and seeing their reactions to things. Never has opening a package of Peeps been more exciting [one day they will realize how disgusting they truly are]. It was such a fun day spent with my family and I can't wait to do it again this weekend with Shawn's. Love these people of mine. Hope you all had a fun filled day with your peeps. Pun intended. 



American Blogger [The Release + My Thoughts]

Last night I was able to watch American Blogger--The First Journey in it's final and finished product for the first time. As you may [or may not know] there has been quite the buzz around American Blogger since the release of the trailer. A lot of great positive excitement and then a lot of negative, sometimes hurtful criticism. What was intended to be a pure and innocent display of a filmmakers insight on a small part of the blogging community quickly turned into a playground for stereotypes to be formed, the validity of the featured bloggers stories to be questioned, and the intentions of those involved to be judged. Being apart of the film it was hard to see some of the words that were said in regards to what others believed the film to be. Experiencing full out the passion and joy behind Chris Wiegand's heart and talent last year when filming was one I will never forget. The whole experience was very exciting, complete with raw emotion [so raw that Chris showed up, never informing us what questions would be asked, and filmed exactly what we said the first time around..yes my armpits were sweaty], and the mirror of two people living out their passions [his filming and us bloggers sharing our story through our places on the internet]. The way that he was able to capture our community is not something that was easily achieved but one that I will forever be grateful for. From the outside it is easy to see bloggers as selfish, petty figures who are far too concerned with their outward appearance and popularity rating. American Blogger dispels this theory wholly as tears are shed, laughs are heard, and layers of the bloggers featured are peeled back. Watching the two hour documentary left me with such a gratifying feeling of what we have here in this space. Our words, our pictures, our fears, our celebrations...they all matter. I know that blogging is not for everybody, but I am so glad that it is for me. I don't know how long I will invest in this space or what the future holds for blogging, but at this point in time I know that it is real, it's alive, and it's changing lives. 

To purchase American Blogger, you can do so here. A fair warning that I managed to make my face look double it's size. Also, I try to pet a cow in the film which is beyond me as I have never petted a cow in my life. Fortunately Maggie represents well as she looks precious as ever in the film. Leave it to the dog to make me look good. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts when you finish it! 

Thank you for being a part of my blogging journey--without you, none of this would be as sweet and as good as it is. 



Going To "Ooh Aah Point"

So I'm just browsing through my Easter pictures and came across this. 

I feel like this is the perfect summary for my life with kids. I wanted a picture for normal blogging purposes showing off my stellar aunt capabilities and I end up with this. Me dragging a two year old across the floor while grinding my teeth in hopes that she will smile at the camera instead of suck on the bubble wand that's hanging around her neck. Did it work you ask? 

Well, we are still looking at a toddler trying to escape the death grip of her aunt, so no..not really. Anyhow, more Easter pictures to come soon. As you can tell, they are bound to be beautiful and full of love. 

In other news, I've been thinking lately about how bloggers should have an award show. And not really to say this blogger is better than that blogger, but more so for a chance to all come together, drink champagne in pretty dresses, and take pictures for Twitter that will go viral. Buuuuuut...if we were going to give out awards, I have a nomination to make. This award is called "I try not to hate her for all of the travel that she does, but it's hard not to." And the winner is.....

That would be Nicole from Treasure Tromp if you don't know how to read [which is totally cool, I'm not judging but I suppose it wouldn't matter because you have no idea what I am saying right now]. So why the nomination you ask? THIS. Don't worry, my jaw dropped too. Hero status she is. I have had the pleasure of real life talking [as opposed to typing] to Nicole and she is as smart, beautiful, and kind as she appears to be. Her blog is legit and she knows how to produce quality content that we could all benefit from reading...whether that be for those of us on a budget, or those of us who need to know how to make a mini apple pie, or those of us who are in desperate need of actually finding a blogger who likes to drink wine ;)

Or maybe you just want somebody you can go with to "ooh ahh point". Turns out Nicole is your girl.

All of this to say, read her blog + connect with her on social media + get her to like you enough to invite you on a vacation + and then enter to win this $20 Amazon gift card that she is giving away. You'll need it to buy a new swimsuit or something for your trip.



And Just Like That, I Lost My Broken Phone Virginity

Well friends, the days of me being the "I've never broken a phone" queen are now over with. The whole virginity was lost in about .03 milliseconds, which is approximately .01 milliseconds faster than when I got married. It turns out when you drop your phone on Saturday and break the outside case, you should immediately replace it with a new case so that when you drop it on Monday it won't be so dramatic and glass shardy all over the patio concrete. While I didn't cry over the loss of my once LED/HD/whatever makes it so clear and bright screen, I did wince inside a wee bit when realizing I would have to tell my husband what just happened. He has this thing where he likes to say "I am not responsible with my stuff." In my mind, responsible is another word for boring. Who has time to be responsible when there are giant jelly beans to be eaten and sunshine to soak up? [which is exactly where I was headed until my phone decided to just up and jump out of my hands like a freaking toddler who wet their pants].

Anyhow, all life shattering events must be documented on the ole blog so here we have it.

I have to go run now and and then drown myself in wine while I daydream about how I can convince my husband that I NEED the best phone out there and not his hand me down leftovers that are sitting in the storage room. 

Youngest children, I feel for you in this moment. 


It's Never Too Early To Be Prepared [Mother's Day Gifts]

Well, now that Easter is officially over [more on mine soon] we have one thing to think about...

weight loss.

And Mother's Day too if you are concerned about that. 

I know that we are a few weeks away yet (it's May 11th if you were considering googling it to find out, don't worry I had to too) and while last minute gift card purchasing is SO MUCH FUN and SO THOUGHTFUL, I thought I would take a different approach this year. Silly me I know. The problem (which isn't really a problem at all) is that my mom kinda deserves the world, not just a Lowes $25 gift card to be spent on a plant. While this is great, it puts pressure on me to a) find something awesome that I know she will love and b) find something even more awesome than what my sister will buy. Not that any parent should favor kids based on who buys them the best gift, buuuuuut we as humans also shouldn't do a lot of things that we do so there's that. 

Anyhow, long story short I found an awesome place to buy Mother's Day gifts so now I feel like I have to do proper due diligence and share it with you all. Uncommon Goods is the name and amazefest gifts are their game. 

Knowing that my mom loves to travel [and especially loves Hawaii] I thought these earrings were perfect for her. 

Okay these babies, also known as beach earrings, are awesome for the fact that they are made from the sand of your favorite beach. So, say for instance, if my favorite beach was Breakers Beach at Hotel Del Coronado in California (hey that's weird, it is) I could have the sand from that beach used to make these earrings. And because my mom adores Hawaii, I can have sand from her favorite Hawaii beach used. Cool right? I also think this map bracelet would be fun to mark it with my mom's favorite travel destination. For all sorts of other great personalized jewelry options click here.

The second thing my mom loves to do is ride bike so you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled upon these cute little suckers. Also called drinking glasses.

And last but not least, my mom is an avid maker of pretty things in her yard. Seriously her landscaping skills are off the charts. Unfortunately I wasn't blessed with this same love and adoration for plants. Fake plants yes, real plants no. I saw this succulent wall planter kit and was instantly intrigued. Pretty plants hanging ON your wall? Yeah, that's pretty rad regardless if you have any idea of what you are doing.

And that's that--to purchase your Mother's Day gifts head over here stat. You can try to avoid the day but the day can't avoid you. Go one up somebody, your mom will love you forever for it. 



Twit Heads Unite

Just popping in to wish everybody a very good Friday (pun intended) and an even good (er) Easter. We have all sorts of fun shenanigans happening this weekend, including an Easter lunch at Chipotle. All signs are pointing to that decision being the best one I have ever made in my life. I'll confirm that for you on Sunday at 1:00 pm right after I drown myself in rice, beans, and chips. 

"For God so loved the world that he gave us Chipotle.." Amen. 

While I'm out gallivanting around, I figured I would leave you with the chance to win $350 just for following a few of us twit heads on twitter (find me @livinginyellow). If you're lucky, maybe we will arrange for the blue twitter bird to drop the cash off at your doorstep. Hopefully he doesn't accidentally run into your glass patio door on it's way, I hate when that happens. 

I'm off to tell myself that I should have worked out while I sit in the bath instead. Happy weekend loves. 

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*This giveaway ends on April 21st, 2014. The winning entry will be selected via Rafflecopter and will be verified. This giveaway is open internationally to anyone with a PayPal account. Good luck!*



I Blog For Money [And Why You Should Too]

Every once in awhile there is chatter around the internet about "bloggers who blog for money" and with it comes a great deal of negativity and criticism. There is a giant misconception that if you blog for money, you clearly don't care about your readers, the only thing you publish is sponsored content, and at the end of the day you must be a terrible greedy person [certainly not a smart business woman who places any value on time, creativity, and influence]. In other words, if you make money off of your blog, your blog content most likely sucks.

And this bothers me. 

Perhaps I find the whole topic very weird to me because for one, I have never been questioned on why I am okay with a collecting a paycheck from my primary employer. And two, I have never been scolded for "doing work" at work. I don't expect to show up daily for another person or company and not receive compensation for the time given. Nor do I expect to receive compensation from somebody without bringing attention and energy to their products or services. Shouldn't we treat ourselves and sponsors with the same respect?

While blogging is fun, it is work. And while I love organically mentioning shops and blogs, I also value the work and time I have invested into cultivating a community and influence through this blog. To some it may seem silly that I can help pay our bills from tweeting, posting a picture on Instagram, or sharing a link on Facebook, but when those tweets, Instagram photos, and links on Facebook produce real sales for real people which equates to real money..there is value in those silly mentions isn't there?

Do I believe that there needs to be a healthy balance between non-sponsored content and sponsored content to maintain a strong readership base that wants to come back daily? Absolutely. But do I recognize the fact that this blog is my job and with any job, I want to maximize my income opportunities to my full potential? Absolutely. While I would love to make money off of this blog and be able to talk about anything and everything I want every single day, I would also love to eat five pounds of macaroni and cheese nightly without gaining weight. Both of which are very unrealistic (and sad) truths. The pounds do come from the macaroni and cheese and additional work does come from sponsorship. I have chosen this path for my blog and I celebrate the others that have as well.

Blogging is a very real thing to me. It has provided countless relationships, awesome opportunities, and healthy paychecks. I am not ashamed of any of the above.

You are not a sell out when you put a price tag on your services. You are smart. You shouldn't feel guilty for using some of your blog's prime real estate to show off blogs and shops that you love, but rather grateful that you have the opportunity to do so. It is okay to make a career out of your once hobby. Own it and do not be ashamed.

Blogging is the best job I never knew I always wanted. 

+ speaking of having the opportunity to work with incredibly awesome people/businesses, House of Bliss completely re-wrote my advertise page and I could not be happier with it. Charissa (find her on twitter here) is a genius // magic maker when it comes to helping your blog and/or shop make money by the words you use. Truly, I am obsessed with what she is doing. Hire her here.

+ that dress featured up above in the first picture--here it is in all of it's glory...

GorJess and LoveLee (clever right?) is a fabulous boutique I recently discovered and have been so impressed with the quality of their items. Just thought you should know! 

Now go make that money ladies. #proudofyou



How To Make Your Man Love You More

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Scandinavian Tobacco Group Lane, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #CuberoLuxury http://my-disclosur.es/OBsstV

Every once in a great while I will get this strange idea to do something nice for my husband. I'm not sure if it was because I knew I was heading out of town for a girls weekend to shop or if because I had heard him say the words "I need to have a poker night soon" a thousand times over? Regardless I figured it was time to surprise that little man of mine. I knew three things going into this: 

1. There needed to be beer and cigars involved
2. They would need food to eat
3. Cards and poker chips would most likely come in handy 

That's when I threw this concoction together...

That's right--a poker night in a box [or in a case for this matter]. Obviously Cheez-Its and popcorn made the cut, along with the cutest (am I allowed to call cigars cute?) cigars I've ever seen.I found those little Cubero cigars at Walmart for a few bucks a pack and knew they would fit perfectly into my professionally made case of beer. 

I topped it all off with some candy (not visible), brightly colored yellow tissue paper, and a card explaining what this box was all about. Needless to say he was pleased and we alllllll know what happens when your man is pleased....well nothing typically, but hypothetically speaking lets say if he didn't fall asleep//play on his iPad//or eat cookies and milk after opening said surprise you could imagine what would happen. For the record, he fell asleep. Don't worry mom and dad. Virgin for life.

And here is the unfolding of the poker night in a box...

Success. Now if only he would have won enough to pay for my shopping addictions. Until next time...

Ladies, have any of you ever done a surprise in a box type of thing? If so, what did you do it for and what did you fill it with? I loved this idea and want to do it more often..do share.