When You Make A Wreath And Realize You Can Conquer The Entire World [and other things]

First off, thank you so much for your responses to yesterday's post. The thing that I love so much about blogging [and life in general] is that we all have our our own stories to share, our ability to relate to each other, and how we can all learn from one another. I am so happy that we all have our own thoughts, make our own decisions, and do things sometimes differently and sometimes the same as one another. It's what makes this crazy life beautiful. So thank you. 

Another thing that should be mentioned is that I CAN'T STOP EATING CHIPS. I know on Monday I told you that hummus and vegetables can take the place of chips but you guys, I lied. There is something glorious and majestic about chips [and Jesus] that I think we need to honor for a second and never ever try to replace them with hummus and vegetables again. 

I was going to feel really weird if I didn't mention Jesus when talking about chips and all of their holy ways.

Another thing on top of that first thing is that I have been asked what YOLO stands for twice in the last three days. You Only Live Once. There, if you were wondering now you know. Don't say Living In Yellow never taught you anything worthwhile. 

I made a wreath last night meaning all things are possible. Next I'm planning on flying to outer space. 

Also, the pop and hip hop power workout radio station on Pandora is life changing. I haven't necessarily used it for a power workout but I have used it for sitting at my desk and it ALMOST makes me want to burn calories so yeah, it's that good. 

And now I can't stop thinking about the disturbing piece of WHAT IN THE WORLD which is Kanye West's music video that was world premiered on Ellen a few months ago. WHY. Do not go to YouTube right now and watch it. Your face will get all ugly and wrinkly when you try to distinguish what is exactly happening between him and Kim and everything else that makes absolutely no sense. 

I think it's now time for me to focus on why I came here in the first place today, to introduce this girl

This Texas cutie has an accent bigger than the state itself (we've talked, I'm not using that as an exaggerated term) and a shoe collection bigger than the United States itself (I've seen it, also not saying that as an exaggerated term). She is a jack of all trades who knows an insane amount regarding the logistics of blogging [seriously if you blog, click on that link], works her day job as a Petroleum Landman while owning a car lot, heads up the Texas Women Bloggers, absolutely loves fashion, oh and also has another blog, airing your dirty laundry, which is full of anonymous honest posts. 

Are you tired yet? Good, me too. 

There is a lot Taylor has to offer and today I just scratched the service of her goodness. Make her feel welcome and go say hello, or at the very least throw leaves in her face. Us bloggers go crazy for that stuff.
For being so good to her, she will now grant you the chance to win a package of Essie Nail Polish for Spring's arrival. It's the blog post that keeps on giving. 



  1. Thanks for sharing this wonderful blog that I hadn't found yet! I love everything about her! :)

  2. I LOVE that Pandora station! I don't use it for workouts so much either, but it's a great one.

  3. Such a peppy post, and I love it! my mom tried to be hip and say YOLO the other day, but just spelled it. We did something epic like went to the store and she said, "Y O L O Poundsign" I died of the cuteness! Also Jesus appreciates the shootout with chips :)

  4. Yep, you're going to outer space! Make sure to bring your holy chips! :) and I'm about to go to YouTube and let my face get ugly and wrinkly just because you told me not to because well, YOLO! ...and that Taylor is a sweetie!
    Eva Marie Taylor

  5. You leave me laughing as usual....chips, Jesus, and wreaths (oh my!). I am on an eating healthy kick and my main snack is carrots and hummus. Yes, I'm feeling bette about my new eating habits but dammit I miss the good stuff!

  6. Wow I love that wreath!! SUPER cute! & outer space sounds fun I say go for it! :) haha.


  7. Taylor is my blog mentor and she is awesome! So exciting to see her here!

  8. I am so glad that I'm not the only one who watched that Kimye video and thought WTFudge?! The parody with James Franco and his BFF is amazing and you should try to find it - it's exactly the same but almost better?!


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