When I Grow Up, I Wonder If...

+ Chopsticks will be something used to eat with, not that I stick behind my ears and then say "QUICK! TAKE MY PICTURE!"

+ I will still drive like an irresponsible teenager.

+ Disco balls will hold the same glamorous appeal.

+ I will want all of my wall decor to say things like "Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry."

+ I will YouTube "how to do the wobble" on repeat.

+ I will look down at my wrist and think "what the haaaaaaaaail was I thinking?!"

+ I will have "whoomp there it is" sing off competitions with my girl friends every time I have more than three cocktails in me.

+ I will wash our windows and sweep out my car more times than never.

+ Taking pictures of my food from Chipotle for Instagram will move from "I must" to a question of "I wonder if I should?"

+ I will sing my heart out at country concerts and swear every time that it is the best moment of my entire life.

thomas rhett, approx 10 days ago. we fell in love. and by we I mean I fell in love with him. he still doesn't know who I am. working on that. 

+ I will still try to squeeze into jeans that are two sizes too small because "they shrunk".

+ At any sign of sun I will demand to sit outside. Sweatpants, boots, snow, and all.

+ McDonald's french fries will be my go to choice at 1:00 am.

+ I will even know that 1:00 am exists.

+ YOLO will come out my mouth more than words like "the, if, and, but"

+ I will giggle every time somebody (ie: myself) answers a question with "your mom.." or "bend over and I'll show ya."

+ Kids won't seem so disgustingly dirty to me.

+ I will fuel up on water sans vodka prior to going on a run.

+ I will read real books with real pages and real words.

+ I will replace raising the roof with the word "yes".

+ People tripping in front of me won't be ridiculously hilarious.

+ I will wonder why in the world I gave so much of my time to a thing called a blog. It would be understandable if it had a cute name like Lilly, but blog? Really?

What are some things you wonder about when you grow up? Comment below or heck, get really creative and write your own post. Ain't no shame in copying, no matter the age.



  1. When I grow up I wonder if I will still quote all those corny but so catchy movie lines.

  2. Like peter pan says...don't grow up...or something. www.wearflowersinyourhair.com

  3. You know I always copy you, sugar ;)

  4. Love this post!!! And love your tattoo :) Thank you for sharing!


  5. The wobble thing really hit home - had an embarrassing wedding wobble moment. I wonder if I'll be so similar to Owen Wilson in wedding crashers when I get older or focus more on being under the radar. Great post :)

  6. I just found your blog and I LOVE IT! you have the cutest personality and its so refreshing to see another blogger who WRITES!You are adorable and I will continue to read your stuff! Thanks!



  7. When I grow up I wonder if.... I will need a daily nap, I will need a nightly cocktail, I will demand my toenails are paint 365 days a year, I will love to listen to music as loud as and drive as fast as my car will go, I will still giggle at fart noises....

  8. I love this list, so funny but I relate!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  9. For some reason growing up makes me think of an old lady, and I imagine you still doing a majority of these things when you grow up and being the coolest old lady ever (besides me, of course) ;) please please be the grandma that still says "your mom" and "bend over and I'll show ya" and still busts out to "whomp there it is!"
    Eva Marie Taylor"

  10. Ohh, Thomas Rhett is so perfect.

  11. I'll wonder what my daughter will think of me if she decides to scroll through all of my Social Media feeds. "Mom wrote 'YOLO' as a Facebook status back in the day? CORNBALL!" ;-)

  12. I wonder if naptime will still be my favorite, if I'll know who A is in Pretty Little Liars is, if I'll still have way more girl crushes than boy crushes and not think it's weird at all.

  13. When I grow up I wounder if I'll finally accomplish some of those things on my Pinterest boards.

  14. This was a cute post, and I liked it a lot :) I also really like your chopstick placement...might have to try that out for myself for a photo-op next time I'm in a situation where chopsticks are readily available!

  15. this really just made my snowy morning!!

  16. haha this is such a great idea. mcdonalds fries at 1am or taco bell? it's a tough choice.

    1. Nope. White Castle at 1am is where it's at.

  17. Wait...we have to grow up? Even though I asm married with kids I still feel young and do not want to grow up.

  18. hahahaha I love it! And no Im not growing up...thats boring YOLO!

  19. Love the picture you chose for this blog! It's so fitting. And, excellent choice on the tattoo. You will love it forever.

    Lisa @ newlycastnerd.blogspot.com

  20. I adore you, SO much. Still cracking up just thinking about all the "grown up" things you wrote. I like to say "Woooooof" (not like a dog barking; more of the Home Alone version: "Buzz's girlfriend - WOOF!) whenever I see/hear/find something remotely disgusting/offensive/unflattering. I use it sparingly though, so perhaps that's not so bad, right? I may have to do a little post of my own :)

  21. bend over and I'll show ya. hahahah love it. If growing up means I can't do these things, then I don't ever want to grow up. I will refuse.

  22. I hope I always look down at the tattoo on my wrist - and the rest of my tattoos - and don't think "what the hell." Fun post - must steal (of course with the appropriate credit to your creative self) ;)

  23. Is it really sad that I say "bend over and I'll show ya" all the freaking time? I do.

    I love love your tattoo.

  24. Love this post. For what it's worth.... On my wrist is a tattoo that says "family". I got it many years ago. I have never regretted it. They own my heart. :)


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