Take Note

+ You have until tomorrow (Sunday) to place your Love, Yellow order for April. Keep in mind you will be receiving two Spring items to make your spirits brighter and you look hotter. Big changes are coming for Love, Yellow and this will be the last month to participate "as-is" (meaning in the current set-up) so take full advantage now!

+ Eating chips and salsa for breakfast will be the best decision I will make all day.

+ There will be a blogger happy hour taking place this Thursday evening, March 20th at 9 pm EST. March's co-host is the ever so fabulous Bonnie from Life Of Bon. Use the code HAPPY to get $5 off your spot now. Limited space available. Here are my thoughts on this: If you gave me $15 to spend on a sidebar ad or $15 to spend an hour asking/answering any and all blogging related questions to those who have been there, done that, and are still doing it...I would totally invest in the second option. It's amazing what an hour can do for your blogging spirit. 



  1. Chips and salsa or ravioli are great breakfast choices! Haha.


  2. OMG I wish I didn't already have plans on Thursday night! Have fun!


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