Sometimes I think every title should just be called "read this".

And now I remember how impossible it is to blog when it is nice out.
It's a good thing that I don't live somewhere where the weather doesn't suck 98% of the time or else this blog wouldn't see any action. And we all know how we feel about things that get no action. Sorry. That's how we feel for them.

Today was so weird. We had this thing called sunshine. If you live in Indiana you probably haven't really heard of it before. But guess what? This sun thing is beautiful and amazing and it makes you feel like LIFE IS WORTH LIVING AGAIN. Combine that sun word with temperatures in the 50's (that would be FIVE ZERO) and hallelujah this state is the best place I've ever lived in. Naturally we hit up every store in a 20 mile radius that sells patio furniture, tested out chaise lounge after chaise lounge, ate pineapple outside, played ping pong in our neighbors driveway while drinking beer and burning a fire (we also became this word called "hillbilly" today too). Basically it's 9:00 pm and I just came in from outside. I know, I can't believe this is real life either people.

But get this. Tomorrow it's supposed to be 64 which is basically 90 and I am freaking the freak out. Legit I am planning on laying out and no, you will not stop me.

ALSO [caps are needed for this] I just found out that the season premiere of Giuliana and Bill is tonight (!!!!!!!!!!) at 11:00 pm so screw it, I am pulling an all nighter and hitting the rays at 8:00 am. This might just turn out being the best 24 hours of my life.

For the record I am not pulling an all nighter as I am still teaching myself how to stay awake past 10:15 pm, so really this whole season premiere thing has a 12% chance of me seeing it.

On to a subject that matters now, Blogger Happy Hour is quickly approaching and this month I chose none other than the hilarious Taylor from The Daily Tay as my co-host.

Not only is she a blogger, she is a comedian. And not only is she a comedian but she is an author. And not only is she an author she has written content that has gone viral. And not only is she a viral content writer she is a blogging/social media consultant. And not only is she a blogging/social media consultant she loves beef jerky and bloody marys [I always save the best for last]. All that being said, you need to join in on this months Blogger Happy Hour. Below are the dates and details. Be sure to book your spot quickly as each session has a limited number of seats available. See you there party people.



You may pet my face now

Can we talk about something for a second? Direct Sales. Is it just me or do you agree that right now it feels as if EVERYBODY is selling SOMETHING. And it's not a bad thing [if you stay off of Facebook] but all of a sudden I swear if you don't sell essential oils (believer), you sell It Works! (love several of their products), if you don't sell either of those you sell Rodan and Fields (obsessed), and if all else fails, you sell Norwex (most likely my favorite of all). I am not complaining, I am just confused. Like how did all of these products just suddenly show up out of nowhere and now everybody wants, and in my case, needs them? It's most likely on my mind because last night alone I hosted a Norwex party (if you would like to place an order I would recommend starting with this set, or read when I wrote about my favorite products here. When checking out, please just select that you were invited to a party, and then type in Erin Schrader for the hostess. I hope you love it as much as I do!) I was approached about selling Young Living Essential Oils, used my Rodan and Fields Microdermabrasion Paste before bed, and then started freaking out when I realized my It Works! Confianza pills are all gone. I guess you could say I am a direct sales junkie. My husband adores this about me [also read: hates this about me]. BUT YOU GUYS, it's all so good.

Let's start with how much my skin has improved since using Rodan and Fields. I use the Microdermabrasion Paste and the Night Renewing Serum. Never before has my skin felt this soft and good. I know this only because I beg for Shawn to pet my face now to prove of it's softness powers. The best part to all of this is that I now don't feel insanely dead and disgusting when not wearing make-up [but just a little bit]. My skin looks fresh, clean, and even has a little more color to it. To prove it, I took a makeup-less photo shoot for you all. This will most likely never be done again so enjoy it while it lasts. Also, I should clarify that I did put a tiny bit of mascara and lip gloss on because without it, you would gag and I know how awful gagging is, so you're welcome.

If it looks like I have foundation, blush, or an all-natural red nose, you would be correct--I do have a naturally red nose, but you would not be correct on the foundation or blush part. And that's why I love this stuff.

One of my sister's friends sells these items and after telling her I was hooked, she said we should give one of you the chance to win some so of course I was all like "omgggggg yesssssss" because that's how I react to most things in life. Today she is giving away a "welcome Summer" package which consists of a mini facial kit, the foaming sunless tanner, and a pair of flip flops. This better mean that Summer is coming tomorrow, or else.

But before we dismiss, tell me--what's your favorite product from a direct sales brand? Lord knows I need it.

ps. if you didn't sign up for the #1800minutechallenge yet and want to, now is your chance! It starts Tuesday!



The Return of the girl crush

If my husband didn't know me any better, he may think that I swing for the other team if you know what I mean. This whole blogging thing constantly has me falling in love with women over and over again. Somewhat recently I discovered this little lady and knew that you all had to be introduced to one another. For starters her fashion sense kills me. Secondly her photography skills [especially of her delicious recipes] kills me more. And last but not least, her heart kills me the most. Basically I'm dead. 

I asked Leah a few questions so that you could get to know her better because that seemed like a fun idea. Read below to meet your newest lady crush. It's okay, we all have em'. 

1. Food is my ultimate love. If you could eat three things for the rest of your life what would they be?

If food is your ultimate love (mine too), then you are fully aware of how insanely difficult it is to limit it down to only 3 things to eat for the rest of my life!! OMG! #foodieproblems Buuut, if I have to: wine (that's a "food" right?) oatmeal, (I eat it everyday!!) and fajitas (love me some fajitas!) and French Macaroons. Shoot, that's 4. I'll stop now - getting hungry!

2. Your blog title covers four topics--eating, wearing, praying, and loving. Do you have a favorite of these four that you like to write about?  

Great question! When I started EPWL I didn't really have a focus other than to just start sharing. I work in Real Estate, and just needed a creative outlet and a break from the daily grind. EatPrayWearLove just came to me one day and it clicked. (I'm pretty sure it was around the same time I became a total yogi, so I may or may not have been channeling my inner Julia Roberts. #justsayin) EatPrayWearLove are four words that are so central to who I am, and I felt like the title really left the door open for me to figure out my voice and what I was going to write about. Today EPWL is a more fashion focused blog, but I still occasionally share a recipe or some miscellaneous thing I'm loving. I have a prayer request tab at the top of my page too, so the door is always open for prayer - which I love!

3. What is your favorite go-to outfit? 

Well that TOTALLY depends on the occasion ;) but neutrals seem to win with me every time! Catch me on any given day and it's safe to say I'll be in some combination of gray, olive, tan or black.  I also really love this look because it's easy to take from day-to-night and Fedora's are a lifesaver on a bad hair day!

And just like that, don't you love her?

Today Leah is also giving you the chance to win $50 PayPal cash for allowing her to introduce herself to all of you. And you thought you were generous when meeting people for the first time.... 



The Ten Best Tools For Bloggers [What You Should Have And Use]

Recently I feel as though I've gotten a little bit smarter in how to make this blogging thing a tad bit easier, more efficient, and less ulcer inducing. I could just stop at wine for how I've completed the above, but shockingly enough there are a few other items that have helped as well. Today I thought I would share those with you. In no particular order, let's crank through these little nuggets of goodness. 

1.  A good camera, a tripod, and a remote control. 
We all know that photos are a huge part of your blog, whether you like it or not. Blogs while made for writing, are also very visual little creatures. People like looking at nice things (example: channing tatum). I would highly recommend investing some money into a camera that takes quality photos and that you know you will use regularly. For me personally, I love the SONY NEX-5. It's compact enough to throw in my purse, allows me the option to change out the lenses [this one is my favorite for product/fashion shots], and produces photos that I can be proud to call my own. I just recently, like within the last week recent, purchased a tripod and remote for my camera. I am now bashing my face on the cement for not doing it sooner. Do you know the freedom this brings? No longer do I have to beg and plea for my husband to take my picture in sub zero temperatures, I can do it all on my own. Lucky me, I know. Or say when I want to take a head shot of me wearing no make-up for a skin care post coming soon. Wham bam and done. 

2. Easy (and free) photo editing software. 

I learned very quickly that I didn't have a shot in H when it came to figuring out PhotoShop. Way too many layers and buttons and lack of buttons and gray freaking hair. That's when I turned to PicMonkey and never turned back. Every single time I use the auto exposure option, crop, possibly resize, and then sometimes select a filter. This is how I also add overlays and text to my pictures. Be careful to not over-edit your photos, I've fallen victim to this trap and it is one ugly trap to look back at. Many times, less is more. For all of my photo collages (example above in item numero uno) I use Picasa. Another beneficial tool I have found, which isn't free but is worth it, is BlogStomp

Why I love this program is because you can re-size all of your images at once, apply watermarks all at once, sharpen all photos at once, name all of your photos at once, basically do everything ONCE. It saves ridiculous amounts of time and sanity. 

3. A Day Planner. 

#freakingobsessed. That's how I feel about my Day Designer from Whitney English. There is a lot to keep track of when it comes to blogging, life, work, etc. This is the only planner that I have found which truly works well for all. Each day has it's own hourly schedule, a to-do list, a spot for tonight's dinner, a place to write your top three priorities, daily gratitude, your daily budget, any thoughts that pop into your head [ie: items to use in this post], what's due (I write down the daily blog post topic in this section), and also a don't forget section. As you can see, each day packs a lot of punch. 

Along with that, Christine just shared with me two forms that are awesome for keeping track of your sponsors and planning out your daily posts <--click both links to download the forms. 

4. Google Drive.  

excuse the poor photo quality 

Without sounding too dramatic, I don't know how I lived without Google Drive. I use it for nearly everything these days. Within the past 24 hours I have used it to upload the documents in item number 3 above that you can now download and save to your own computer, I created a registration form for the #1800MinuteChallenge, I applied for a Pollinate Media Group campaign, and I typed out a recipe on a google doc that can now be used on my food blog for a printable version. I love embedding google forms into my blog posts to gather information such as the demographics of my blog, your opinions on love, yellow, creating email subscriptions, and so on. The possibilities are endless with google drive and your blog. The best part? It's internet based so that you can access any of your google drive information on any computer. 

5. Dropbox

Speaking of being able to access your information anywhere--Dropbox allows for exactly that. I love this for when I upload photos, files, and documents. Because I use several devices to work on blogging related items [desktop, phone, chromebook, tablet] this is muy importante. You just save whatever it is you want into your Dropbox and then you can access it anywhere. Perfection my friends, perfection. 

6. Chromebook

While I know that phones and tablets are great devices to stay connected, this Toshiba Chromebook is the best piece of technology that I have found for blogging purposes. It is internet based but luckily for me, everything that I do is on the internet. It is Google based so that means it comes loaded with Chrome, Gmail, Google Hangouts, Google Drive, and then of course every app that is available through the Chrome store. I can upload my photos, do all of my editing, write my blog posts, answer emails, access all of my social media sites, host my consultations, view all of my files via google drive and dropbox....all from my couch. It is light, compact [but big enough to see and work on], and is hundreds of dollars cheaper than a regular laptop. One of my best blogging purchases yet. 

7. Hootsuite. 

Being active on social media is a huge part of creating a community around your blog. However, it's not always easy to be connected 24/7. This is where Hootsuite comes into play. With Hootsuite you are able to schedule out your tweets, facebook posts, etc in advance. I personally only use this for sponsored content, but for that use alone it is so beneficial. Within a few minutes I can have tweets stored for the next several months. 

8. Business Cards. 

Blogging is a business and with any business, networking is a main component of that. Get yourselves some business cards to hand out at a moments notice. I don't know how many times I have found myself in a conversation with somebody here locally and the topic of my blog gets brought up (typically after asking "so what do you do?") and wish I would've had a card to give them. Hand them out at blog conferences, hand them out to businesses that you hope to partner with, mail them with any packages you may be sending out, if you are single drop one on the floor in front of the cute guy standing at the bar, just get the things out of your hands and into somebody else's. I hired my blog designer, Melissa Rose Design, to make mine and then had them printed at Vistaprint

9. Photo backgrounds and props.

This is one of the simplest things that you can do in changing the overall feel and professionalism in your blog's photos. I bought the above white foam boards at Walmart (one is a tri-fold and one is just a flat board) for a few dollars. All you need to do is set it somewhere in natural sunlight, and then position whatever it is you are photographing onto it. The difference it makes is incredible. Think how different this picture would be if it was laying on a normal dining room table compared to the white board. The product becomes your main focus.  

Another option is to purchase photo canvas backdrops which I have done through Ink and Elm. Notice how it makes this card come alive. 

As far as props go, hit up your local Target dollar spot, purchase cute banners from Sunflower Paperie, just stock up on items that would be good for dressing up your photos a bit. Here are some examples of what I mean. 

candle from lilypad candles [yellow15 for 15% off]

10. And last but not least, alcohol. 

No further explanation needed. 

What is your favorite blogging tool? 



#1800MinuteChallenge [Join Us]

I am so excited about today's announcement/post/whatever you want to call it. As you know, I've been struggling with getting my booty in shape. Yesterday as I was inhaling more chips and dip I came to the conclusion that I am not going to get swimsuit ready without any accountability. And that's when The 1800 Minute Challenge hit me. The 1800 minute whaaaaaaaat you may be saying. Allowing me to explain.

Starting April 1st through May 31st I am committing myself to being physically active for 1800 minutes total. If you do the math that rounds out to nearly 30 minutes a day. I love this idea because it allows me the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want. It doesn't mean I have to do 30 minutes everyday, but rather 45 minutes one day, zero the next, perhaps 27 the day after, and so on. Also, being physically active doesn't mean I have to kill myself (but lets be real, any physical activity at this point in my life may just do that) but rather I can choose to take Maggie on an afternoon walk, get a quick workout DVD in, lift weights, run on the treadmill, and so on. As long as I reach my 1800 minutes, I don't care how it happens.

Here's where the exciting part comes in. Myself, Alissa from Alissa Circle, Emily from The Freckled Fox, and Alycia from Crowley Party are joining forces in hopes that you will join us. 

All four of us will be focused on motivating, inspiring, and keeping this whole thing exciting for you over the next 60 days. My goal is to have thousands of us all come together over the next 60 days to get healthy, become stronger, and perhaps shrink a few inches off of the places that need it. Swimsuit season is right around the corner whether we want to believe it or not. 

Here's what you need to know: 

1. You will want to sign up to be a part of the challenge just so we know who is joining in on the fun (and so that you have a chance to win the amazing grand prize at the end of the sixty days). You can register here

2. Starting April 1st, you will be responsible for tracking your own progress. Don't worry, I've gotcha covered. After signing up for the challenge, you will receive a spreadsheet via email from me which will allow you to quickly track and total your minutes! 

3. Throughout the challenge use #1800MinuteChallenge on Instagram or Twitter so that those of us also participating can follow along and cheer you on. Make sure to follow @livinginyellow, @alissamcircle, @thefreckledfox and @alyciagrayce for occasional workout ideas, our favorite playlists, and extra tips + tricks on how to get your 1800 minutes in! 

4. At the end of the challenge (May 31st) those of you who have completed all 1800 minutes will email me your spreadsheet [livinginyellow@gmail.com]. On Monday, June 9th one winner will be drawn to receive the #1800MinuteChallenge grand prize. It's still a secret on what you will be receiving but don't worry, we will fill you in on the details as time goes on. Keep in mind that the best prize of all will be how great you feel and look at the end of the challenge. Our prizes will just be the cherry on top ;) 

Who's ready to do this thing?! 



On [not] being content

Just browse through my internet search history and all of the signs are there. One minute it's trips to St Lucia, the next minute it's apartments for rent in California, the very next minute it's reading about adoption agencies, right after that is looking at convertibles for sale, and then to finalize my whole five minutes of internet time I land on condos for sale in Siesta Key, Florida. 

Clearly I am either really confused or really un-content. You know when you get in those moods where you are just ready for some type of change that will bring excitement to your life for a solid 24 hours? That's me right now. I don't know if I love it or hate it when I get in these moods. I blame it on the change of the season. For some reason with every change of something, I feel the need for a personal change of something. This would be awesome if I would stop channeling those changes through wanting expensive vacations, homes, kids, or cars, but rather a slight attitude change where I focus on all that I am already grateful for and blah blah blah. 

I'm not sure where I was going with this post, especially since I am leading you all into an opportunity to become excited about the fact of winning $150 bones + other awesome prizes which will bring a material sense of change into your life, but whatever. I'm just going to embrace it today. Tomorrow however, tomorrow I will be grateful. Right after I hit up Sam's Club for endless samples and buying all of the bulk things that I don't need. 

Cheers to a week ahead of less confusing (and expensive) internet search history. 

[if you also looking for a change in maybe lets say, an increase in blog followers, and would like to participate in next months group giveaway or some other sponsorship opportunity, make your way over here and book your spot today]

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A Free Pass To Do Nothing

Today was one of those really great, really unproductive days. It's this whole March Madness thing. I assume that everybody else is doing nothing so I do nothing. I assume that everybody is sitting on their couch so I sit on my couch. I assume that everybody is drinking beer and so I drink beer.

It's really a beautiful vicious cycle that I hope never ends. Anyhow, because I figured it would be very un-American of me to work today, I decided to make other plans for myself. I ventured out to do a little shopping (love me some clearance at Old Navy), fine dining (Chipotle AND Chick-Fil-a #omg), and did a little grocery store perusing. Do you all have a Whole Foods near you? There is just something about that store that screams "I SHOULD HAVE BEEN BORN AND RAISED HERE!" I can't get over it. And no, I don't buy anything there because a. it's way too healthy and b. it costs three times more than it should, but still..you've gotta give it up to their dessert displays, pretty signs, and all of the trickery that the store does to you. You know the trickery I am talking about-you walk in and you suddenly feel like you are doing something right with you life. It's like an au natural detox for you mind, body, and soul.

OH! And then I found myself in Best Buy buying a Google Chromebook which is where this blog post is coming to you from. Here's the thing. It wasn't necessarily necessary to my life but neither is blowing out my eardrums when I have my headphones on and I do that sooooooo....

I've always been awesome at justifying things.

As of now I'm convinced that this is the best thing that has happened to my life in the past 48 hours so things are looking good my friends. 

I think that covers everything that I didn't need to say but said anyway. This post was brought to you by crappy iPhone pictures and a brain that has nothing of value in it.

Happy March Madness. May we all delight in doing nothing productive from now until it's over. 



When You Make A Wreath And Realize You Can Conquer The Entire World [and other things]

First off, thank you so much for your responses to yesterday's post. The thing that I love so much about blogging [and life in general] is that we all have our our own stories to share, our ability to relate to each other, and how we can all learn from one another. I am so happy that we all have our own thoughts, make our own decisions, and do things sometimes differently and sometimes the same as one another. It's what makes this crazy life beautiful. So thank you. 

Another thing that should be mentioned is that I CAN'T STOP EATING CHIPS. I know on Monday I told you that hummus and vegetables can take the place of chips but you guys, I lied. There is something glorious and majestic about chips [and Jesus] that I think we need to honor for a second and never ever try to replace them with hummus and vegetables again. 

I was going to feel really weird if I didn't mention Jesus when talking about chips and all of their holy ways.

Another thing on top of that first thing is that I have been asked what YOLO stands for twice in the last three days. You Only Live Once. There, if you were wondering now you know. Don't say Living In Yellow never taught you anything worthwhile. 

I made a wreath last night meaning all things are possible. Next I'm planning on flying to outer space. 

Also, the pop and hip hop power workout radio station on Pandora is life changing. I haven't necessarily used it for a power workout but I have used it for sitting at my desk and it ALMOST makes me want to burn calories so yeah, it's that good. 

And now I can't stop thinking about the disturbing piece of WHAT IN THE WORLD which is Kanye West's music video that was world premiered on Ellen a few months ago. WHY. Do not go to YouTube right now and watch it. Your face will get all ugly and wrinkly when you try to distinguish what is exactly happening between him and Kim and everything else that makes absolutely no sense. 

I think it's now time for me to focus on why I came here in the first place today, to introduce this girl

This Texas cutie has an accent bigger than the state itself (we've talked, I'm not using that as an exaggerated term) and a shoe collection bigger than the United States itself (I've seen it, also not saying that as an exaggerated term). She is a jack of all trades who knows an insane amount regarding the logistics of blogging [seriously if you blog, click on that link], works her day job as a Petroleum Landman while owning a car lot, heads up the Texas Women Bloggers, absolutely loves fashion, oh and also has another blog, airing your dirty laundry, which is full of anonymous honest posts. 

Are you tired yet? Good, me too. 

There is a lot Taylor has to offer and today I just scratched the service of her goodness. Make her feel welcome and go say hello, or at the very least throw leaves in her face. Us bloggers go crazy for that stuff.
For being so good to her, she will now grant you the chance to win a package of Essie Nail Polish for Spring's arrival. It's the blog post that keeps on giving. 



Why I Didn't Attend College And My Thoughts On It Now

high school graduation

The other day I received an email that went something like this: "So from my point of view, you seem like a pretty successful and happy person, but you haven't gone to college! I searched through your archives a bit, but didn't find much about your college/career choices... Maybe I'm missing them, but they didn't pop out. What made you decide to not go to college? Are you happy with your decision? What's your part-time job now?" The email went on to say she is an 18 year old girl who is currently taking a "gap year" before deciding what she wants to do. After reading her questions it dawned on me that I haven't actually written a post specific to this subject so I figured no better time than now. 

My story goes something like this...

It all starts with Shawn. We started dating when I was 15 and he was 17. 

check out the bling in Shawn's ears 

About a year or so into the relationship, I was looking through a local homes magazine and the thought of becoming a real estate agent washed over my brain. I had always been intrigued with looking at homes and knew that I could certainly enjoy the flexibility and potential it allowed. I told Shawn at the time how I was considering real estate as a real life career for when I turned 18. Shawn also expressed interest in this career choice because much like myself, he hadn't given a whole lot of thought to college at this time. For whatever reason, college never really intrigued me. I didn't feel a strong urge to go, mostly due to the fact that I figured I would have to stay in a dirty tiny dorm room and the thought sounded absolutely miserable (pathetic but true). I didn't like the thought of having to delay getting my career started. I wanted to be out living in the real world, making money, getting married, buying my own home to live in, etc. To be honest, I don't even remember having in- depth conversations with my parents on whether or not I wanted to go to college. Not because they didn't care, but because they always did an amazing job of allowing my sister and I to be our own individuals and believed in what our decisions were. I believe I made the decision in the back of my head at a pretty early age that college wasn't for me. I never went on one college visit, I didn't take the SATs, I had other plans for myself. 

The summer going into my senior year of high school, Shawn and I attended a real estate class which led to getting our real estate licenses. We quickly got a job working for a local Century 21 real estate office and hit the ground running. I spent my mornings at high school and my afternoons selling homes. Looking back it all seems a little crazy to me. Why humans allowed an 18 year old girl who was a senior in high school to list their home is beyond me. But I was driven, I had a passion for what I was doing, and I figured out a way to make it work. Being in High School turned out to be a great thing for my business as I started working with several teachers in their home buying process. I certainly led a different life than most of my peers that last year of high school--instead of attending homecoming I was showing houses on Friday nights. I had business cards in my wallet, real paychecks coming in which went towards buying crazy expensive dogs, and instead of spending time on Facebook I was creating postcards to mail to new prospects. 

that would be the expensive dog...that I later traded with my parents for furniture 

My friends all went off to college that following Summer and never ever did I have one tiny regret that I wasn't going with them. I was happy doing what I felt like was best for me at that time. 

the summer before everybody left

Shawn and I got married two years later when I was 20, we purchased our first home, and we were focused on making our careers work for us. While I wasn't out making a ton of new friends and experiencing what college had to offer, I was truly having the time of my life. I was too busy creating what I wanted my reality to look like that I never felt like I was missing out on what others were doing. 

For me, I knew that I didn't desire a career that required a college degree so it didn't make sense for me to go. A few years after selling real estate and getting married, I decided to do something different only because Shawn and I were both commission only, had no health insurance, and no retirement. At that point I got a job at a local bank which has brought me to where I am at now, working part-time at a credit union training new employees as they get hired and blogging the other part of my day. I love every bit of it. Shawn has also since transitioned out of real estate into another professional job that I personally think he is incredible at (awww). Truly his work ethic puts mine to shame. 

Would I do it all over the same way again? 100% yes. I don't know if obtaining a college degree will ever appeal to me, but right now I can't see it in my future. Another perk? Because neither one of us went to college, neither one of us had any college debt. Do you know much of a difference that has made for us? We are not wealthy people but because of this fact alone we were able to do other things with our money like purchase rental properties as opposed to paying off student loans. Personally for us, not going to college was one of the best things that happened to us. 

I will say this time and time again---it's not what you know but who you know. A lot of people dislike this statement but I have seen it come true in my life and so many others time and time again. Along with that, real life experience in my personal opinion is greater than than a piece of paper with a degree on it. Do I think college is beneficial and necessary for a lot of people? Absolutely. Do I think it was for me? No. Fortunately, I have never been restricted doing what I want to do by not having a college degree. Now if blogging every requires a four year degree I'm screwed ;) 

Ultimately I don't think you find your happiness in whether or not you spend 4 years of your life furthering your education or getting a hands up in the work field, but rather your attitude you had and continue to have in all situations you find yourself in. 

To the 18 year old girl who wrote me this email, keep in mind these three things: work hard, believe in yourself, and love people well. You will be just fine, college degree or not. The best is yet to come. 

notice it doesn't say anything about being educated ;) 



I'm Refusing To Title This Post.

The answer is no, I don't know exactly what I want to talk about today. I delight in these days, not gonna lie. It's so fun to me when I get to walk into the unknown and kinda just go "weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" through it all. So allow me if you will to go "weeeeeeeeeeeee" for a little while. 

+ I attempted to make green beer today for St. Patricks Day. Turns out my beer wanted to be all trendy and turned itself a nice shade of aqua instead. I dig it. 

+ It's this little ones birthday today. 

Homegirl knows how to get down. 

That would be my niece, not my daughter. I still don't have one of those. Why you ask? Because just when I was considering my other niece went and got a princess fan stuck in my hair. That's why. 

+ Stop looking at my gray hair. I KNOW. 

+ Even though she destroyed my already gray/broken hair, she still makes my ovaries hurt from time to time.

Literally. If I am on my period and I have to babysit my cramps intensify from a 6 to a 14 because KIDS ARE CRAZY. 

+ Shawn is also turning two today. He is excited about it. 

+ I was at a concert Friday night which was really just a giant cowboy hat fest. 

We sat behind a girl (close to my age) and her father (close to a father's age) who grinded up on each other all night. He took pictures of her holding her boobies and also wiped part of the remaining jello shot she took off of her lips. Needless to say I didn't see any of the concert. I am still baffled at what took place and no, I won't get over it and yes, I am judging. I know that's wrong of me but so is grinding with your father so there's that. If you are the girl in this story and happen to be reading, I apologize but one piece of advice: stop having your father wipe pieces of your jello shot off your lips. It was cool when you were 2. Not 22. 

+ I got a romper the other day. Rompers scare me because sometimes I feel like they want to eat your _____ from time to time. The word you are searching for starts with a v and ends with an ina. Thankfully this one is not hungry but rather insanely adorable and perfect in all of its romper ways. Excuse the orange, it's California's fault. 

I also got this little number to match my beer. Deloom kills me with their clothing. Kills. Use code LIY for free shipping.

+ Somebody tell me to not walk from here to the pantry to bust out chips and queso dip right now. Too late. It's just so good though. About that swimsuit... I found what I will be wearing this summer