We're Gonna Party Like It's Your Birthday...

You know that feeling of swearing you have never been more tired in your life? That's me right now. The most tired I have ever been, I'm convinced of it. I know this only because my head keeps bopping mid email sending. I apologize in advance if I sent you an email within the past twenty minutes and there are several areas of aisudiasudaisudausdaiusda or something of that nature. I blame the following content of today's post on why I am so freaking exhausted.

Girls weekend in Chicago. Let's go through these events shall we? 

Friday night we loaded up, hit up Chick-fil-A like a bunch of girls who are concerned about looking skinny in their dresses all weekend would (or wouldn't), and then made our way to the big city for what was supposed to be a "low key night". If I have learned one lesson in my young life, it is this--when you are planning on a low key night, you get a very high key night. I think from now on I am declaring every evening to be "low key". To keep things tame, we decided we weren't going to go "out out" but rather to the hotel's rooftop indoor/outdoor bar (we stayed at The Dana Hotel and Spa if you are interested in hitting up Chi-town anytime soon) soon after arriving. 

Well it turns out that when you travel in packs of 6 girls, drinks just started getting handed to you. For all of you girls on a budget, take note. Our low key night quickly turned into learning how to twerk at 3 am or something of this sort. I should use the term learning how to twerk loosely. My twerking resembles this.. 

Except I'm not kidding. 

Long story short, Saturday morning rolled around and I quickly decided within minutes of waking up I needed bacon and cheese stat in my bed. This was the point in time that I lost all shame I've ever had and paid $25 for a bacon and cheese bagel delivered via room service. WHY? WHO? HOW? I still have so many questions on how that is legal. Here is another note to take ladies--don't think you will impress your husband by admitting to paying $25 for a breakfast sandwich. His face will get red and his words will become mumbled. 

The rest of the day was spent at the Spa getting a facial, massage, manicure, and pedicure. Again, go big or go home. Proven by Friday's turn of events Chicago seemed fun so I opted not to go home. I may or may not have drooled all over the floor during my massage. After a dose of chili and cheese fries, we were ready to roll Saturday night. 

Saturday evening consisted of G-Rizzles at my alma mater RPM Italian. You see, when you didn't attend college you have to deem other places your alma mater. RPM is mine. 

From there we did the whole dinner thing and then wound up at Studio Paris for another dance infested evening. You know those times when loud music is blaring, strobe lights are going, sparklers are going off all around you, you are moving your booty at the rate of 285 BPM, and you swear life couldn't get any better in that moment? Yeah, that. All night. 

Bacon and cheese bagel number two on Sunday and back to Indiana we went. 

So yes, it was a great weekend all and all. I will now resume back to my normal couch laying position for the remainder of forever. Or at least until Friday. 



  1. SO fun.
    I need a weekend like this in my life!
    Especially that spa day, I am so jealous!

  2. RPM is amazing!! We went and asked for Giulana and Bill but they weren't there :( the server said that when they are there they'll come visit your table if you ask!! Looks like a pretty legit girls weekend! I think late night twerking totally warrants a $25 blast sandwich

  3. This looks like a freaking awesome weekend! Glad you had a great time :)

  4. That sounds like an unbelievable weekend! And I totally agree, when girls go out together, they will never have to pay for their drink. Just sit pretty, bat your eyelashes a bit, and tadahhhh!! ;)
    But you are a party animal you!!! Just make sure you bring your energy if you ever come to visit me in Miami ;)

    Andie's Traveling Pants

  5. We did a girls weekend in Chicago last January and they screwed up our reservations at RPM, so they offered us free drinks. We stayed for hours and had a blast and they ended up telling us we were the nicest people they'd had in all day and covered our entire tab - food and drinks!! Best. Night. Ever!

  6. Sounds like such a fun weekend! I need a weekend like this in my life, missing all my girlfriends back home.

  7. It should be a rule that all girls must get one girls weekend per month, $25 bacon bagels included. It's only fair.

  8. That bar looks amazing! And a full day at the spa?! Yes please!!

  9. looks like a lot of fun!!!! I may be a tad jealous haha!

  10. OK - how have I never thought of this... go out partying and then schedule a SPA day for your hangover.. GENIUS!!! Looks like a blast!

  11. i need a fun trip like this, looks like such a blast!!

  12. OMG those chili cheese fries!! I need those in my belly right now!

  13. Now I'm officially hungry and I think everyone should have a $25 breakfast sammich at least once... especially if you're hungover. Oh the amazingness!

    Looks like the perfect girls weekend :)

  14. This makes me want a girls' weekend so bad!!! Glad you had fun!


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