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Naturally, I have the most ironic thing that happened to us yesterday in California. If I haven't mentioned this before, awkward moments and situations seem to follow me around everywhere I go. So the story goes like this...it was just a normal Sunday afternoon where Shawn and I were playing among seals in the ocean. We love to spend our average Sunday afternoon doing such activities ;) While photographing said seals, I noticed a woman on a rock but could only see her hair so I exclaimed to Shawn "Look! Do you see a woman is standing out on that rock! I feel like that could be dangerous!" He nonchalantly says without looking her direction, "It's just a mermaid..that's what they do." 

Five minutes later as we continue walking along the coast I glance back over to the woman who was on the rock which I can now see in full view...low and behold this is what I see...

Shawn called it. A freaking mermaid. 

And that concludes the weirdest thing that has happened in California thus far.

Speaking of funny stories, the blogger I am featuring today holds the best blog title in the history of all blog titles. You have probably met her before, but if not..allow me to introduce you.

This would be Kristyn from Chits and Giggles. A few things you need to know about this girl--she loves Chick-fil-a (I know, say no more), is currently fixin' to get hitched, and hails from Hotlanta. Her blog is a combination of beautiful, inspiring, honest, and fun. Kristyn knows a thing or two about taking pics, healthy recipes, and one of my favorite recent posts..30 blog post ideas for when you are lacking the inspiration that you know we all do. 

She is madly in love with this guy right here and does a fantastic job of sharing all the deets of the behind the scenes of planning a wedding, making sure she has no regrets along the way, and even talks about the dreaded subject of losing weight before getting in the dress...dun dun dun.

Make sure you get to know Kristyn and after you do, reward yourself by entering to win a $50 Target gift card from K herself. It's just how we roll here in blog land. 

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  1. Haha what the hell with that mermaid. What an odd sight to come across!

  2. Hahaha! Was she doing a photo shoot?

  3. Oh you see those all the time in Hawaii ;)

  4. Totally with Shawn...what?! It's just a mermaid! "Out of the sea, wish I could be, part of that world!" ;)
    Eva Marie

  5. Oh my goodness -- that's crazy and awesome!!

    Danielle at Framed Frosting

  6. I knew it!!! Mermaids are real!!!!

  7. Oooooh, how wonderfully weird and cool; a real mermaid! Envious! I want to run into one too. Even better: I want to be (dress up as) one;-).

  8. So... did you get the story on the mermaid? Photo shoot? Fun loving' gal? Just the idea that you are somewhere that it is currently warm enough to be in that outfit makes me jealous:)

  9. Was there a photographer snapping photos of her? Otherwise that's just different. LOL

  10. I think her blog is down? "Error establishing a database connection" all day.


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