I'm Drinking A Martini While Also Drinking A Detox Drink. Anyways..

More on that later though. 

Today I've got somebody I'd like you to meet. Allow me if you will...

Have you ever met a ballet dancing, attorney practicing, pug loving, craft creating, blogger? 
Me neither. 
Until now
Jackie from Jade and Oak is exactly that. 
I'm assuming the majority of the population has visited her blog before but if not, allow me to introduce her further. 

So where do I start? How about with this: she doesn't want to have a wedding but rather wants some really unsexy items for Valentine's Day from her fiance? I knew you guys would love her as much as I do. 

If that didn't sell, you, just look at these pups of hers. I die. Literally, dead. 

Speaking of dogs, Jackie hosts a monthly link-up called "Pets are people too" where you can link-up any pet related post you have. The next link-up is this Thursday so all of you pet loving peeps, take note.

Jackie is a fun loving, easy going, girl who covers a variety of topics that I can almost guarantee you would be interested in. That is unless you don't like to eat, make pretty things, or have a heart of course.

I could go on a little more, but Jackie has a Target gift card to give to one of you and I know better than to get in the way of a Target gift card. Make sure to check out her blog and all of her goodness. She'll pick a flower for you if you do.



  1. Ahhhh I love meeting new bloggers! Thanks for introducing her - totally love it!

  2. I will look into may be doing the "pets are people too" linkup. I have an amazing rat terrier I adopted recently. Thanks for doing this post- it's always fun to meet new bloggers.
    Tiffany @ writingitinblue.blogspot.com

  3. I love Jackie and I can't wait for her "pets are people too" linkup!

  4. I'll go check her out now! And I loved the title of this post - I can't wait to hear more about that!


  5. thanks so much for the feature erin! and intrigued by your martini/detox diet hmmmm :)
    -- jackie - jade and oak

  6. Love Jackie! She's a new fav of mine...and that link up is a fun one! I'm also intrigued by your martini-detox diet!
    Eva Marie

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  8. I love Jackie and I want to steal her pugs, just kidding jackie!

  9. I fell in love with Jackie a long time ago. But I just fell in love with you Erin all over again for the phrase, "attorney practicing"... HAHAHAHA I'm dying. Literally! You're too funny!



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