How I Celebrated National Wine Drinking Day

Do you ever just sit around and wonder what other people look like when they get their hair done?
Good, here is your answer. 

It's called the nerdy mo-hawk. I dig it. So that hair cut today, let's talk about it. I called my bestie this afternoon and as we were talking I informed her I had a haircut this afternoon. Her response was something along the lines of "SO DO I!" This turned out to be a very exciting moment in history because she happens to get her hair done by the person who is in the booth directly next to my hair stylist. Naturally this called for picking up some mini bottles of wine for the two of us to devour while we sat there looking like wet poodles and nerds with mo-hawks. So that's what happened. And that's what you call a good day. Oh and hey, happy national wine day. Cheers. 

Speaking of wine, do you know who else enjoys a glass of merlot every now and again? This girl. 

If that didn't sell you already, allow me to continue. Michelle is just finishing up school to become a vet. Meaning she will know how to take care of your dogs, cats, iguanas, or two peckered billy goats (remind me to tell you a funny story about those sometime) hence where the "vet" portion of her blog title comes from. As far as the eclectic goes--that describes every other aspect of life, which is pretty great considering I've been into the whole eclectic thing lately. Music, cooking, TV, best friends (hers is Anthony Bourdain), she has a wide variety of tastes. 

You know what this means? She will most likely like you. 

Here is another fun fact about Michelle. She loves Target just as much as you do. She loves it so much she wants to give one of you a chance to win $40 plus a goody bag for either your dog or cat. Maggie is begging me to enter into the giveaway now. It's awkward having to tell your dog to stop whining about blog giveaways. Make sure the check out The Eclectic Vet and get to know blogging's finest vet and merlot drinker!



  1. Ha! I love that you girls bought mini bottle to celebrate. My bestir and I go to the same girl and once had overlapping appoints. It was the best hair ever.

  2. Love the mini-bottles of wine, Happy Wine-Day! :)

  3. How did I not know about this National Wine Day thing?? I think I will have to celebrate later tonight. :)

  4. Woo Happy Wine Day!! :) I always enjoy reading your blog :)


  5. Wine! I think I'm gonna pour myself a nice big glass of pre-bed time wine right now :)


  6. Haha, glad to see you celebrated!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  7. I didn't even know about National Eine Day, which is sad because it requires much more of a celebration than that. And Michelle is a sweetie!
    Eva Marie

    1. Wine, not Eine...and I am both a cat and dog person. Extroverted and loyal like a dog but I love to not have to care about anything but eating and sleeping some days like a cat!

  8. You look cray cray adors in those leopard hair pins. Happy (belated) National Wine Day! Woo.

    Diary of a Debutante

  9. That is totally awesome!!


  10. I actually would've been flipping out if that happened to me and my BFF. The best.

  11. I'm a crazy cat lady. I have 4. I also work at the local animal shelter. Thanks for this giveaway!

  12. I cannot believe I didn't drink any wine yesterday! I feel like a failure.

  13. I'm so tempted to call my bestie right now and schedule hair appointments for the same time now. Although that also might be because we were supposed to drink these amazing cosmos tonight but she wasn't feeling well so she had to cancel. :(

  14. I decided to start a cleanse the day you announced it was National Wine Day. I was like, "maaaaaaannnnn!" :)


  15. You sound like a girl after my own heart!

    Caroline x


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