A Typical Day In The Life (Work Day Edition)

A while ago I did one of those a day in the life type of posts where I showed a picture from every hour of my day to show what a "normal" day is like in these parts. That was fun and all, but that "normal" day featured happened to be a weekend day which meant I was shopping at 10:00 am and eating pies at 10:00 pm, which shockingly enough isn't exactly what my normal day looks like. Instead, I thought it would be fun to show you what a real day looks like for me which actually involves a little less pie and a lot less shopping. I know, it's a bummer.

So let's take today for instance. Just like every other Monday-Friday I wake up at 6:30 am and beeline it for the bathtub where I lay for a solid 20 minutes. There is just something so much greater about taking a bath first thing in the morning as opposed to a shower. For one, you can't scroll through your Instagram feed when taking a shower and for two, a shower isn't a bath.

From approximately 7:00-7:30 I complete all of the necessary tasks (ie: making myself appear to look like a normal human instead of a dead cracked out zombie).

told you.

By 7:45 I am out the door and if I am lucky, headed to the nearest Dunkin Donuts. It's true. I am a DD addict. Bacon and cheese bagel, medium half caff cinnamon coffee, an order of hash browns, and this girl is ready to roll. Nobody ever tell me how many calories are in that meal, I'll always be convinced it is zero.

8:00 am and I am tucked into my little cubicle at work, ready to spill coffee and other fun things like that.
My poor co-workers, whenever they hear me giggling and then see me sprinting down the hall, they know what's just happened. It looks very similar to this.

I work in our training department which means I get to teach all of the newbies the ins and outs of working where I work. In my spare time I build Boom Boxes and other crafty stuff like that. In my other spare time I have dance parties with disco balls. Don't tell.

At noon I say "Peace Out" and get the flock out of work for the day. God bless half days every day. On a typical day I have an errand or two to run and by errand I mean a fast food joint to hit up, a tanning bed to lay in (I HAVE A TRIP COMING UP, I HAVE TO), and Stitch Fix orders to return to the Post Office.

Once home, I kindly yell at my husband to take a picture of me for blogging purposes while he is in mid-bite of his sandwich. He kindly obliges after I remind him that no pictures equal no money.

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Somewhere around 1:00 or so I begin working my "second job"..also known as this blog. 
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This means I open up my Whitney English Day Designer, (can we all just talk about how this is the most amazing planner in the entirety of planners?!) and start going through my to-do list. This typically includes answering emails, writing posts, blog consultations, creating/photographing a recipe, taking/editing photos for sponsors/personal posts, tweeting, instagramming, and so on.

By 1:30 I am antsy and need a cocktail. I also need to decorate my house with glitter because, well because glitter. 
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I continue working away and do not stray from my office until 5-6 pm. Around this time I call it quits, eat dinner with Shawn, and then either go do something really fun, or something really boring. I am a fan of both. Tonight the quarter happened to land on fun so some live music at a local bar is in store with some girlfriends. Which reminds me, I need to go get ready for that. 

I hope this was fun for you, I always enjoy seeing the behind the scenes of bloggers days. Call me nosy, or call me crazy, it is what it is.

ps. somewhere in between all of that I sing really loudly, do the cupid shuffle, and eat five handfuls of jalapeno chips. make that ten.

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  1. I love seeing what a typical day looks like for everyone! I must admit though, working until noon is the BEST one I've seen yet! I wish I had more time to put into my blog...but alas, college comes first.

    Danielle at Framed Frosting

  2. I'm with you on the zero calories in hash browns. I would even go so far as to say there may even be negative calories in them.

  3. haha a dance party every day keeps the doctor away! I NEED that planner. i love having a glimpse into your day!

  4. "nobody ever tell me the calorie count in that meal" hahaha! i never want anyone to burst my bubble about my favorite foods.

  5. I have a trip coming up in 6 weeks. I don't do the tanning bed anymore, but I should probably try to workout or something so I don't get mad at myself wearing a bathing suit or shorts. Ack! Maybe I should actually pay more attention to the calories rather than ignoring them all...shoot! I am all about dance parties though, maybe tht will help! :)
    Eva Marie

  6. loved this post! and am quite envious of your day. oh what I would give to throw my coworkers a peace sign and bounce at noon. suckers haha. love your blog & most importantly the #SipHappens event!

  7. Bahahaha...that's what I tell myself when I eat my favorite burger.....if I don't know how much is in it there's none!

  8. Loved this post- I'm super nosy too.

    As for wine- My favorite is moscato. The cheaper the better. :)

  9. I love this! How do I get this kind of job (or a gig when I can just blog all day long!)

  10. Great post! It's always interesting to see what a typical day in someone else's life consists of.

    Half days at work are great. I work a job like that too, and I'm able to leave by 11:30 A.M. or earlier depending on when I finish. I hope to someday make my blog a "second job"

    Tiffany @ writingitinblue.blogspot.com

  11. Loved this! Two things I take away from this: one-I love how your house is decorated and two- Dunkin Donuts looks like drunken donuts when you have alcohol on your mind. I think I need to cool it with my alchy intake. P.S love that knotted necklace. So cute!

    Kelsey @ BWL

  12. It's been awhile Erin. I love the new LIY look! Super jealous you're enjoying a cocktail at 1:30. I NEED to make that happen :). Kate is amazing, can't wait for next months linkup. Xo

  13. Ok I've found a partner in crime with the Dunkin Donuts addiction. One of my goals this year was to quit my addiction but it hasn't happened yet. Love the idea of half day everyday...and well, I rave about my own planner on the blog today.
    k at www.beautystyleandgrowth.blogspot.com

  14. Its so fun seeing a day in the life and getting to know a bit more about the person behind the blog! I am loving those banners, I think I need the glittery Cheers one!

  15. Your blogging corner is SO adorable and fun!! I want to sit there and throw glitter too!

  16. My favorite wine right now is Apothic White.

  17. My very favorite is Veuve Clicquot Champagne (I drink it because life is a special occaision) and I also am a fan of Pinot Noir. La Crema is one of my favorites.

  18. I actually don't drink wine after a bad experience my first time drinking it 8 years ago. I still can't smell it without getting sick. It sucks for me, I know. But thanks for sharing a day in your life. It looks so much more fun than mine. -Amanda, TheSensibleStyle.com

  19. I am a newbie wine drinker! So far I like chenin blanc and moscato. I haven't liked any of the red wines. Do you have any suggestions on white & red wines to try?

  20. A bath in the morning?? I always take a bath after work in the evening because baths are the best, but I never considered a morning bath. Will have to try immediately.

  21. I have been drinking Sequin lately and LOVE it! I love that it's "delicately bubbled". So good!

  22. My favorite wine is technically a sangria in a bottle. Eppa makes a great wine mixed with organic fruits!

  23. Totally loving your computer desk. It's adorable!!

  24. GAH love that sweater you have on! Thanks again for co-hosting. :-)

  25. i want that day planner!!! haha. your day looks like fun though :)


  26. My favorite wine is a cheapie...Rex Goliath Cab ;)

  27. your decorations in your house are super cute. Haha I spill something on my desk just about daily, glad im not alone!

  28. I love this, especially the beginning your day with a bath part. Why didn't I think of that!? Genius i tell ya, genius. I might just take up that tradition.

    Happy Valentine's Day lovely!

  29. I am so bummed, I wanted to host a party this last one but it just didn't work out. Excited to hear more about the next one.

    My favorite wine is a Pinot Noir from Tisdale. It's like $3 a bottle and really light and fruity (more my speed, rather than heavier and wood/earthy)

    Danielle @ Allusional

  30. Aww this was cute!! :) Thank you for sharing!


  31. One of my favorite of your posts ever! I totally love that planner and how you make your husband take pics mid-meal. Ha.

  32. This sounds like an amazing day - I am so jealous of your half days!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  33. I LOVE Barefoot's Pink Bubbly Moscato!

  34. LOVED this little glimpse into your life! To be honest, my favorite is Arbor Mist. The cheap stuff!

  35. I LOVE your glass! I need one like that :) You can never have too much glitter in your life, especially when it's on an alcohol-containing glass!


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