Words Of Wisdom From The Best Blogger of 2013

G'day mates. Today is a very big deal because I have a very big deal here. You may have seen Helene's Best Blogger of 2013 post where the people of blog land speak and cast their ballots on who they believe the best blogger of the year was. It's really just a matter of time before the government sees that post and decides that the Presidential votes should take place the same way. I mean lets be real, is there a better way to speak your mind than through blog post comments? Exactly. Back to what I was saying though, the winner of that contest happened to be Sarah from Venus Trapped In Mars for obvious reasons (I mean just read through the girl's about page). I thought who better than to hold an interview with than none other than the Queen of Blog Land herself? Without further ado, I present to you......

party hats, blowers, and martinis...a girl after my own heart.

1. So now that you have been officially crowned the Best Blogger of 2013, what do you plan to do to celebrate? Microwave a fancy meal, hit up a strip club, drink three bottles of wine? Any or all of the above?
My reputation must precede me for you to immediately assume microwave meals. I tried to cook on New Years Eve, and I set all the smoke alarms off in my building. The people throwing parties were not tickled by my escapades in cooking. So with all that said, I think I’ll choose "hit up a strip club”, they serve really good food there anyway. 

2. What one piece of advice would you give to land somebody in the Best Blogger of 2014 nominations? 
Find something no one else is doing in the blog world, but don’t feel obligated to only post about that “niche”. On Fridays, I write about sports. My ultimate goal is for my girlfriends to enjoy going to ball games as much as their boyfriend, if not more! I think a unique idea will set you apart, but can also be demotivating, so you’ve gotta find your balance.  Find something unique, find something you’re passionate about and stand out from the crowd. 

3. Can I have your autograph?
Giiiirrrrlllll, only if I can have yours!!!! 

4. I know you like sports and all, can you please tell me who I should place my entire life savings on to win in the Super Bowl? I'll split half if you are correct. 
Well, anything could happen in the playoffs between now and when the final two teams are left standing, so it is hard to predict who will even get to bask in that Super Bowl Glory! One thing you should know about me is that I jinx any team I endorse, so I’m going to go ahead and apologize if I name your team right now………… but…….. I predict the Broncos will play the Seahawks. And it will be a Peyton Manning (errrr…. I mean Bronco) Super Bowl Victory! 

5. I hear you are a wino, what should be we drinking tonight? 

Yeah, girl! Wino is my middle name. Sarah Wino Webb. My mom has a really excellent sense of humor. My go to is Pinot Noir, try Estancia! It isn’t the most expensive on the shelf, and it is divine! And on that note, I think I’ll go pop the cork on a bottle of pinot right now!  Cheers!

And there we have it, some words of wisdom from the one and only best blogger of 2013 herself. Home girl was given the title for a reason and if you aren't reading her blog, you may as well stop existing. I mean basically. Be sure to check out her blog like yesterday. 

You know what else you should do while you are it? Win some free make-up and ad space from the girl herself. So maybe that's how she won this year...?! You know what they say, ya gotta do whatcha gotta do. 




  1. Congrats to both of you ladies, I've stumbled upon both of your blogs recently and you're both now a daily read :)

  2. Well, so I don't cease to exist, I suppose I will follow this funny lady, although my husband might not be fond of the fact that the Bears didn't make her top 5. But in all seriousness, I might as well cease to exist just for not coming across her blog sooner. #ohtheshame

  3. She is so adorable! I have never been to her blog and now I feel like every blogger alive will curse me. I'm going now.. seriously!

  4. You two both crack me up. Totally checking out her blog!!

  5. Great post - thanks for sharing!


  6. Blogging dream team right here! Congrats to both of you :)

  7. Ha! The two of you together just gives me all kinda feels! Love it.

  8. My go to for wine and sports! Love her! (ok, and her dogs are pretty kick ass too..lesbihonest)

  9. Two of my favorite bloggers in the same post--loving it!!! Although I do really hope that you didn't jinx my team, Sarah. If you did, I'll be very very sad and I may give up on my love of football, not my love for your blog though, just for football.

  10. Congrats on the Best Blog of 2013 win!

  11. I love Sarah's blog - Congrats girl! I don't comment there as often as I should but I love her sports posts!!!

  12. I love Sarah and this was a great interview!

    xx Kelly
    Sparkles and Shoes

  13. Love her, and I agree for her Superbowl picks! I want Bronco's to win, since we have lived in Colorado for three years, but my cousin is a scout for the Seahawks, which would probably mean a big bonus for him if they win. I doubt they will...but either way I will be happy!

  14. Great questions. Sarah is one of my absolute favorites.


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