Score With These Cards (AKA ScoreCards)

And just like that we meet again. 
Do you ever have those moments of sitting on the couch where a light bulb goes off in your head and you think to yourself, "self, I should really create a card game this week" so that's what you end up doing? If you have had a similar thought, this is really creepy and both you and I need to get a life. Long story short, that's what happened to me over the weekend. This explains where the past three days of my life have gone. Literally my eyeballs have gone and dried up meaning they don't want to open for the next 68 hours. 
So the game you ask? Well it involves sports, friends, acting a fool, and acting a fool. I have given it the brilliant name of ScoreCards (perhaps not so brilliant but whatever, my eyeballs are tired so get over it) and here's how it works..
1. You invite friends/family/enemies over for the Super Bowl (or any football game for that matter). 
2. You each draw a card before the game starts. Nobody is to say what they will be doing during the game. The surprise factor makes it all the more funny. 
3. On each card there are several items listed (ie: Touchdown, Interception, Field Goal, and an Optional category). Every person's card lists a different "task" that you have to do upon that item happening in the game. Say for instance a team scores a touchdown, every person has to do what they have listed on their card for a touchdown. This means that one person may be running to the corner to stand in "time out", one person may be disco dancing, and somebody else might be singing Mary had a little lamb. I hope you can see now how this may be humorous. 
4. No prize is necessarily given, however we strongly encourage you to have a real unicorn on hand to award to the best actor/performer. If that is not possible because unicorns are sold out in your town, a paper crown or a piece of pizza will most likely suffice. 
5. Each deck of cards has 52 cards (2 of which are rule cards), all with different activities ensuring no two people are going to be doing the same thing at the same time. 
6. The whole point of this game is to have fun, be ridiculous, and have fun. 
7. The optional category involves drinking. Optional because you may either elect to be parched the entire game leaving your guests to die of thirst, or you may enjoy all four quarters with a drink (or 20). Again, up to you what you drink so mom's, this game can be kid friendly. 
8. The game can be ordered in time for Super Bowl and now is your chance. The cost is $13 (includes shipping to US residents). Just fill out this form below and I will send over a PayPal invoice stat. 

This now concludes my idea that was born on my couch. Just wait and see what I muster up next week..
That's a joke. Next week I will be sleeping. 
But seriously, who is ready to have fun watching some football? 



  1. Any game that involves a real unicorn as a prize is brilliant in my book. Consider the last 3 days of your life a success!

  2. I was going to make fun of you for spending three days making a card game, but then I read all of it and realized this actually seems like such a fun game. Clap, clap, clap!!

  3. This is a great idea!! I love this!

  4. Well this seems like LOADS of fun! Not kidding, I now want to have a Superbowl party just to play this.

  5. Ahh, you and I are one in the same. You're one smart cookie, my friend.

  6. You are brilliant! This sounds like a really fun game!


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