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I don't know about you but I love to throw a good party. In fact, if I had it my way I would be hosting something or another weekly. My other half however doesn't feel similar on this topic. Something about "it's expensive, a lot of work, and just makes for a lot of clean-up..." Men can be so logical dramatic sometimes. As you may recall, there is a football game approaching quickly that by goes by the name of Super Bowl. I've been told it's a very big deal. Because I like parties and big deals, I figured that the Super Bowl would be a perfect excuse to throw a party with our friends. Now I know we have a few weeks before the big day, but some of us like to be prepared for such events. So I've been thinking about what to serve, how to serve it, what to do during the game (because we all know just watching it gets boring), and how not to spend a fortune or create loads of clean-up. Well friends, I found a few solutions and now it's my due diligence to share my discoveries with all of you. 

Lets start with the food shall we (that's always where I start...). I came up with a simple menu that wouldn't cost a lot, still taste delicious, and serve its ultimate purpose--fill up my guests stomachs. Here's what I decided on: 

all recipes for the above items will be making their way to a blog near you soon 
Once I had the menu complete it was time to put it all together. And that's when my mind was blown with this ingenious idea. Rather than buy a bunch of fancy platters that I'll only use once every three years that serve no other purpose than to be a fancy platter, I turned to Rubbermaid Food Storage containers. Allow me to show you how incredibly easy and functional using Rubbermaid containers is when hosting....
And now, for the grand finale (and in my personal opinion, the very best thing about serving your food in Rubbermaid food storage containers...) the clean up process....
Do you see what I just did there? NOTHING, that's what. I think it was in this moment when my husband said "and why have you never done this before?" Because I wasn't a freaking genius until today, that's why husband.
And just as a "for the record" right now, while I am showing you how to have an awesome (easy) Super Bowl party, I do realize that it's a couple weeks away still and no, I am not saving this food until that time. Operation eat everything myself is welllllll under way, believe me. 
One last thing before I let you all go--so that activity I spoke of up above to do during the game in case you are like me and need something to occupy your mind/laughter desire during the game, I've got ya covered. Just grab a Sharpie (or ten), a Solo cup, and you're all set. 
That's right. As your guests arrive, have them write something down on a cup (this can be a dance, an action, something embarrassing, etc) that somebody else will have to do. Mix up all of the cups and have each guest pick one without looking at what it says. Whatever is written on the cup will be what that person has to do for each touchdown. This also serves double duty as it is their drinking cup for the night, ensuring nobody's drinks get mixed up. You know it's going to be a good time when one person is pop, lock, and droppin' while somebody else is doing the chicken dance. And that's what we call fun on a dime. 
I hope this helps some of you in your Super Bowl preparations. To summarize what you learned today, purchase some Rubbermaid food storage containers, a few Sharpies, and you are all set. Bada bing bada boom, you're welcome. 
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  1. I prefer ATTENDING than throwing......I'm a very good guest!! ;)


  2. Your menu sounds fabulous - I love throwing parties too!


  3. I love this idea (the dancing.... and the lack of cleaning too! I'm so lazy!)

  4. those pretzel bites look awesome!! xo


  5. Oooh all of this just made me hungry!! Sounds like a lot of fun!


    Afternoon Espresso

  6. Rubbermaid containers for party food = genius! I also love to entertain, but hate the hours of clean up afterwards. I just may have to steal this idea :)

  7. Inviting myself over. See ya soon, bud.

  8. I love a good superbowl party. And I love the cup idea! Brilliant and so fun!!

    Jamie @
    The Growing Up Diaries

  9. Seriously, guys could care less about what their food is served on and real friends shouldn't either! Rubbermaid containers for the win!! I am totally going to try and implement that dancing game!
    Eva @ evamarietaylor.com

  10. And during the Super Bowl, you'll obviously be rooting for my boys, the seahawks ;)

  11. Can't wait to see the pictures of the game!

  12. I'm having a super bowl party too, and Bryan has been trying to talk me out of it for weeks because it will involve "too much cleaning and work", men just don't understand the awesomeness of a good party! Anyways, definitely pinning this for when I start planning my party.

  13. Peanut butter, Oreos and pretzel, all my favorite thing in one bite, holy yum! Can;t wait for this recipe, I need to hit up your parties.

  14. Such great ideas! That game sounds like a blast!

  15. Taco soup is my favorite, and when its a dance party a bad time

  16. Good idea for storage for the party!

  17. HEY! I work for Newell Rubbermaid - we own Sharpie and Rubbermaid :) Love that you're working with us, girl!

  18. The food was very decent as wedding reception food goes. The pasta station at cocktails was a huge hit, as were the raw oysters.
    wedding location venue


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