Smelly Goodness (Also Known As Candelles)

peppermint bark candle found here

Hope you are all having a lovely black Friday not getting trampled on by somebody four times your size who wants that creepy looking furby as bad as you do. As for me, I am avoiding those crowds like a sane person (until 10 am rolls around and I am bored here at home so I start begging Shawn to go face the crazy with me). Until that point rolls around though, I am sticking to online shopping (fist pounds to you world wide web). The first place I am shopping at today? Candelles. If you know me at all, you know I have a very romantic love obsession with candles. Especially candles that burn for nearly all of eternity and keep their delicious scent just as long. Insert these babies

Does not every one of those make you want spin around in smelly goodness circles? It's a thing, trust me. 

Before you begin snatching these up for yourself, mom, friends, babysitter, aunt, dog, etc know a few more things about Candelles: all of their candles are eco-friendly made with soy wax, 100% essential oils and non-treated lead free cotton wicks. They will burn longer and smoother than the average candle all while keeping an eco-friendly environment in your home, office, bathtub, and so on. 

Today Black Friday isn't Black Friday without a good deal, today you can get 20% off using the code LIYHOLIDAY. Take advantage friends, you will love every bit of them I promise you that. 

Last but not least, because I love these candles so much, I am going to purchase one for one of you. Just leave me a comment below on which scent you would like and in a few days I will randomly select one of you to mail it out to! Consider it an early Christmas gift from yours truly. 



Merry Thanksgiving (A Few More Glimpses Of Our Home)

So I know that this week is Thanksgiving and all but can I just give it up for Christmas for a second?
Now I like eating and stuff, but I really like decorating for Christmas. Like a lot. I'm one of those obnoxious girls who doesn't shut up about how much she loves Christmas trees from November-March. I'm sure it doesn't get old to my husband who hears how glorious it all is at least thirteen times a day. Because we have been doing some updates to our house I figured I would give a new and improved Christmas decorated home tour. Without further ado....
Merry & Bright Sign: SweetPea's Party// Use code YELLOW20 for 20% off

What about you? Are you all as crazy as I am and have your house covered in Christmas decor?

ps. Happy Thanksgiving!

pps. Is anybody else's Blogger account making your pictures look really distorted? What gives?!

ppps. I'm about to watch We're The Millers. I'm a little excited. And not just about seeing Jennifer Aniston nude. 

pppps. I like men. But Jennifer Aniston nude? Who doesn't like that at least a little bit? 




What She Saw

Every once in awhile you will meet somebody and you feel changed after minutes spent with this person.
It's funny because you don't even realize there are parts of you waiting to be changed and inspired until after it has already happened. Last year I attended The Influence Conference and I mean every word when I say it was one of the best weekends of my life. One of those reasons as to why it was the best weekend ever is this girl below. I'll always remember how our conversation went. Allow me to fill you in...

It's nearly midnight or some ridiculous time like this. I had gotten a combined 7 hours of sleep over the previous 48 hours. To say I was a little exhausted is to say that Channing Tatum is a little hot. I was a ton exhausted. And then I met Annie. Most everybody else at the conference had already retreated to their rooms but for some reason, here Annie and I were alone outside the conference rooms with nothing to do but talk. So that's what we did. She then proceeded to blow my ever loving mind. Have you ever just listened to somebody talk and all you can think to yourself is "wow--this girl. this girl's got it" even though you don't really know what "it" is. I'm pretty sure my mind just kept screaming the words "GENIUS! MOTIVATIONAL! OLD SOUL! GENIUS!" at me when talking to her. 

During our conversation Annie mentioned that she would love to write a book. Of course I was in favor 110% percent as I had recently shared at the time that I would love to go down that path at some point in time. Except here's the difference between Annie and I. She did it. And she did it well. 

Annie recently released her book The Unfurling where in her young age (22) she talks about how terrifying (and satisfying) it is living a life opened. Annie doesn't shy away from the topics at the top of her heart (singleness, faith, sisterhood, etc) and she does a beautiful job of writing it all out in her first book. 

In a letter to her sister she writes the following: "I asked you between sips of my pumpkin spice latte if you felt twenty somethings had it all together, our hot mess neatly categorized by color coordinated
tabs in a monogrammed planner. And you said yes. But the truth is I sometimes feel like the conductor of the Hot Mess Express, “next stop, Detroit, everybody off,” because my inability to color coordinate my life in a monogrammed planner is not something I can handle another person seeing. And the truth is, although seven years separate our life experience and your quiet spirit perfectly foils my brash personality, I’m no
different than you. I don’t have my life together. I am afraid of sacrifice and generosity and the life lived open.
And Sarah? Most of all, I’m afraid I’ll never get married."

Today Annie is giving you all 50% off her book (making it only $2.50) and is also giving one of you the chance to win you own copy! I am so glad I met this little lady and couldn't be more proud of what she is accomplishing in this season of her life. May we all be inspired by Annie and the good words she is putting out there! 

Giving Away: One Copy of The Unfurling
Discount Code: LIY50 for 50% off 

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Holiday Parties, I'm Officially Ready For You.

“This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and People StyleWatch and InStyle magazines but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #PeopleInStyle http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO

And just like that the start of another Holiday season is upon us. There are two things that make me really excited about what's to come over the next 30 days or so. Christmas trees and party dresses. They are both just so sparkly and pretty and make me want to spin in circles for hours on end. Unfortunately spinning in circles lost some of the appeal that it had as a child. Something to do with that "I want to throw up" feeling that settles in around age 24. Regardless, this weekend we were able to tackle two of the most exciting Holiday tasks. We officially have our tree up and my party dress is in hand. #booya.

So now I know what you are asking--how'd I know what to buy? Well friends let me fill you in a secret. Some call these magazines "something to look at when you're bored" others (ie: myself) call these magazines "lifelines". I'll say it time and time again--my fashion sense is only as good as what others tell me. Without magazines like People StyleWatch and InStyle I would be in my husband's pajama pants and Hello sweatshirt 24/7. I'd totally be down with that too don't get me wrong but it's a little awkward when you show up somewhere and others are dressed in sequins and stilettos and you're standing there in drawstring pants and slippers. To avoid the aforementioned scenario, I headed off to Target--picked up both of these two magazines so I could learn a thing or two about what's in this season, scored a $5 Target gift card in the process, and began shopping. 

Here's the two things I chose to pay attention to.

Dresses. Big time in.
Whites. Way big time in.

Thankfully miss chic had just what I needed--a white dress that happened to be decked out in gold zippers and was perfectly form fitting (remind me to not eat four servings of mashed potatoes on Thursday) so that's what I went with.

 dress (another great option is this one) // purse // heels

And just like that, I'm now in style for the season.

Make sure to head to your nearest Target, pick up both December issues of People StyleWatch and InStyle to get the $5 Target gift card, and then allow yourself to be inspired for the holiday season. You'll be lookin' fly in no time. 

What's your favorite color to wear during the holiday season?




Thoughts {In The Moment}

two things. it appears that I don't have any eyeballs and my arm is a chicken wing. continue on. 

+ I know that not everybody understands why we don't have children as of yet or why we don't have a strong desire for children anytime in the near future. For those of you not understanding, let me start by saying three words. Peace and quiet. I'm obsessed with it. I know there is beauty in chaos, but there is a heck of a lot of beauty in calm too. Recently I've made it a point to make our home a haven so to speak. Candles lit, house picked up, Jack Johnson playing throughout the house, wine, movies, and so on. Maybe eventually this quiet calm thing will become boring, but for now I am soaking up every second of it I can get. 

+ On that same note, I am a firm believer that ladies, we should all strive to make our home as pleasant as possible for our man (and children). Call me old school but a tidy home makes everybody's spirits a little brighter and lighter. Fresh flowers don't hurt either. 

+ I now just remembered I need to purge my whole household of basically everything I own. HOLY CRAP. #stuffoverload. 
+ I am in this really weird place in my life right now professionally. As you may recall I recently went part-time so that I can spend every afternoon working on this blog and any additional online ventures I can conjure up. Well, what happens when you are given the time to work on it and then the desire isn't either all there, you feel stuck in the same place you have been in, and/or don't know where to go from here? EXACTLY. It's frustrating and weird. 

+ Wine. That's all on that one. 

+ I've been accidentally staying up til 2 am or later recently. For whatever reason I get hyper around 11 pm and want to do anything but sleep. Like look at my iPhone because that seems to be a thrilling hobby. I think it's the whole brewing coffee at 6 pm thing that is kicking my arse. And my eyeballs. 

favorite confetti mug from hello awesome--use code HELLOLIY10 for 10% off

+ This picture. 

I love her little determination in putting together a puzzle that she never had a shot of putting together in the first place. Being naive is one of the best things you can be sometimes. 

+ My heart is equal parts grateful, joyful, hurting, and sad right now. This makes for confusing days. Yesterday I received a bag of cashews from a fundraiser that I forgot I had ordered for my grandpa about a month or so ago. Have you ever received a bag of cashews for your grandpa who is now no longer here? It's a little (a lot) tear jerking. And so I cry. And then I laugh. And then I cry again. 

+ I have a goal to learn every choreographed song there is. You know--the good ones like soulja boy, dougie, bernie lean, the wobble, stanky leg, twerkin, the whole bit. Because I mean, why not?

+ I made pasta last night that included TWO pounds of cheese. I like cheese and all but there comes a point where you realize that maybe you shouldn't eat two pounds of cheese for dinner. Not that those thoughts stopped me but still. 

+ Peacin' out. Paaaaaayce.