5 Things I'd Rather Do Than Celebrate Halloween

Excuse my hair. I had been swimming a lot that week. 

Halloween isn't necessarily my holiday of choice. I think it's the whole dressing up thing. I'd like to believe it was my lack of college experience that never instilled a strong desire to dress as a barely there cat woman or a nurse that really just looks she just needs nursing herself if you know what I mean. I knew college would have been good for something. However due to that and my lack of interest in spending ridiculous amounts of money on something I'll never wear more than once (because I never ever do that with regular clothing..wink) I just don't get into it. Which led me to this: "Things I'd rather do than celebrate Halloween". Below are my top five. Let us begin. 

1. Eat Chipotle chips and salsa. Until somebody starts putting this in my trick-or-treat bag, I don't need to knock on every neighbor's door that I wouldn't normally talk to asking for candy. Most of it ends up being tootsie rolls and those just get stuck in my teeth which in turn makes my tongue really tired. Save exhaustion and hand Chipotle out people. 

2. Prank call people. Screw smashing pumpkins. This is where the real fun lies. Plus it's a lot less sticky. Pumpkin guts seem rather dramatic and hard to deal with. 

3. Watch Bridesmaids. I understand that watching movies which will make you poop your pants, hide under your bed, and make you believe that somebody is standing behind you with a knife is really fun and appealing, but no thanks. I prefer peeing my pants out of laughter, sleeping in my bed, and daydreaming about all things rainbows and butterflies. 

4. Make love. Halloween seems so un-lovey to me. Children if you are listening, making love is a lot more fun than not making love. Plus it's a lot more effective in the caloric burn scale than consuming all those disgusting rolls of Smarties. Trust me. You'll know what I am talking about in about twenty years. Make that thirty. Or fifty. Never mind. Abstinence forever youth of America. 

5. Go to a vineyard. Wine > Pumpkins. Amen and amen.  

So there we have it. What five things would you rather do than celebrate Halloween? Tell me by linking up below. I'm off to get dressed up, go trick-or-treating, and eat all of my nieces candy. What? I hate this holiday, they should too. 

ps. While on the subject of talking about things we dislike, lets bring our attention to blogger's spacing problems. Why it assumes I want half of my post centered and the other half not centered is beyond me. I feel like blogger needs candy to make it happy. I mean chipotle. Definitely Chipotle.




Life over here right now is one big transition. For starters I went to the dentist after not going for the previous three years. Don't worry though, I'm going back next week too. Apparently that's what happens when you don't show for three years, they send you right back the following week. All I know is he said the word "filling" and "minor anesthesia" and then I stopped listening. Dentists and I don't necessarily get along all that well. Then there are my pajamas. No longer wearing them. Who knew that men's sweatpants are approximately 221% more comfortable than womens? So yeah, all big changes as you can see. 

Oh and then I switched jobs. This of course holds the least severity of all the changes ;) As you may or may not know, for the past several years of my life I have spent my days looking like this...
Not to be confused with a drive-thru worker at your nearest fine fast food establishment, but as a call center rep. Well kids, the headset has officially been removed from my head. You may not realize how difficult it is to actually remove a headset from your head, but when you have loved and enjoyed your department as much as I did, well it made it a little difficult. I'm not saying I cried, but I totally cried. But here's the deal--sometimes in life you have to leave something you love to do, to do something that you love more. So that's where I am. Now spending my mornings working in our training department at the same credit union, but spending my afternoons here. 

Two and a half years ago I would've never guessed that this "hobby" of sharing my life with all of you would turn into an opportunity where I get the chance to be my own boss for 50% of every day. I am oh so happy to be here and oh so happier to see where it is all going. I so believe that you often don't realize what you are capable of until you place yourself in a situation where you have to make something out of nothing. So that's my goal over the next six months, one year, five years, and forever. Testing my limits, working this brain of mine a little harder, getting more creative, making mistakes, and having fun along the way. 

I was once a dreamer. Now I'm a girl living out her dream... 

Cheers to this next chapter. I couldn't here without you. xo




Wear: Three Pieces, Three Outfits.

top // jeans // booties // bracelet // necklace
Every so often I find a "look" and then I wear it to the bone. Like for instance, a cute top with black pants and black boots. It's verging on the side of ridiculous of how many times I've worn this look within the last week alone. I just feel like if you can get away with wearing the same item of clothing four out of five days, then why not? Less laundry = a happier me. What this means however is that you must load up on pieces to intermingle with your same pair of pants and same pair of shoes. The only reason you need to do this is so that it's not as obvious that you are basically wearing the same thing. Every day. Five days a week. So that's what I've been doing. For instance..
See what we did there? Well technically we took off one top in the back of my car while in a public parking lot and then threw on this cardigan for blog picture purposes, but you get where I'm going with this. Suddenly I have a whole new outfit with the switch of one little item. And then....

Well then I become invisible. But really. Is your mind blown yet? Three looks..all completely different, but yet so much the same. We call that winning. We also call that shopping at Sugar Love Boutique. I really try not to choose favorites but their prices make it really hard for me not to. For $80 you have three entirely different outfits. I take that back. You could have three entirely different outfits as shown above for $65 using the code LIY20 for 20% off. If that's not husband happy I don't know what is. Thanks to Sugar Love, they also want to give one of you $50 to spend at their shop. I'd get in on that action if I were you. Just sayin'.

So tell me, which look is your favorite?


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The Perfect Equation

Dropping by to share with you an equation that equals better than you + me = three or whatever that popular mathematical formula is. This one is more like a bunch of free cash + a bunch of free stuff = the happiest person ever. You may try arguing with me that this is not how happiness works but I'd have to argue back by throwing a bunch of free cash in your face. You would then lose miserably after realizing that you can go to Target and not just shop the dollar aisles WHILE holding a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. See? Happiness abounds. 

Take a minute or three to meet these fine sponsors who are graciously handing over their hard earned cash, beautifully created jewelry, and other items, before entering your brains out below. I am so thankful for these people. I have a feeling that whoever wins is going to be pretty darn thankful too. 

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Sedated In Sedona. Or At Least I Should Have Been...

One day as Shawn and I were exhausting ourselves by laying around the pool on our vacation, my parents called. One thing you may not know about my parents is that they struggle with this sickness called "don't know how to relax". I've been working on healing them for years but I have yet to become successful. They do more things than any other person I know and on most weekends put our social life to shame. All of this to say, it came as no surprise when they called and my dad said "there is more to life than laying around a pool Erin...go and do something while you are in Arizona!" Naturally I rolled my eyes because lets be real, there really isn't anything more to life than laying around a pool, but to humor him I said we would go to Sedona for the day. Except after I said it I felt like we should go because now that my dad has instagram, he stays current on what I am actually doing (like potentially not traveling to Sedona). So off we went.

Now, two things you should know before we actually arrive in Sedona. One-I hate heights. Two-I get panic attacks easily. Combine these two factors and our drive to Sedona (two hours of going uphill, more than 2,000 feet in elevation) was a little full of "I HATE THIS DRIVE. I NEED WINE. MOUNTAINS CAN SUCK IT" moments. Thankfully there was wine and rest stops. Once we finally arrived to the beautiful city of Sedona, I began breathing again and celebrated by taking pictures with every monumental/really historical thing I could find.

All must see attractions if I don't say so myself.

After deciding that neither one of us needed our palms read out of deep fear that they would say we were going to have children in the next twenty years, we opted to eat and drink. This always wins over possibly being told we are going to have kids. It only took us walking to 27 different restaurants to decide where we should eat (in our defense we weren't doing much else so reading menus seemed quite entertaining at the time) and landed at The Hideaway.
If I appear orange and have my eyes closed in the picture above it's most likely because I always appear orange and my eyes are most likely shut. 

And that concluded our day trip to Sedona. All in all it was a great day overall minus my two hour freak out session. From now on, I'm sticking to laying out around pools. 



Awkward & Awesome Thursday

top: kiki la'rue // long necklace: threads // short necklace: ko designs

1. Walking through security in the Phoenix airport and being stopped for having explosives detected. We're talking full take me into a little tiny room with a very large lady who appeared to like women, getting the full crotch rub, while wearing a shirt that says HELLO GORGEOUS. I don't recommend rubbing bomb juice all over your body prior to flying or whatever it is that I apparently got myself into that morning. At least now I can say I've had a woman rub my crotch? Never mind. There is no positive in this matter. 
2. Wearing brand new pants with a fancy little cuff at the bottom and having one of your heels get stuck in them mid-walk through the hallway at work. All you need to know is I flew..far. And there were gasps. And a couple "oh my gosh you almost hit that brick wall!!!"s. All of this to say I am no longer going to wear pants to work. Stay tuned for next week's awkward moments. 
3. Asking a little girl if you can go pee before her while in line at a public bathroom. It wouldn't have been AS awkward if I wasn't crossing my legs and bobbing up and down but I mean, I was. 
4. When somebody near you on a plane releases the air that comes from their insides. I try not to be so dramatic in such events but I can't help but hide my face under anything that will dispose of the smell while yelling to my husband "DO YOU SMELL THAT!??!" "THIS IS AWFUL!" "I THINK I MIGHT DIE!" and then slowly proceed into my 2 minute death. 
5. When a little boy hands you this package....
Anytime kid. Anytime. Ashley, you are teaching him well my friend ;)

1. It's 11:30 am. On a Wednesday. And I am sitting here drinking coffee, water, and a rum and diet. While eating a chocolate bar none the less. Not being at work > being at work. 
2. Adults who still roll in their cars with windows down, blaring old school Tupac. This point may have been inspired by my neighbor who just passed by my window. Every single time I want to give him a fist pound for keeping it real. 
3. That piko top up above. I'm not really sure where the term "piko" comes from as it appears to be a "shirt with long sleeves" but I'm not one for arguing fashion descriptions. Aside from oxblood. That one I will argue because why would anybody want to wear something that was dyed in an ox's blood? Back to that top though. Apparently when one goes on vacation, they eat a lot. So much so that they might not be able to button their jeans. Piko tops are the perfect solution to this dilemma. You can find a slew of them here. My guess is that they are still cute even if you don't need to unbutton your pants but I wouldn't really know. 
4. Starting your morning in this fashion for six solid days in a row. 
God bless people who have more money than I that can actually make this a reality every day of their lives. May they be inspired to share their wealth with those of us who like sipping coffee poolside in the am.

5. Scarf season. Better than a man's view of skirt season in my opinion.
I found your perfect scarf for the season (not that you need just one) and you may find it over at Kiki La'Rue. This thing is softer than my dog's fur who happens to keep peeing on the floor. The dog keeps peeing, not the scarf. I don't get it either. Regardless, buy the scarf. That's really all I was trying to say. Anybody need a dog?

And because I mentioned Kiki La'Rue twice in today's post, I feel like I should give you $100 to spend there. It only seems appropriate. You are so welcome. NOW. One awkward thing that has happened to you recently? Leave it below. My stomach wants to laugh.