Camo Pants, Shots, New Decor, and Prizes On Prizes.

Sunday night posts are typically a little tear induced just because well, tomorrow is Monday. Unfortunately this one is starting out no different. Or maybe that's because of the onions I just got done chopping. Whatever it is, Sunday night posts I typically want to flip off. This one however is a little less flippy off-ish. We will get to why in a minute. 

For now, lets recap the weekend. It can really be summed up in about 3 pictures.

Friday goes like this--date night, at the dump or whatever this thing is behind me. What you can not see in this picture are the millions of flesh eating insects swarming around my head. Nor can you smell the pounds and pounds of grass. I mean why?! Why does grass have to smell so horrific? Thankfully my husband rewarded me with wings and wine so overall, #winning. 

Saturday could be summarized by this..patron shots
For the record, only one was taken so it isn't as party animal-ish as it appears. Approximately three hours after this picture I found my way to my couch where I proceeded to stay for the remainder of the day. Who needs to watch ND get their butts kicked when there are naps that can be taken? Exactly. Somebody please remind me to tell the story about how I accidentally petted a European limo driver at this tailgate at a later date. 

And Sunday. Today was spent here, there, and everywhere, with a little bit of time in between to put some of the finishing touches on our newly painted house. These walls you see here--well they used to be brown. Hello mint, coral, and yellow goodness. I feel like I am breathing new air in this space. More on the complete before and afters later. 
YUM letters found here (and then spray painted yellow) 

And that brings us to this. The moment you have all been waiting for...the moment where you get the chance to win 16 awesome prizes consisting of gift cards, gift cards, and more gift cards. Sprinkle in a few necklaces, ad spaces, and earrings and you've got a pretty good roundup of prizes. One winner takes all. You know the drill. Ready, set, GO. 

Bellafusion- $15 Shop Credit + Bellini Earrings
 Ashlea with an A- $10 Ulta Gift Card
Till Then, Smile Often- $15 Target Gift Card
Pursuit Of Pink- One month ad space + Individual Feature 
The Unreal Life- $10 Starbucks Gift Card 
City Styles 22- $25 Shop Credit // FREE SHIPPING WITH CODE YELLOW913
Fizz and Frosting- One month ad space + Individual Feature
 Yammering Yankee- $10 Starbucks Gift Card
Colorful Commotion- One month "writing on the wall" ad space
Landing On Love- $15 Target Gift Card
Rainstorms and Love Notes- One month large ad space
With Love and Heartness- $15 Starbucks Gift Card 
Jolie Melange- $30 Shop Credit 
Charming Lucy- Coral Rosette Necklace




You Asked, I Answered. Volume # Too Many To Count.

A few months back I collected several questions that some of you readers asked and then took on the challenge of answering them. Some were easy to tackle, some not so much. Apparently I took the easy way out and answered the simple ones first because the ones below, well they took some thought. My brain prefers to not have to think about something for long so I apologize in advance if the answers mildly make sense. Lets begin. 

Sarah asked, "What is one item around the house that you are holding onto but should probably just throw away?" Well Sarah, I am trying to think of an appropriate way to answer your question, or maybe I'm still laughing at the usage of the word "one" in reference to how many items in our house that need thrown away. For the sake of my husband and his concern about what other's may think about us after seeing our storage room, I'll show you a glimpse of what our spare bedroom looks like right now.
So about that. As it turns out, after the sale of our first home, purchase and sale of our lake cottage, redecorating of our current home, etc we have accumulated a tremendous amount of CRAP. This could be the reason I have had to take pills recently to calm me down. Nobody should have to deal with this (you would understand more if you saw the storage room). Do not fear though, we have a plan. It's called "sell every single item we own and move to a tropical island." I'll let you know how it works. In the mean time, if anybody wants to remove every item from my house, feel free. Some call this a crime, I call it a Godsend. 

Raven wanted to know "Why don't you drink milk? Would you ever go completely vegetarian? Or vegan?" To honestly answer this question I first have to admit that I do not know the difference between being a vegetarian or a vegan. I always assumed that vegan was just an abbreviated form of vegetarian, you know, like a YOLO type of thing. But the reason I don't drink milk--because it absolutely disgusts me. The look, the smell, the taste..it is all just too much for me to handle. Combine that with the fact that it leaves milk crumbs on the counter every time it is opened, I mean. I can't even. The last time I attempted to drink it I was maybe 5 and I threw up. As far as the vegetarian (vegan) part to this question, yes I would totally consider going this direction. Last year I gave up meat for a few months and I could tell a huge difference in how I felt and looked. But like all good things, I stopped. 

Ali posed the question, "If you could have your dream job, what would it be and why?" 
You could ask me this same question ten times and you would get a different answer all ten. For the mood I am in right now I will respond with this, this whole online/blogging thing, would be my dream job. I love the constant challenges that being online presents and how it forces you to be "forward thinking" with what you can do next to raise the bar, generate income, create community, etc. I also love wearing yoga pants while drinking beer in the comfort of my own home so it kinda goes hand in hand. Ask me this question tomorrow and I'd probably tell you a bartender at a hole in the wall bar on a tropical island. With a water view of course. 

Diana demanded that I "Describe the contents of your purse at this very moment." 
 purse from miss chic

Well Diana, allow me. Currently it is full of tampons, Kleenex (ripped into shreds because apparently keeping single sheets of Kleenex in your purse doesn't get you very far), and antibacterial gel. Basically I am getting over a cold, I'm on my period, and really am just dripping with sexiness overall this week. Right. Bad usage of the word dripping. At least the purse is cute right? 

And that concludes today's edition of "things I didn't need to know about this blogger but now I know.." 

Come again. 



Wear: Jordan Taylor Collection

Well hello there, we meet again. I get that I probably shouldn't have to say "oh hi guys" at the beginning of my posts but sometimes it feels strange not to. Like I should just assume you just want to start reading what I have to say before even offering a formal greeting? Do you know how bad I wish you people reading could physically respond sometimes? Like to my face. Instead of just typing a bunch of words I would see you, you would see me, we wouldn't have to come up with words and a topic for the sake of publishing a blog post but rather have a real freaking conversation. Ahhh the joys. If somebody wants to go ahead and make that happen I am game. 
Now that we got that out of the way, I am happy to announce that after much deliberation and many "no..absolutely no..way too expensive" (from his part), our fall vacation is booked. Planned. Done to the zo. Maybe I've announced this already, I don't know? All I know is I am ready to plant my booty and all of its legiments in some Arizona heat in a few weeks. People keep asking what we have planned to do while we are there. Ummm. People plan things to do while on vacation? I have a problem with this. Since when is it not satisfactory just to go somewhere to wake up at whatever time you want, lay by the pool from sun up to sun down, and repeat, repeat, repeat. Because that's all that I "plan" to do. I take that back. I have some serious plans of drinking cocktails and coaxing my husband into getting a massage (daily*) while we are there. 
Obviously in preparation for said vacation a new wardrobe was necessary. And by wardrobe I mean swimsuit cover-up because that's the only article of clothing I will actually need. Thankfully low and behold I found the swimsuit cover-up of a lifetime from Jordan Taylor Collection. It's name is pretty aqua scrunchy awesome cover-up. Also known as a marina blue boatneck oversized tee.

The thing is like Rain-X on steroids. I wore it to the lake the other week and any drop of water that landed on it rolled right off. It provided some great "HOLY COVER-UP..LOOK AT THIS THING!" moments. 
You know it's good when you show up to a friends house wearing it and the first thing your one friend says to the other is "feel that thing--it's so cool". You hear that friends? Come feel me!! 
Anyhow, I am pumped as punch that I am now officially packed for a vacation several weeks away. Thank you Jordan Taylor Collection for supplying the one and only item I will need. 
So what do you say about winning one of these for your own self to wear? In fact, we'll make it violet because violet equals perfect. I say lets do it! 
*there is no chance in H that we will be getting massages daily. once, maybe. zero times, most likely. #diaryofawifeofacheaphusband. 


To Life

Yesterday would have been 63 years of life for my father-in-law. And while he may not be around physically to celebrate with us, I wanted to make sure that we celebrated for him. If there is one underlying lesson that I could take from that man's life it is this--have fun. So that's what we did, in his honor. We went to dinner, we toasted to life, and we talked. A lot. Somewhere during our conversation the topic of his actual death was brought up and Shawn made a comment about how the whole thing is bittersweet. At first I was caught off guard by the statement as that is not a word that would first come to mind when thinking about what happened, but it could be basically summed up like this--the loss of one's life gave so much life to another. And while it is hard, painful, and sad not to have his father around, it is also incredible to watch how Shawn has turned the very worst situation into one of the very best.  

We all our given a choice on how we react to life. Sometimes we are dealt a great hand, sometimes we are not. But isn't it how we react to either of the two that will dictate the rest of the journey that we are on? May we see the best in the worst, act in love, and have an insane amount of fun along the way. 

To life friends, make it a good one. 



My Weekend In A Nut. Shell.

And just like that--another weekend is in the history books. This one, like the many that have gone before me involved equal parts relaxation, equal parts fun, and equal parts being in bed before 10 pm. I just have this thing these days where I can't stay awake to save my life past the 9 pm mark. I blame it entirely on the new bedding we recently got. It's almost as though I check-in to a hotel every evening except I don't have this constant worry of bed bugs and pubic hairs. Eliminate those two worries and I'm out. Every morning Shawn acts amazed at how fast I fell asleep the night before like the same exact thing didn't just happen the night prior. As you can tell, I am a thrilling person to get into bed with. 

So back to the weekend--Friday night was spent working on our grilling steaks and watching sunset skills. Combine that with Oreo eating and stopping by a friends house for a little while and that about sums it up. Oh wait. I also made slutty brownies. 50% because of the name, 50% because of the flavor. Here is the one photo I gathered from this evening--have you ever seen a sky so pretty? 

Saturday we found ourselves over at that great university we like to call Notre Dame. Flippy cup was played, massive amounts of food were consumed, and games were watched. I would like to formally thank Michigan St for interfering every pass thrown so that we could pull out a win. You shouldn't have... 
Now I'm not going to say that my cheating/inability to drink beer fast was caught on video, but it was totally caught on video. Now may or may not be the time to announce that my team dominated like nobodies business. You can all thank my non-college drinking game abilities on this one, thank you very much. Also. It's not called cheating, it's called being efficient. 

A few others decided to join us for the game as well. The whole time I tried so hard to focus on the game but then there were things like soft pretzels, clouds, and people to look at. Fortunately I still offered up my off beat clapping and un-synced chants to make it appear I knew what was going on. 

The next day we found ourselves celebrating my nieces second birthday party which also resulted in me shooting a handgun, wandering off in the woods with a 4 year old, and a few coronas consumed. I now have "attend a 2 year olds birthday party" written on my planner every weekend. Just check out the facial expressions of this little lady in regards to a princess cell phone. 
I mean I get it because hello, princesses are calling. What would you do if Belle randomly dialed your digits? EXACTLY. 

Cake was consumed, people grew happy, and then we traveled home in a "holy crap I just ate way too much food" coma.  

There we have it. Weekend, over and out. Come back soon. I'll be dreaming about you.... at approximately 8 pm tonight.