I Am A Woman. This Post Is Logical.

this picture is not related to this post in any way, shape, or form but is being used strictly for entertainment purposes

I’m just going to sit here and rehash the last hour of my life so that all of you other women can read and agree that everything I am about to say is very important and is a VERY BIG DEAL danggit.

Let’s begin here. I have this problem. It’s called French fries. I am borderline obsessed with them. More particularly, McDonalds French fries. The only reason it’s somewhat of a problem is because I have to keep it a secret from my husband every time I order them. Except I can never keep it a secret because they are French fries  and people, they are worth celebrating. So I celebrate by sending two hundred French fry emoticons to my husband along with calling him to announce “OH MY GOSH I LOVE MCDONALDS FRENCH FRIES!!!!!” I like to keep things drama free as much as possible.  

So today I did it. I made the executive decision that either the period that is about to start or the baby that is brewing (what? It has to be one of the two and they are both very logical reasons thank you very much) was making me drive there to get my fries. Obviously first I changed into workout clothes because that’s what you do when you are about to drive to the McDonalds drive thru. It fools everybody into thinking that this is a very rare occasion because hello, you are in workout clothes. People in workout clothes don’t frequent the golden arch. After I had my sports bra, tank, yoga pants, and tennis shoes on, I was off.

But then the first dilemma happened. You have to sit there and decide “do I want to be that girl who just changed into workout clothes to drive to McDonalds to order ONLY a medium fry (potentially large) OR should I just make it a meal to make it look a little less like I wasn't here just for fries?” So I did what seemed logical and backed up my “hey I’m in workout clothes here” persona I had going for me, I made it a meal. Grilled chicken sandwich at that. The only dilemma here is that all meat products from McDonald’s actually make me gag so I really bought it just to throw it away. I’m sorry. This is a terrible greedy thing to do but I had to. It’s either eat the meat and die or appear that I didn't drive there strictly for fries. 
Dying was not an option at this point.  

Second dilemma now happens. And this one is HUGE. I forgot to order freakin’ honey to go with my fries. Who does that? Me, that’s who. So then it really made this whole French fry experience pretty anticlimactic because I had no honey to dip them in. At this point I was furious and considered going on a tweeting rampage but remembered I have to remain a person of dignity even in the hardest of times so I stopped myself and wrote a blog post instead.

Long story short, I came back to work—changed out of my workout clothes, threw my sandwich away (okay listen--I had a few bites of it but only because it had bacon AND ranch on it), and held back the tears as I forced the fries into my mouth sans honey.

All this to say, I now HAVE to go back tomorrow to fix what went awry today.

And that completes an entire post written about French fries.

Love you husband.

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Meagan writes about the most fascinating thing in her world--her life. And she does so beautifully. Just looking at her pictures fills me up, I'm not even kidding. Meagan just exudes those feel good vibes and let's be real-you can never have enough of those. Make sure to check out her home renovations and world travels while you are there!



A Stream Of Thoughts..

Just like the title of the post says--my thoughts exactly as they come to me while typing this post. 
Here we gooooooooo. 

I wonder what this "No Hands" song is all about on Pandora right now? Or who Waka Flocka Flame is and why his momma named him that? 
Perhaps I should be more concerned that he is covered in blood. I have an idea Waka--start using your hands. Maybe next time you won't be the one with blood all over you.

I wonder why I have baby lulu or lullabies as Pandora stations? 

Oh now you did it Pandora. Somebody just said the F word. And it wasn't Frank. Baby lulu here I come..

Oh my word. Diane Keaton on Ellen. My new hero. Next time I'm on Ellen I want to be served wine. 

Isn't it a little presumptuous that my husband assumes we are eating dinner tonight? Or any night for that matter? 

I wish I could show all these living in yellow freaks what the first order of Love, Yellow looks like. I could tell them a hint like: pastels but that's a little anti-climatic when they already knew that. 

I can't believe my phone told me NO MORE PICTURE TAKING TODAY. It did! 2,000 photos must be too much for it's pour little soul. But phone. I have much more mirror seducing to do. 

Why is it socially acceptable to do such things and post them on public forums? Why? 

It is still blowing my mind that my sister allowed me to eat rabbit turds as a child. Why sister? 

My mind is asking too many why's right now. Breathe Erin. 

Frick balls. I need to start my speech for Elevate next week. Tomorrow sounds like a good time to start. 


I love caps. And yelling.

I also loved mashed potatoes with sour cream AND cream cheese loaded in there. 

Except now I want waffles instead.

Isn't the cupid shuffle the most beautiful song you've ever heard? I think so too. 

I wonder if the neighbors think I am hooch when I wear yoga pants and a cami to grill in? 

HEY COUNTING CROWS ARE ON! I think I've been to one of their concerts before! Mom, dad, or sister if you are reading-can you confirm if this is true or not. Sometimes I think I've done things like go to Italy and then I have to be told otherwise that I in fact, have not been. People are such a buzz kill sometimes. 

I wonder why I swore I've been to Italy?!

These posts always get a little long. It's like my thoughts don't know how to stop. 

I think I would hate being a celebrity. Just sayin'. Drugs aren't my thing. 

However, Jason Aldean is my thing.

I feel bad for all of the people that I secretly wish would trip and fall in front of me just so I have something to blog about. Sorry people. 

Oh my duh. I haven't blogged yet about my massage in Arizona. COMING SOON TO A BLOG NEAR YOU. 

Maggie stop barking at the weird looking guy walking by right now. We don't want him to see my head dancing in the window. 

I wonder if I have ever shown my readers how I make my neck look like a dinosaur?! I think now is the time. Camera, where art thou?

I'm done now. I have to be done now. 



Instead Of "Weekend" It Should Be Called "Awesome"

And that pretty much sums it up. 

Oh weekends, I am addicted to you. 

ps. I am now that girl who doesn't take one single picture on her "real" camera but rather trusts her half crappy cell phone to gather all memories. I blame this entirely on instagram

pps. Would anybody be interested in a post soon on how to do any of the above (plus more) with your photos? If enough of you say yes I will spend the umpteen hours to put the post together. It's called love. 

ppps. I am not sure why I made this post so short. I'm not trying to pull a quickie on you, but it just happened that way. I wonder if I keep the ps's coming I'll get to a normal posts length?

pppps. I'm thinking after about ten more of these we'll be there! 

ppppps. Kidding. I'm outta this mug. 

pppppps. Oh wait. If you want in on advertising for May (considering it's here in like a day or two) you can do so here. Heck. Use promo code YELLOW10 for 10% off either option. 
You're welcome kitten britches.

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If for no other reason (although there are many) you should follow this girl based solely on the name of her blog. It cracks me up every time I read it. Kristyn is a soon to be newlywed to this handsome fellow..
I am so glad that there are other people out there as normal as me. But seriously people, YOU MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO ON HOW HE PROPOSED. I am sitting here crying at this goodness. Here's what else you need to know. This girl is ob to the sessed with girl scout cookies although can no longer eat them due to her kick a__ weight loss routine she is on. Hello 10 pounds in 3 weeks. She loves to share some of the healthy recipes she is trying, loves even more to shop, and loves most of all her "cute and fluffy" cat. If those three things don't scream "awesome blog" I don't know what does. Kristyn is a gem and I can guarantee you will enjoy what she has to offer. 

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Operation: Kitchen Domination

I've been dominating the kitchen scene lately. It's like my place all of a sudden.
Here's what I've been cookin' up:

--these amazefest USA award winning chocolate chip cookies. theeee best.

--vegetarian southwest egg rolls with honey mustard dipping sauce. again..so good.

--spicy pulled pork sandwiches with cilantro-jalapeno slaw. this one's currently cooking so the results are yet to be determined. however judging by the smell they should be incredible.

Add in a little (or a lotta) bit of wine and your favorite Pandora radio station (may I suggest Jack Johnson or Back That Azz Up) and you are all set.

Deliciousness and a few extra pounds abound.

Enjoy ;)



Getting Personal (Answering The Tough Questions)

Everyday we are asked questions--most of which are easy to answer and don't require much thought. How are you? Good. What'd you eat for lunch? Bacon cheeseburger. Should we go to Target or not go to Target? Go to Target. One bowl of mac and cheese or two? Three. 

But what happens when you get asked a question that makes you stop in your tracks and actually makes you do something that your brain really isn't really used to doing...thinking? It seems as though these types of questions have been popping up in my life recently. Ones either I've asked others, people have asked me, or my mind has asked itself. And every single time I freeze because you know, I don't really know. I'm used to thinking about if I should wear earrings instead of a necklace--not if I truly want kids or not in "two years" like I always say. So today, I'm preparing myself. I'm settin' the record straight so that the next time somebody asks me something a little deeper, I will actually have an answer. I mean sure, these answers could be all be completely different tomorrow, but right in this moment..this is how I am answering. 

Allow me to have a brief interview with myself. You're welcome to read along. Heck, maybe you'll ask yourself the same questions as you read and think about how you would answer them. We can have one giant "get to know yourself better" sesh if you will.  

1. If you could do one thing differently in your life, what would it be?
To begin with, there are several things I would do differently. I know you aren't "supposed" to have any regrets but I think that statement is rather selfish. I've hurt people. I should regret that. But I don't want to think about this question as a "regret" question. I want to think of it as "what decision do I wish I would've chosen differently that could have made this life a little fuller than it is now". And to that I say, I would have not rushed my life through high school. I started dating Shawn when I was 15 and a freshman. He was two years older--meaning for the last two years of my high school stint, I was focused only on getting out. I started selling real estate at the beginning of my senior year. I graduated at semester. I didn't attend my senior prom. There was a lot of life that I didn't live. Shoot. I didn't even have an alcoholic drink in those four years (which is the responsible thing to do all you minors reading). I didn't take advantage of some of the best years of my life. And that..that makes me a little sad. 

okay I do regret my choice of high school make-up

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Good question Erin. I have a feeling I might sit here for 20 minutes formulating an answer. Okay let's try this. In five years I see myself happy. I don't know if I will live in a different house, I don't know if I will have kids, I don't know if I will be in the same job, I don't know if I will have the same friends, but I do know one thing. I want to be happy. 

3. Do you honestly want kids?
Some days I believe I do. Some days I believe I don't. I tell everybody that I want kids in two years--I don't. I love kids, I just don't have a desire for them. It may be for selfish reasons like "I absolutely love my life as is with no little people to answer to" and I don't find a problem in that. I would rather know what I want than do something because I think I am supposed to. If it happens it happens, but I am certainly not wishing it does anytime soon. 

4. What has been the best moment of your life so far?
I have these "best moments" on a weekly basis. I swear nothing is better than the moment I am in right now on a regular basis. I am a huge advocate of creating moments that I will remember forever. Except then I forget them the next day (which I why I feel the need to repeatedly make these moments). I could say the cliche answer of "my wedding day" but I don't believe that was the best. Sure it was a great moment, but the absolute best? I'll tell you one of the best moments. When I learned in the midst of a tough situation that this God who I always "believed" in since I was a little girl, is in fact real. I've never doubted His existence and love for me since. I cry thinking about that moment and the amount of beauty wrapped up in it. I could go into detail but for now I'll savor it for myself. It was good. 

5. What is your life theme song?
I was just asked this at work and holy cow, it took me some time and a lot of googling of lyrics to determine the answer. Even now I am choosing to answer this differently than I did at work. For now I'm going with the  good ole classic "I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack. Whether life is good or bad, I still want to dance danggit. Nor do I ever want to ever lose my sense of wonder. And I always (always) want to feel small when I stand beside the ocean. 

6. What is one thing you have yet to accomplish that you want to do before you die?
I want to learn how to love unconditionally. Well. 

7. If you could choose one thing to be known for, what would it be?
Making other people smile while smiling myself. 

8. If you could do anything you wanted right in this very moment (no consequences, no fear, etc), what would it be?
I would gather up every single person that I have a strong bond with and hop on a plane to somewhere amazingly beautiful and sip cocktails around a fire pit with music playing in the background (preferably the cupid shuffle) and just sit there and know "this..this is what life is about". 

9. What has been the most challenging moment in your life?
Death. I hate it. Shawn's dad, our best friend in high school, my grandma, and a child that I never met. Every one of those situations has been challenging in different ways but yet they all share a common denominator that bothers me to no end--I had no control over offering a different solution. 

10. Summarize yourself in one word.

And that completes my personal interview. Phew. That was more challenging (and time consuming) than I thought it would be. Hey I know! If you want to ask yourself the same questions and answer them on your blog, play along. Just link up below and that's that. 

It’s good every once in a while to ask yourself the hard questions, yes? 

"Finding Yourself 102" will resume tomorrow. Same time, same place.


I'm ready for a drink.



Gettin' Rendi Wit It (And Some Great Gift Ideas)

my better half -- my sister

There is no hiding that my family is a bunch of dreamers.
Well my sister and I are a bunch of dreamers. My parents just kinda put up with the dreaming. On an average week we think up at least 12 new ideas that we just know would be an instant success. And those are just the ones that are vocalized. I'd like to think that we are just really creative people who like to think outside the box and have every skill needed to run a successful operation, however I think we just get bored easy. And you know what happens when you get bored...you dream. At least we do. I've always just taken the approach of "why not?!" More fun seems to happen this way. Anyhow, it came as no surprise when I got a call out of the blue the other week that my sister was starting a Rendi business. Rendi say what? That's what I said too. Turns out she didn't really know either but she saw it in a recent magazine she was reading so she looked that shaz up online, was overly impressed with what she saw, and then called the company to see how she could get in on the action. And that's what we like to call gettin' stuff done. 
So here's what you need to know. Rendi stands for "You Create". Why is this exciting? Because you create it, duh. In fact--I created myself something for our lake cottage and it looks a little something like....

Somebody forgot to take an actual picture of it with her digital camera before taking it to the lake so the classic iPhone shot is the best it's gonna get for now..oops. But here we are! All printed on reclaimed wood ready to hang. No more frames with the random people that Kohls finds cute sitting around, but you--your actual face!! Fun right? 

The cool part of all of this is you design exactly what you want--pictures, colors, texts, etc..it's all up to you. You know what this means right?! It is the ultimate gift to give. Think mother's day, father's day, weddings, births, you name it...you can do it. Here are some other's my sister has made:

Here's just a few other things to take note of before we get to the giveaway ;)
--All items ship within 48 hours. You simply design your product right here and wham bam thank you m'am it's sent out in no time flat. 
--All items are made in the US. Way to represent 'Merica there Rendi.
--My favorite collection is the pure cottage collection. You didn't really NEED to know this but whatevs.
--If you would like to host either an online or catalog party, my sister would love to help you! You get some great hostess rewards and my sister is pretty awesome. If interested, just email her at chelsea.gorsuch@gmail.com. Or perhaps you think you may be interested in making some extra cash money motto and have the dreamers disease we suffer from, hit her up for that as well!!  
--If you would like to place an order you can do so here. All orders for my party will end this Sunday (April 28th). 
I know for me personally, having things in my home that mean something to me and stir up memories is something is important to me. This is the perfect way to do that! 
And now for the giveaway...my sister is giving you the chance to win a $30 Rendi gift card
Entries are super simple (only 3 total) so get your booty entered asap. Happy creating!!