Recent Realizations

1. I am becoming flakier every day that passes. And I’m not just talking about the skin that is now falling off of my arms thanks to my Florida tan fading. But flaky in the sense that it  takes people reminding me 2327 times in order for me to do something. And emails? Don’t get me started there. I have emails from November that have yet to be responded to. Good emails. Emails that I am excited about responding to. But yet I just haven’t. I used to be on it responding to text messages. These days? Eh’. I’ll get to them by the end of the day (or the next). I don’t know what to blame this on (other than myself). I’ve found myself just wanting to escape all things that require responses. Which really isn’t cool. A season. It’s gotta be a season. Right?!

2. Along with that, I finally decided that I can’t do it all. Not that I ever thought I was actually “doing it all”, but I sure was trying to wear that crown. Turns out the crown doesn’t fit on my head. I had this huge control issue going on with how I was running this blog. After several baths and breakdowns of yelling “Ahhhhhhh….I CANT DO THIS ALL ANYMORE!!!” I decided to switch over to Passionfruit to handle my sponsor buttons. I know. All that build up for that measly announcement. And I know this doesn’t sound like a big deal to so many of you but trust me. It was a big deal. Thank goodness for people like Heather who are on speed dial for such decisions. She’s a gem that one is. Anyhow, now would be the appropriate time to say—go book your spot for April. I am still 100% confused with how I am handling it as I am working on getting those who had previously booked filtered into this process, but just know that if you book something—you will hear from me and I will make sure we get it all taken care of.

3. I have been spending too much time and attention recently investing myself into negativity floating around in blog world. I see comments here and there about my consultation services and how it’s a “self-serving service”. I read forums that say I am “too into the money”. I get tweets questioning the Q&A sessions I host. As not enjoyable as it is to read those things, it has been great to really evaluate the decisions I have made for this blog and my reasoning behind it. It is liberating when you can step back, evaluate, and conclude that “yes, I agree with (and enjoy) what I am doing here..” and be proud of the work that I have put into all of this. You guys. Trust in the decisions you make. That’s all I am going to say on this one.

4. I want to move to Hawaii. Just sell it all and go. I don’t want to be one of those people who look back on my life and know that I never acted on any of the radical thoughts I had. Life’s too short. Why not spend it surrounded by palm trees, oceans, and sand? And no. I have never been to Hawaii. But I can imagine it’s a place worth living? (mom and dad—see you there).

5. Working out feels dang good. And yes I may have only done it once this week but it may have inspired me to do it again next week.  


6. It’s April next week. I still don’t know how that happened. April means one thing. Arizona. Welcome back sunshine, welcome back.

7. I have 29 boxes of macaroni and cheese to mail out. To all of you who said that I kept the cardigan, bracelet, and jeans…you were right. And to celebrate you get dry noodles and processed cheese. HOORAY. If you'd like to claim your box, email me your address with the subject YUMM. 

Any recent realizations you have had? Do tell.

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Debbie is the epitome of a Tennessee blogger. You probably don't know what a Tennessee blogger is. Let me tell you. It is somebody who loves adventures, spends her days hiking, and isn't afraid to get a little dirty. Basically she is the exact opposite of an Indiana blogger (just speaking from experience). Debbie's heart is bigger than (insert something big here) and does a fantastic job of reminding us all what's really important through her beautiful words and photography. Debbie's blog is a great showcase of her and her husband's journey through this thing called life. She is a woman that I am lucky to have "met" in this big ole blog world. Do yourself a favor and get to know her yourself.




My Second "Fix" Revealed

And just like that—it’s time to show off my second “fix” with Stitch Fix.
Time flies when you are counting down the days to new clothing.
You may recall when I recapped my first “fix” here. You may want to start there if you have absolutely no clue what I am talking about when I say words like “stitch” and “fix”. Although you most likely never really have any clue what I am talking about in my posts so never mind. Just stay here.  

I don’t know what it is, but there is just something so fascinating about being shipped a box that I have NO idea what’s inside. My attitude may change on this if I start opening explosives, but until that time, I will keep delighting in these secret treasures.

Before we begin, several of you have asked questions about how Stitch Fix works and all of that—if you do have a question please leave it below in the comment section and I will respond back right there so that everybody can see the answer. Deal?

Now let’s continue.

First item up for bid was this color block cardigan comprising of all colors orange, grey, and white. My husband thought it needed “one less color” as three must be just absolutely crazy, however I disagree. The more color the better…that’s what I say.

Next up was this pretty little mint horse bit bracelet. I really don’t know what horse bit means but that’s what the tag told me so I went with it. Regardless it has mint on it and you should know my love for mint right now. It’s basically more than the love I have for my husband. I mean that’s a joke.

The third item was this peter pan collared hi-low dress. I wasn’t sure how I felt about dressing up as the pan man while getting high and low at the same time, however the color spoke to my heart. 

Next up were these polka dot skinny cropped jeans. My five favorite words all rolled into one…need I say more?

And last but not least was this black lace backed doo dad. Also known as a shirt. I will say I thought it looked better in person than it does in these pictures. Then again pictures speak honestly so maybe I am the one lying to myself here.

There we have it. My second official fix.
Here’s where the challenge comes into play. I kept three out of the five items this time. 
Tell me which three I kept. 
If you guess all 3 correctly I will send you a box of macaroni and cheese. 
And no, I’m not kidding.

The post office is going to HATE me next week.

Today’s featured sponsor is Erin from Read, Eat, Create.
Erin is a good ole Milwaukee girl who loves to do exactly what her blog title says--read, eat, and create things. I understand the eat part. Thankfully she has some amazeball recipes to back her up (hello no bake mac and cheese..). Erin's blog is really a great mix of all of the above plus personal life posts. 
She is not afraid to talk about what she thought she would've had by the time she turned 26..(so many things I think we can all relate on there, a read worth your while). Erin is eager to meet more people in this blogging world and really houses such a wonderful blog to do so on...do everybody a favor and go say hello. 




Warning: This Post Contains The Word Cock

The story goes like this..

Once upon a time I was at the elementary school where I "mentor" a few kids every week. This past week as I was learning about how mean one of the boy's step-moms is and how the other kid ate pizza for breakfast, they exclaimed those four words that will make one feel as guilty as Tiger Woods on Thanksgiving Day. "YOU FORGOT OUR BIRTHDAYS!" Doomed. In a panic, I did what any normal horrible mentor would do in hopes to reclaim their awesome status. I asked them to write down what they both wanted with plans of bringing an item or two back for them the next go around. So write they did. After much thought...they handed me their lists.

Without further ado, I present to you what one of the boys would like for his birthday... 

At first I thought okay easy. 10 packs gum? I can handle that. Taxes? Not sure on this as I've yet to turn mine in, but let's see what else I can come through on. Jusy stuf took me a minute. Oh. Juicy stuff. As in candy? And that's when I came to the next item on the list.


My eyes squinted. My forehead wrinkled. And my mouth muttered "cock!??!" 
Why did this boy say he wanted cock?!? And then it hit me. I asked them to write down their favorite drink.
Coke. The kid wants coke. Please tell me he wants coke.

I guess we'll find out next week when I bring one of both back and let him decide.... 

Just kidding guys. I wouldn't take a coke into a school. There's gotta be some sugar law on that. 

You want jusy stuf and cock? You got it kid.

Now just don't say I never gave you anything....



What My Pictures Tell Me (Hint: It Isn't Good).

You can learn a lot from photographs ya know?
Say for instance when it comes to your hair. You'd think that I would've realized by now that going 8 months without getting it colored may lead to roots, but no. I live in this naive little world where when somebody asks me "Soooo....you going to get your hair done anytime soon?!" I assume they just don't have anything else to talk about and are trying to avoid any awkward silences that may occur. Until now. Thanks to today's outfit pictures I realize they were actually hinting at something like "hey freak show--your roots are down to your ears and your hair looks like you dipped it in a frying pan with how dry it is.."

Thank you photos for that one.

Perhaps I should go schedule an appointment? I'm thinking about going somewhere other than Great Clips this time. Not that I didn't just love the results from my 6 minutes in that chair, but you know..it's good to splurge on yourself every now and again.

Now that I distracted your eyes from looking at what I'm actually wearing, please adjust your eyes back onto what I'm actually wearing. Why? Because you could own it. Now just own it, but own it at a really low price. We're talking $21.50 low price. Wowza. You can thank miss chic for that.
Take a peep and then get the deets below.

Just use code YELLOW5 for your $5 off. Quantities are limited and the deal ends Friday.
Do you know how fun this will be to wear in the summer and not in 20 degree temps?!?! Heck. I even had fun in it in the 20 degree temps. Fashion doesn't discriminate. 
You may begin your shopping frenzy now.

In other news, I have a funny story to tell you all tomorrow. I think that's supposed to entice you to all come back? Crossing my fingers it works.

Today's featured sponsor is Ashton from Landing On Love.
This cute little thing I kinda just want to eat up. In the most loving way possible of course. Ashton is an old soul who gives out hugs like she gives out smiles (which must be an awful lot judging by the amount of times I've seen her smile in blog posts..). Ashton is a wife and a mother to many children she hopes to one day have. I absolutely love her photography skills, the fact that she dresses her husband up as a deer, and that she knows how to bust a move. 
Ashton's blog is a great place to land if you want to be uplifted, encouraged, and loved on. Let's be honest..who doesn't want any of those things? Go offer a sweet hello to this lovely little lady..I'm sure she will be glad you did. 



The Most Time Consuming Post. Ever.

Oh group giveaway days, how I love thee.
There is something just so refreshing about sitting behind a computer for 6 hours straight on a Saturday afternoon/evening and putting these babies all together. That may have sounded sarcastic. And I may have been sarcastic. However, I really do enjoy these days for my sponsors--for my readers--for anybody and everybody involved. It's like "Heeeeeeey let's throw 37 prizes in your face and give one of you the chance to win every single one of them!" Tell me that's not fun. If you don't think it is, you've obviously never won one. 

You know the drill--check out these fabulous ladies below...enter if your heart desires..and then daydream about what you would do with over $80 in Starbucks gift cards. That could buy you at least 8 drinks. 8!!!
Oh the possibilities. Forget tall, grande that sucker. 

If you'd like to participate in April's giveaway, there are spots available. You can check out the deets here.
But for now...enter yo'selves.