Wear: One Piece, Two Ways / Work + Play

If there is one element an article of clothing can have that sends me into full out purchase mode it is this: wear-ability. More times than not when I am purchasing clothes I know it will end up being a "discussion" with my husband. Because of this I have learned to always keep some ammunition in my back pocket that I can whip out at a moments notice. The ammo typically ends up being how often I can wear said item. Here's what I've learned over the years...if you can wear whatever it is you are buying for both work and play, it's basically like getting the thing for 50% off. At least that's what I'm sticking with. 

When I found this great blazer from Gracie B, I knew I could justify it by it's insane wear-ability. Work, play, dinner out, business meeting, eating nachos at a basketball game (one of my favorite hobbies thank you very much), posing in front of your front door, you name it--it can be worn for it. 

Here is my "play" look. Statement necklace, cami, jeans, and heels. Bam. 

Blazer: Gracie B // Necklace: Stitch Fix // Heels: Target 

And then to transition into work mode, I threw on a simple black dress, swapped out the heels, changed the necklace, and topped it all off with the same blazer. 
Blazer: Gracie B // Necklace: Stitch Fix // Dress: Target

Easy as pie. Peanut butter preferably.

While on the subject of clothing, can I please direct your attention to this cardigan and this cardigan? #want #need #now. I am not sure if you have ever shopped at Gracie B before but they are quickly becoming one of my favorite online boutiques. Not only are their prices affordable, they truly offer unique items you don't find anywhere else. It's like walking into your favorite downtown whimsical boutique right on your computer.
Check them out now for some great gift items for either yourself or somebody on your shopping list!

Discount Code: YELLOW20 for 20% off one item

What's your go-to article of clothing?

ps. Gracie B extended their cyber Monday sales into Tuesday! Shop on shopettes! 



  1. Love the blazer! Blazers are one of my all-time favorite wardrobe staple! They are flattering on everyone and always look so chic and put together! Jealous of your snow!

  2. Thanks for giving us the options of styling a blazer! I have one that is similar hanging in my closet and I have never worn it!! I need to get on that! I love the black dress too! My go-to piece for winter is a cardigan. I could wear them every day! I love to layer! Blessings! Susan

  3. Love the blazer..good choice...well cut blazers are a real essential to any womens wardrobe. ;)


  4. I love that this can be worn both ways! They are both such cute outfits!


  5. Oh I love both looks so much!!


  6. LOVE Gracie B!!!!


  7. ohhh girl you rock it two ways! love it, so versatile!

  8. Love this! And I really like that blazer. I work in an office and wear blazers pretty much everyday. I often just change into a pair of jeans to go out after work. I always like that looks!


  9. Okay you look amazing as always.. but all I can think of is how cold you have to be standing in the snow in a dress..... says the girl from Georgia where it snows once every 5 years.

  10. I need this blazer in my life - and those shoes.. amaze!

  11. Crazy how logical we girls can become when we are on a mission to buy a piece of clothing... :)

  12. You look drop dead gorgeous as always Erin!!

  13. I love how you manage to look warm in your skirt despite the snow-frosted grass. And you always look magnificent. You rock 'em red heels like no other, E!

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  15. Loving what you have on sweetie , u r definitely a real fashionista and know how to put together a gorgeous outfit

    I Have a new OOTD (( STRIPS MADNESS FOR FALL ) , must see


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  17. LOVE both of these looks on you!!


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