That One Time My Brain Got Smarter In Chicago

As you may or may not know, Chicago (also commonly referred to as "Chi-Town" if we want to get technical with things) is about two hours from where I live. You also may or may not know that I have a love affair with Chi-Town. I'm not sure if its the abundance of amazefest food, the abundance of things to do, or the abundance of winds that are so harsh they will slice right through your throat and make you never want to step outside again, but regardless, it's great. This past weekend Shawn and I made the trek up to the great city and took full advantage of what it has to offer. We shopped, we ate, we drank, we sang our hearts out at the house of blues while listening to Corey Smith, we hoped to run into Giuliana Rancic (and by we, I mean me, and now that I mention it I really don't want to talk about how she wasn't there nor did she respond to my tweet which means we are basically no longer BFFS and I am crying as I write this...ANYHOW), we also made our way to The Field Museum to see the 1893 World's Fair exhibit. I felt like it was only necessary to pay a visit considering this is the year that my parents were born. Basically. 

One thing I never realized until this point is that The Field Museum exists because of the World's Fair and opened a few months after the World Fair ended. Turns out after you hold one of the greatest events in History you have a lot of leftover "stuff" that you need a house for. Who knew?

Have you ever thought about what happens when modern day technology collides with old day history? I hadn't either, but I now have the answer. It looks a little something like this:

That would be an app that you can download on your smartphone which has all sorts of interactive tours of the museum exhibits and so on. Try that one on for technology size. Props to you Chicago Field Museum for that genius move.

I will admit it was pretty cool to see over 200 artifacts from the world's fair along with all sorts of stuffed animals. And no I don't mean care bears. We are talking legit life size real stuffed animals.

this lion and I threw down. I won. RIP.

It turns out the 1893 World Fair was a pretty big deal. I know this only because these people told me so. 
And this sign. It told me too. But seriously, try and get me to sell my cook stove...it's not happening. Unless of course you are inviting me to only the BIGGEST EVENT IN THE HISTORY OF ALL EVENTS. Okay World Fair, you win. I'll sell my cook stove.

Here are a few additional pictures of artifacts that were on display in the exhibit.

Parts of me want to say "isn't that the biggest bone you have ever seen?!" but parts of me also feel like that sounds a little dirty and while I am sure the bone wasn't the cleanest when it was discovered, I am not sure it needs my vulgar statements thrown into the mix to bring to life the massive size that it really was.

And like all smart museum exhibits, we ended up in the gift shop where I cuddled (and adopted) a real life panda bear. I know, I couldn't believe it posed so perfectly either for it's first picture with it's new mama. Goochie goo Pandy.

In all seriousness, this was such a fun learning experience and I am so happy Shawn and I decided to open our brains a little bit to the old wonders of the world. If you get a chance to stop by the Chicago Field Museum anytime soon, pay a visit to the 1893 World's Fair exhibit and prepare to walk out a lot smarter and more well rounded. Seriously, they had a McDonalds inside the museum. 

I was selected for this opportunity by Clever Girls Collective, however all content and opinions expressed here are my own.



  1. And then one of my students saw me reading your post (he should be taking a test) and yelled "PANDA" so loud I'm pretty sure the principal heard. What a fun exhibit and place to live. I have always wanted to live closer to museums and fun centers like this. Happy Thursday eve.

  2. Ha, my sister used to live in Chicago and said every time her in-laws came to visit, they made them go to the Field Museum...too bad she wasn't there for this exhibit - looks fun!

  3. This makes me miss Chicago! It's where I grew up and I miss it so much!

  4. This is so cool!!! I for sure what to go there if I ever visit Chicago lol

  5. how fun is this?!?! so awesome. ive been to chicago but never the field Museum- looks like i'll need to visit!

  6. Visiting Chicago is on my wishlist for next year! And Im sure the lion didnt stand a single chance :)

  7. I absolutely love Chicago - probably my favourite American city! Have you ever read Devil in the White City? If not I recommend it - great true murder mystery from the Worlds Fair!

  8. Very, very cool. Please tell me you bought that panda and that it is now your cuddle buddy (not exclusively, of course, I like Shawn.)

  9. Love this post! I live about 30 minutes outside of Chicago but originally from the south & I'm so in love with the city too :) Every time I go I still feel like such a tourist but it's such an awesome city.

  10. I love Chicago so much :) All the museums just make my little nerdy heart so warm and fuzzy. Glad you had a good time!

  11. "And no I don't mean Care Bears"..."goochie goo Panda"...too funny...and I thought you might like to know that my iPhone wants to autocorrect "goochie goo Panda" to "hoo goo hai panda." I know I'm half Asian and technically so are pandas but c'mon! ;)

  12. So fun!! Hope you're enjoying your new panda pet!

  13. I got smarter on the Architectural cruise, but the Field Museum sounds awesome too!


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