In 2013, I Successfully Mastered The Art Of Wearing Sweatpants.

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I am a resolution junkie. I live for new beginnings, fresh starts, clean slates, and all of that other good stuff which comes alongside a new year. As you may recall, I compiled a list of things that I hoped to accomplish this past year. I'd like to dissect that list and see if anything actually happened or not...here are what my goals for 2013 were: 

+ Spend my time either around awesome people or in sweatpants. I mastered this mother like no other. 2013 was my year for sweatpants and I couldn't be more proud. Next one please...

+ Eat more apple slices while drinking hot chocolate. This one I didn't do so hot on, in fact I forgot that I loved apple slices with hot chocolate. Based on how much value this would add in my life if I actually did it, I must add it back into the mix for 2014. 

+ Stop spending so much time on mind numbing activities but rather on tasks that could yield to better opportunities. Basically I still spend entirely way too much time doing nothing but scrolling on my iPhone every 5 seconds. Some day though, some day... 

+ Go out for mid day drinks and appetizers on the reg. I feel like I failed at this one miserably too. WHO AM I AND WHAT DID I DO WITH 2013?!?!? 

+ Be apart of a flash mob. For the love of me, what honestly did I do in 2013 because I certainly didn't do this one either... 

+ Make out more. Ummmm...does scrolling through my iPhone every 5 seconds count? I give up. 

+ Embarrass myself more. FINALLY. Something I mastered. These days things hardly embarrass me because it happens so frequently. 

+ Reteach my mind how to pray. Right...I was going to do that wasn't I?

+ Create the most incredible mac and cheese recipe ever. Still working on that one, but when I find it you will be the first to know. Buhleee dat. 

+ Give more of me away in the least prostitute type of way. I did give some, but not nearly enough. We will consider this one an "ongoing work in progress".

+ Live with intention and never forget that I am here to make a positive difference. Sometimes I do this, sometimes I don't. We will file this one away in the "get better at" cabinet. 

So there we have it, basically I became really good at wearing sweatpants. I'll consider it a success. Naturally I have a few other things I'd like to add into the mix for 2014 such as...

+ Learn at least 3 choreographed dances. I'm hoping for The Wobble, The Dougie, and The Jerk. We will start with those and hopefully make our way into others as the year progresses. Dream big, you know what they say. 

+ Don't take my cell phone into the bath with me first thing in the morning. I feel like this could be revolutionary, this whole thinking my own thoughts first thing in the morning rather than instantly numbing my brain with my Instagram feed. Oh the possibilities!  

+ Ride in a limo. Preferably tomorrow night. 

+ Say yes to fun, because saying no is dumb. 

Happy New Year people, now let's go celebrate. 



  1. I am all kinds of embarrassed to go back through my list of resolutions...as in I did basically none of them. But I got married...and that was fun, so I basically accomplished what matters.

  2. Girlfriend, i FEEEL this. With three E's. Mainly bc I don't wanna fix that. HECK YES to not bringing my phone with me first thing in the morning to the bathroom - my mornings should be MINE and mine alone. The phone is mind-numbing.

    I also need to SLOW DOWN .. because I am too accident prone and totally need to stop and smell the roses and not knock over brand-new glass bottles of olive oil all over my boyfriend's brand-new porcelain-tiled floor and break not only the bottle but a tile. Not that that just happened last night or anything. ....

    2014, where are you?!


  3. Love this! I want to try the not looking at my phone first thing in the morning, that would be great!


  4. Mid day drinks and appetizers on the daily would be fab. One day...one day.

  5. Your resolutions are so fun! Mine are all so serious. Maybe I need to come up with a few more that aren't so heavy...

  6. I def need to work on looking at my phone less! I didnt even notice how I addicted I was until this year

  7. I like to see others don't get to check all the done boxes too! But some of yours were plain silly... less appetizers and day drinking?! I say more please!!

  8. I had apps and mid day drinks today, girl i loved it! we all need that, always. Riding in a limo is so fun :) i had one once for a Red Sox game. best thing to ever happen to me. Hands down. :)

    xo. Kailagh

  9. Never quite sure how I feel about New Years Resolutions - I say we all just make a list at the end of the year of all the great stuff we've tackled (be it wearing sweatpants more or not) and revel in our awesomeness.

  10. Ha, I don't typically do well on my resolutions either! I totally need to become less attached to my iPhone, too. And making out! Totally awesome! Happy new year!! Superly duperly love your blog.

  11. I could live on apps and midday drinks. Sigh, I always said I was made to be a lady that lunches.... Happy New Year!

  12. Erin, you are adorable! I would really like to add "make out more" to my New Year's resolutions, but I think I should probably find a boyfriend first. ALSO, The Wobble is in fact the official dance in my apartment, so I highly recommend it.

  13. Love your sense of humor... you mastered that for sure!

  14. i will personally teach you all three dances. you're welcome in advance.

  15. Yes, you certainly kill it in sweatpants!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  16. Getting good at wearing sweatpants is a WIN in my book little lady!

  17. I felt really accomplished when I learned the Wobble. Just sayin.

  18. What a lovely post! I am such a big fan of your blog :) Thank you for sharing!


  19. Love to see colorful sweats.


  20. Wearing more sweatpants is as good a resolution as any!


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