I Like Sparkles, Sparkles Make Me Happy.

Last evening I had the bright idea to stop in at a local boutique that I've mentioned before, Flourish. One would think that I would have been shopping for Christmas gifts, but no. Erin's Closet: 3 Christmas Gifts: 0. It's like I know that Christmas is next week and all but do you know what is one week after that?! New Years Eve aka party dress central. Now don't get me wrong, Jesus and his birthday is a pretty big deal and all but so is looking fly to ring in the new year. Thankfully Flourish is not one to disappoint in when it comes to all things glitzy and glamorous. Side note: can we just give it up for the person who created sparkles and sequins? Strippers, party goers, and lovers of pretty things celebrate you. I thought it'd be fun to show off a few of my personal favorites from last evening to ensure you can be all gussied up for your New Years Eve festivities.

Okay so I die at the above dresses. This white little sparkly number was at the top of my list followed immediately by that fancy aztec sequined up dress. Please somebody for the love your closet, purchase one or both of those. Please. Also, never elect me to write clothing descriptions.

glitzy stuff and wham bam thank you ma'm stuff 
Obviously I had to ensure that I would have something cozy to wear on the day following New Years Eve because well, typically New Years Day and I don't get too active with one another so I went with this comfy little fringed out thing
There is a 99.9% chance that I may wear it every day, NBD. 
Fortunately I only tried on two million and three hundred items so it was time well spent. I may or may not have also walked away with this and this. I do not have a shopping addiction and no I do not want to talk about it. 

Last but not least, if I am not mistaken you can receive 25% off your first online order from Flourish now using the code WEB25. I personally prefer to follow them on Instagram and Facebook just for the sake of keeping my feed looking pretty at all times. Pictures of babies can only keep me entertained for so long if you know what I mean. 
What are you wearing New Years Eve? We need to talk about these things ladies. Do share. 



  1. I'm a sucker for the sparkles as well. I currently have 3 bottles of glitter nail polish on my work desk - I count that as being very productive!
    Love the aztec print dress :)

    Tash (1brokegirl-tash.blogspot.com)

  2. Haha I totally don't have a shopping addiction that I don't want to talk about either! My New Year's outfit is still in the works but will probably involve polka dots and sparkly accessories!

  3. I'll probably be in sweats and a Tahiti. Maybe I'll bedazzle the heck outta the sweats. Good idea? I think so. Oh and to accessorize my dab outfit? Champagne with a smidge of grenadine of course. I have to be a lil fancy:)

    1. Apparently "dab" is a new word too. Um you've heard it before right? Oh good lordy. Autocorrect kills me

  4. Although I am certain that we will host a house full of seventh grade girls on NYE, I can still dream about wearing that aztec print dress! Beautiful! Susan

  5. Sparkles are my kryptonite. I can't get enough!

  6. Yeah, I'm really going to need you to quit posting so many cute clothes I can't afford. My checking account isn't happy with me at the moment and I'm totes blaming you.


  7. I want that turquoise sweater please - alex

  8. Wow, I'm such a girl fail. The thought of New Year's hasn't even crossed my mind... but I need to get crackin', because I'll be in Rome for that shizz ;) (or... fizz. champagne fizz.)

  9. I am guilty of shopping for myself more than others, too!

    Lisa @ Daily Style Finds

  10. I know you like pictures of my baby so I am not offended :)
    Please party HARD on New Years for me. I'll be home rocking a baby to sleep.

  11. These are looking mind blowing dear, thanks for the sharing.

  12. ove the white dress! You seem to always have the cutest clothes from small boutiques. Do you have any to recommend? I'm looking for dresses for my shower and bachelors that won't break the bank! White, ivory, gold or silver!! :) essay paper writing is best service if you need help about your examinations.


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