Dickies, Pregnancy, and Working Out.

oh heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey

Please tell me your cupboards and pantries are disasters too. I just spent the better half of the last three hours (also known as eternity) emptying those suckers out, wiping down the shelves, and placing everything neatly back into it's designated spot which will last for a total of two days. Actually I give it one. To make matters worse, I also just got done scrubbing down every ounce of our counter tops and mirrors. During this process I started to feel really anxious because a part of me thought "Oh my gosh. What if I am pregnant and didn't know it and I am in the nesting stage and my baby is going to be here next week?!?!" I genuinely got nervous. And then I realized I am an idiot. More so an idiot because I was cleaning, not because I thought I may be near the end of a pregnancy. 

All of that to say, hello and welcome back. It's FRIIIIIDAY (perhaps Thursday night depending on when you are reading, minor details). I have a small inkling that it is going to be a good weekend. Aside from possibly going into labor (wink), we are attending an ugly sweater party which should be full of ugly sweaters and such. I'm thinking of going as cousin Eddie and wearing a good ole fashioned dickie under my turtleneck. I take that back, I might just wear the dickie and no turtleneck. I'll keep you posted. 

In other news, I mentioned yesterday that I am going to start working out. I thankfully found The Workout Mama and her online boot camp that she offers and decided to take the plunge. 

I mean I might die, but at least I will go out trying. It is a four week program which starts on January 3rd and the cost is $40 to register. I hope you will join me so we can all get fit together. Registration can be found here. Also, we are giving away one free registration to one of you so make sure to enter the giveaway below. Double also, this is not sponsored in any means but rather I genuinely wanted to share with you the details on the program and Tamara kindly said she would give away one to one of you! Woop Woop!

Another item to make note of, coming in January I will be announcing a fun link-up that includes wine, partying with girlfriends, and so on. If you would like a few teasers you may follow me on Instagram along with Eva and Val. There also is a hashtag you can check out #siphappensparty. Stay tuned.

I think that's all for now--make sure to go out and do something nice for somebody who needs it this weekend. Tis the season. 
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  1. Haha i saw pregnancy in the title and i was like... um.. say wha? haha good for you for making a commitment to fitness in the new year :D

  2. Eep...so excited for our link up! And about working out, anything with the word bootcamp kinda scares me, but if I win the giveaway then I'll know the workout fairies are trying to tell me something. P.S. Pretty sure your pageviews are going to skyrocket with that title! ;)

  3. Is your ugly sweater party by chance in Wisconsin? Maybe I will see you there!

  4. i have been so bad about reading, updating my blog, so when I logged on tonight and saw this, I was excited, and wondered if I, as a terrible follower, missed a big announcement. lol! I feel you on the peace & quiet you mentioned a few posts back about not having kids (yet). My husb & I were married 5 1/2 yrs before we just had our first. It was so nice to go thru the newlywed stuff before bringing a baby into the mix. Enjoy your time, it'll happen in God's timing. :)

  5. I'm going to an ugly Christmas party this weekend too! I can't wait to see your gorgeous duds!

  6. I'm going to an ugly Christmas sweater party this weekend too :)

  7. I once thought I was pregnant too because I was cleaning. I don't think the nesting stage hits that early in pregnancy though.... it was just a weird fluke that I actually wanted to clean

  8. I need to get my butt in shape... asap. Well once I pop this kid out that is..

  9. I am so excited that you are going to do the bootcamp in January! I promise you won't die :).

  10. That post title is nothing to joke about, woman!! You got me all excited!

  11. #siphappenparty

    I see what you did there. Clever girl.
    I'll be awaiting my invite.


  12. What a funny post! Your title is what caught my attention and then your pic that said Oh heeyyyyyy lol :)


  13. I always think I am pregnant if I: start cleaning, breakout, gain a pound, am extra hungry, forget things, etc. I tell Will that I'm not gonna know if I actually get pregnant, because I always cry wolf! The Workout Mama is awesome, thanks for introducing her, and I hope I win!!

  14. HAHA! I wore a dickie and white turtleneck a few years ago as a joke for a Thanksgiving. It's a hit! Do it!

  15. So I've gotten into that cleaning/organizing mode and, while my mind doesn't go to a third trimester pregnancy scare, I do start to think, "This is STILL not clean!" I feel like I'm just pushing more dirt and grime around and get a little OCD from that point (despite the utter disaster it was before I started cleaning it anyway). Weird thing, the brain!

    -Kari @ www.karilife.com

  16. My family is full of body builders and health nuts. My brother recommended me a couple of supplement products. Which fortunately proved enough for me.


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