Reminders + A Pep Talk

Just a few things as I'm not really "feeling blogging" today. Sometimes you've got it and sometimes you don't. I most definitely fall into the latter category at the moment. 

+ Make sure to get entered into the $500 paypal cash giveaway taking place over on Instagram right now. Head to @cupcakemag for all of the details and opportunity to enter! 

+ If you'd like to participate in November's group giveaway there are a few spots left. Reserve your spot here

+ Last but not least, I just kinda love this kid and video. Happy weekend peeps. Cheers to not being boring.



  1. As someone who watched Space Jam every day for a month, my favorite line has to be "What will be your Space Jam?" So good.

  2. "You're gooder than that!" That kid is awesome! Thanks for sharing!! "What if Michael Jordan would've quit? He never would've made Space Jam!"

  3. oh the pep talk! this makes me smile & makes my day better every time I listen to it!

  4. I literally laughed and cried! Love this video... "Don't stop believing... unless your dream is stupid. Then you should get a better dream." lol

  5. Love the video. Love all videos alike. Thanks for sharing!

  6. That kid is so freakin' cute! Thanks for sharing.


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