On Motivation And What Keeps Me Going

I was so honored when Hilary from Dean Street Society asked me to be a part of the Happy Hour Blog Tour to start the conversation about her new book The 4-Part Entrepreneur Cocktail. 30 different bloggers and business owners talking for 30 days on their personal experiences in this whole bit! How I wound up on this list is beyond me but regardless, I love a good little heart to heart on all things blog talk from time to time.

In Hilary’s new book she tackles four main elements in business and blogging. Today I’d love to share my personal insight on one of the topics—motivation. It is not very often that I take a step back from this blog and think about what exactly it is that makes me want to show up here on a daily basis. It’s pretty silly really that I neglect investing time in the “why” behind all of this crazy. And yes, blogging is crazy from time to time. And by that I mean all of the time.

Back when I started this blog two and a half years ago I had no other goals than to see if I simply could do it or not. This sounds like a pretty elementary goal but when you step back and think about it, the goal of doing is one of the hardest we can ever set for ourselves. If we broke down our aspirations into the regard of “I just want to see if I can do it..” we would probably accomplish a helluva lot more than when we only allow ourselves to go into something if we have the mindset of “I am going to see if I can make a major success out of _____”. To do or not to do is pretty dang attainable. And so I did.

After months of simply doing, I realized that this whole blogging thing held a lot of potential.  Potential for extra income, potential for new friendships, potential to become more creative and potential to finally do something I've always dreamed of—owning my own business.

And that is when my motivation changed. After a few months this blog was no longer a place to just show up, it was now a place to show up and make much of.

A lot of us women become easily turned off when we admit that we are doing something with the motivation to make it as successful as we possibly can, to make as much as money as possible off of, to make ten thousand people laugh on a daily basis instead of five.  The only conclusion I've come up with on why we think this way is because of this--we are women. It’s okay to be successful. It’s okay to want to make a profit from your hard work. It’s okay take daily steps that will get you from 1 follower to 2. Without these motivations, many of us (myself included) are not driven to continue.

One of the biggest blessings in blogging for me personally has been to reach a plateau over and over and over again. It’s good to reach a point where I have to reinvent the wheel, think outside the box, focus on content, work hard to find inspiration from daily happenings, and realize that there is still so much that is possible. I don’t believe any of us will ever have it all figured out, be at the very top of our game, and feel like there is nothing more to learn, try, and do.

And if there is a point when that happens, I don’t want anything to do with it.

The joy is in the doing. May we never be done doing. 

What is your motivation behind your blog? Your career? Your relationships?

For more Happy Hour blog tour talk, read what the yogipreneur had to say yesterday about how she overcomes not always wanting to write and make sure to check out Claire’s insight tomorrow. Be sure to check out Hilary's book once it is available. I promise you one you one thing--it will be good.




  1. Great post, Erin. I wrote something on my FB wall about feeling frustrated about the plateau my blog had reached when one of my good friends just asked me simply, "What's your goal with blogging anyway?" I hadn't thought about that question in a long time, and it was great for me to step back and evaluate my purpose, as you have here. Jenn, muchtomydelight.com

  2. I love this, Erin! And I love the part you wrote about the plateau. So many bloggers {myself included} have moments where we are like "should we take a break" or "should we quit". I think you answered those questions by talking about reinventing. Love it! Happy Wednesday!

    A Silver Snapshot

  3. Excellent post. I love everything about this and it really made me think about my personal motivations. For me, it's that one family member across the country telling me she loves reading my blog. For me, that is enough. But I have come across so many awesome women like you who are constantly reinventing, inspiring, and sharing. Much Love-Megan

  4. I'm guilty of taking a long hiatus from the blogging world but am happily back to a somewhat regular schedule. My motivation really came from needing a creative outlet to write and share. It's cathartic for me and a good balance to the 9-5 or 7:45-4:45 in my case. Since I'm still tiny on the page view scale, the occasional references to the blog at family functions serves as continued motivation. Just knowing that someone, anyone reads it and gets a good laugh, a creative idea or can relate is enough for me. Hopefully you feel the same way!

  5. I can't wait to get her book! I don't understand why so many bloggers have a problem with admitting that they're trying to make their blog the most successful (including financially) as it can be.

  6. It was really interesting to hear your insight, and I definitely agree with you to a high degree. I think that if the possibility of success is someone's motivation, they should definitely write it down or admit it to someone - I feel like the accountability involved with that would become another factor of motivation. For me personally right now, blogging is about documentation. The motivation is eighty-year-old me who might want to look back and smile at all of my adventures!

  7. Wow I absolutely love your perspective on hitting plateaus! What an awesome way to look at them: A time, reason and motivation to think outside the box, refresh, reinvent.

    I confess I'm nerdy and I absolutely love analyzing my business in that way. :) In short I think it's sweet spot between being creatives, and business women. Paying attention to what works and why is how we don't become imbalanced in a world of simply creating without making sure the world is getting to see, hear, experience the goodness we're putting out there.

    Absolutely love that the Happy Hour Blog Tour has introduced me to you and your darling blog!!

    with grace & gumption,
    Hilary & Dean Street Society

  8. I like how you've always kept it real with what your motivation is. I think I started my blog because I though 'well I can do THAT!'. Not ever realizing how much work goes into it. Its HARD. I think I keep blogging because of the friendships I've made and some of the awesome comments I've gotten when I really write from my heart. At the end of the day I love to write. I love to connect. So I'll keep blogging as long as it satisfies those loves.

  9. I'm still really surprised that I come back to my blog 5 days a week. I tend to start and stop things often so I started with the same thought -Can I do this? It's one of my favorite parts of my day so I'd love to make something of it, but the timing just isn't great. Now it's just become- can I keep with it? Can I continue to make the time?

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