Merry Thanksgiving (A Few More Glimpses Of Our Home)

So I know that this week is Thanksgiving and all but can I just give it up for Christmas for a second?
Now I like eating and stuff, but I really like decorating for Christmas. Like a lot. I'm one of those obnoxious girls who doesn't shut up about how much she loves Christmas trees from November-March. I'm sure it doesn't get old to my husband who hears how glorious it all is at least thirteen times a day. Because we have been doing some updates to our house I figured I would give a new and improved Christmas decorated home tour. Without further ado....
Merry & Bright Sign: SweetPea's Party// Use code YELLOW20 for 20% off

What about you? Are you all as crazy as I am and have your house covered in Christmas decor?

ps. Happy Thanksgiving!

pps. Is anybody else's Blogger account making your pictures look really distorted? What gives?!

ppps. I'm about to watch We're The Millers. I'm a little excited. And not just about seeing Jennifer Aniston nude. 

pppps. I like men. But Jennifer Aniston nude? Who doesn't like that at least a little bit? 




  1. I love your home. It looks so cozy and warm and your furniture looks so unique and vintagey!!!!

    We put up our decor already too! It just makes the home so much more inviting!


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  2. I don't go crazy with Christmas decor but we've had the tree up for a few weeks and I skipped over Thanksgiving completely. The evidence is in my last post. I don't mean to be all self-promotional-y but there's a video to prove my neglect of Thanksgiving and enthusiasm for Christmas. :)


  3. these are lovely great holiday decor photos! i love the merry and bright sign, i mighttt* have to purchase that one!

  4. So cute! I wish my Christmas decorating were complete....so far just a bunch of boxes staring at me.
    Love the table!

  5. I love your couch! Where did you get it?!

  6. your house looks great and I love the wine cork holder ( LOL I have the same one)

  7. Super cute! You can come decorate our place anytime-- although we don't have that much space!

  8. Your living room looks so cozy and warm! I love the decorations - especially the ornament wreath and the sparkly ornaments!


  9. Blogger is making my photos really distorted too when I try to re-size them. It's driving me bonkers! I have no fix though. Ugh!

    Love all your decor. My husband was super sweet and bought me a bunch of new fall decor so I am FORCING myself to keep it up until this weekend. But, it is taking every fiber of my being not to open the box of Christmas decor!

  10. I am just wondering how you got Marshmallow Fireside - it was sold out at the Bath & Body Works near me :(

  11. Aww your home is lovely and that marshmallow is my favorite new candle! I'm hosting a fabulous new giveaway for $100 to Country Outfitter and the chance to win a free pair of Ariat cowboy boots for every month of 2014!!!! Come check it out! http://blondeepisodes.com/2013/11/omg-its-a-cowboy-boot-giveaway-win-up-to-one-pair-of-boots-for-a-year.html


  12. Your home is gorgeous and looks so cozy and inviting! I adore your decorations and you make me want to grab my box from storage and start decorating already!!! :) Thank you for sharing!


  13. Really nice decorations! I love that they're very festive without looking too generic red and green.

  14. Your home is absolutely beautiful! Love it! I'm so glad you get excited about Christmas. In my opinion, people who love Christmas the most are the best kinds of people.

  15. cute and very homely. i bet your home smells wonderful!

  16. I watched "We're The Millers" last weekend, it's so funny!


  17. I love your Bright bright sunshiny day print. Well, really, I love your house. And, while I'm gushing, I would like you to come to my house and not leave until you have told me how to make mine pretty like yours.

  18. all those lights and colors! I love your home, Erin.

  19. Gorgeous decor! We watched We're the Millers last night too! Jen Ann….so hot. #ilikeboysipromise

  20. Your home is so happy! It makes me that much more excited about decorating ours :) Also, I'm that obnoxious girl right next to you, screaming about how awesome Christmas is. When we were looking for houses a couple of years ago, my first statement when looking at the living room is telling my husband where the Christmas tree would go if we bought that particular house.

  21. How was the movie? Love the decor but I'm a strict no Christmas before Thanksgiving kind of girl. Can we still be besties?

  22. #1 your house looks amazing! #2 I squeel with excitement every morning that I wake up and the house is dark and the Christmas tree is on. Uh heavenly. #aintnothingwrongwiththat. #3 I went to watch We're The Millers with my husband because I wanted to see JA's smokin' bod. Everyone needs a little inspiration sometimes. Happy Thanksgiving, girl!

  23. Your kitchen/dining area looks a lot like ours...I'm pondering what turning our table the way yours is will do for the space...I may just do it! :)
    Love your decor! So festive!

  24. I want to bathe in marshmallow fireside. I can not get enough of it.

  25. I love how you mix traditonal and modern. It's really refreshing! Merry Thanksgiving!

  26. Love your cozy home!!

    ppppppps - Jennifer Aniston in We're the Millers is pure gold. Fun fact: my brother worked on that movie set with her when they filmed in Wilmington, NC! He sent us a text that said, "Rough day at the office. I got to stare at Jennifer Aniston's a** all day." Lucky ducky, eh?!

  27. where did you get the bright, bright sunshiney day sign?!?! love the decor!

  28. So ahead of the game, love everything you did!

  29. I love it! I'm all about Christmas from november-march. Why more people aren't like us, I'll just never understand.

  30. We watched We're The Millers last week, and you should've seen my roommate and me... we were literally squeezing each other's hands so hard when Jen was on screen, so hard that they turned white. That woman is not real life. She is a goddess.

    And Christmas decorations make people happy, so haters can leave. Yep.


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  31. I love your Christmas decorations. We are putting ours up today, or at least starting the process. My daughter is out of school for the week so it's a good time to get things out.

  32. So cute, can't wait to decorate this weekend myself!

  33. I am a little freaked out right now because you have a lot of the same decor as us. Great minds? You bet! And I was about 5 seconds away from buying that kitchen table but my husband was not a fan of pull out drawer. Now I get to show him this picture and tell him that it is pure AWESOMENESS (and that he was wrong ;)). Now I need to find an entry table just like that in 5..4..3..2..1. Thank you for the inspiration!! Love it as usual!

  34. My house has tons of Christmas décor! I love what you've done.

  35. I am totally craving some Christmas decor! I love how you put ornaments in a vase like that. I just bought a tall glass vase from the Crate & Barrel Outlet for $2 -- I think I found a use for it now!

    Danielle at Framed Frosting

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